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Black Beams Over Sedona, Arizona & San Diego, California
February 26, 2007

Black Beams Over Sedona, Arizona & San Diego, California (Feb. 28, 2007)

Subject: Black Beam Photos
From: "Fred Gunn" <>
Date: Mon, February 26, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

Here are some photos I took in both San Diego, California and Sedona, Arizona of "black beam" phenomena associated with chemtrails. A friend of mine remarked that these dark beams are probably DOR (deadly orgone) paths laid down in advance of a chemtrail craft. Certain rare sky conditions would have to be in place to view the DOR trail which is why they are not more commonly photographed in my opinion.

In the two Sedona photos, you can clearly see the black beam in photo #1 and it is not a shadow on cloud cover because the sky is clear where the black beam phenomena exists. Then in photo #2 a chemtrail craft is laying down crud right in the previous path of DOR.

The picture "chemshadow line" is obviously the shadow of a chemtrail higher up than the Haarp-effected clouds lower down and this phenomena is sometimes confused for an actual DOR trail or black beam.

The two San Diego black beam photos could be either shadows or black beam phenomena.




Black Beam over Sedona, Arizona                                                          Chem-sprayer follows trajectory of Black BeamBlack Beam Sedona 1 Black Beam Sedona 2

Closeup of chemtrail being laid along trajectory of Black Beam seen above


Black Beam photographed over San Diego, California

San Diego Black Beam San Diego Balck Beam 2


HAARP 'Banded' clouds with Black Beam  or "chem-shadow"

Black Beam Shadow


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