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Bob Dylan: Change Agent

By John Hamer (
April 1, 2015

Bob Dylan: Change Agent (April 1, 2015)


When Bob Dylan said he "sold his soul to the devil"
what did he mean? Miles Mathis suggests Dylan
betrayed his artistic integrity & audience
in return for fame and fortune.
The Illuminati can make anyone famous. It's called hype.
They choose people who will advance their satanic agenda, i.e. "social change." 


In a recent article, Miles Mathis presents a compelling argument that Bob Dylan is a phoney.

He believes Dylan did not write his own songs and while Dylan's stage performances were not devoid of talent, he is not whom we believe him to be.

Dylan, whose real name is Robert Zimmermann, was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Duluth, Minnesota who owned a chain of movie theatres in the small town of Hibbing, MN. They were already in the 'deception' business.
According to Mathis, Hibbing has produced a number of dubious characters that include Vincent Bugliosi, Bruce Carlson and Gus Hall to name three.  Gus Hall is the former leader of the US Communist Party and probably an Intelligence Services asset. Bruce Carlson is Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (an intelligence agency) and a leader of the Mormon Church, believed part of the Elite.  Vincent Bugliosi was the attorney who 'prosecuted' Charles Manson, allegedly another one of the long list of 'Laurel Canyon' assets.
In 1961, Dylan, 20, was "made" by a favorable New York Times review of his short set before 10 people at 'Gerde's Folk City.' He had been performing for only six months, and had no original material. 

The reciew was written by another Jew, Robert Shelton, (Robert Shapiro.)  Charlie Rothschild was the booking agent for 'Gerde's' at the time. 

MK-ULTRA: "The Times they are a Changin'"

Intelligence was running many black ops and using the music industry as cover in the 1960s. Some of them have since been partially declassified, such as Operation Mockingbird, MK-ULTRA and others.
album.jpgMathis believes that there was an even larger operation called, 'Operation Rolling Stone' designed to promote extreme change in all forms. 

Because humans are naturally resistant to change, Mathis contends, change had to be manufactured and constantly sold. Mathis points to the constant use of the 'Rolling Stone' title such as Dylan's famous song, the band 'The Rolling Stones,' and also the magazine 'Rolling Stone.' 

Mathis believes that the 'Rolling Stone' meme was a creation of Intelligence agencies as part of their social engineering.  In the " Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the author says three times, Our Countersign is "Force and Make-believe."(Protocol 1)

"Make-believe" is the Illuminati's "Magick." Magick is simply deceit or lying which is easy when you own the mass media and educators. The evil magician Aleister Crowley defined Magick as "the science and act of causing change to occur in conformity with will... any willed change in ourselves or in our environment is Magick."

The CIA had taken over all media by 1961.  This may explain why Columbia was so keen to sign the 20-year-old Dylan based on virtually nothing.  Arguably, Dylan's entire career was pre-planned.

Columbia had not heard him playing any of his original songs because he had none at this time.  He had only two original compositions on his first album, and that was not released until 1962.


In 1963, Newsweek accused Dylan of plagiarism, suggesting that 'Blowin' in the Wind' had been 'acquired' from a high school student.  As Mathis points out, if Dylan had written the song, Columbia would have sued Newsweek as soon as the story appeared.  If Dylan had not written what is his most famous song, what does this say about him as a songwriter? 

In 1965 Dylan was booed off the stage at the Newport Folk Festival allegedly for going 'electric guitar.'  Mathis believes that 'real' folk fans knew that he was a fake, but by 1969, the infiltration and co-option of anti-war movement was complete so Dylan was no longer needed.  He was therefore abandoned. 

Mathis also posits that after Watergate, Dylan was brought back to Columbia in 1974 as part of the grand misdirection so that the American public would not notice that the CIA had just finalized a takeover of the government. 

Mathis thinks fellow Jewish agent  Leonard Cohen was Dylan's ghost writer.  Cohen's record label was also Columbia.   Furthermore it would also explain what Joni Mitchell said in 2010, referring to Dylan: "He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I."

joni.jpgJoni Mitchell dated Cohen for a while, so she should know.  She even had an opportunity to change her view, but refused. 

And as Mathis points out, why did Dylan or his record label not sue Mitchell for defamation?  A claim of plagiarism is the most serious accusation that could be directed at a performer.

As a 'former' fan of Dylan, Mathis concludes, "...this is no easier for me than for you...  It hurts.  Talent and real art have been rare enough without losing what little we had to these government disinfo programs... Even more recently, Dylan has been doing Chrysler commercials...  It is like watching Gandhi as the spokesman for Monsanto, or Martin Luther King schlepping pharmaceuticals for Pfizer." 

UK-based author John Hamer has written numerous short articles and several books including the best-seller, 'The Falsification of History' and 'RMS Olympic' and 'Titanic's Last Secret'.

Comments for "Bob Dylan: Change Agent "

Tyrone said (April 1, 2015):

The alphabet agencies of the "Crown" whether in the USA or UK use those they promote for social change as this article points out in order to further their agenda against whites/Europeans-Christians and their natural culture toward the "Crowns" JWO plot out of "Israel".

I listened to a long video/movie a while back called "The Last Testament of George Harrison". It was great. I mentioned to others that it's plausible that Paul actually did die and that "Paul" today is a phoney concocted by MI5. I mentioned as well that George's death and even Lennon's death may be all connected to this early event.

If anyone is so inclined I suggest they research George's alleged tapes where he spells out how the boys from Liverpool were forced to live a lie at the threat of death. I firmly believe if the evidence put forth in those tapes was presented to a jury that they would conclude that what is charged therein is true.

Phil said (April 1, 2015):

Great article Henry, after reading Dave Mcgawan's Laurel Canyon series this article does not surprise me at all. The god of this world can only lie there is not truth in him so his little lackey stooges such as Dylan who I have always thought had no talent have to do their bidding through lies and deceit just like their master!

Erik said (April 1, 2015):

I just read your article about Bob Dylan and it mentioned two points that I feel are really the "Smoking Gun" on why "Conspiracy Theories" are really grounded in truth.

When Dylan was accused twice of plagiarism and neither time did not sue (for defamation of character), that I believe screams volumes...

What most people don't understand is that in a civil court case the court will examine evidence from BOTH SIDES. That's the reason they don't sue because obviously there is damaging evidence that they DO NOT WANT to be presented in a court of law (for the world to see).

A recent example being Chris Kyle's (the American Sniper) claim that he punched Jesse Ventura and knocked him out. Ventura claimed that this was not true and sued Kyle's estate for defamation of character and won!!!

To put this in context:

If the claims that certain Elitist, celebrities, politicians, etc. are Satanists are really false then why are there no lawsuits???

You see where I'm going with this if people with millions and billions of dollars are really being accused of something that is completely false then why not spend a miniscule amount to hire an attorney to sure the pants off the accuser. At least to scare others into not doing the same thing...

Also if all these false flag crisis actors were really victims then why not sue the people accusing them of being frauds for defamation of character??? As far as I know there are no lawsuits from Sandy Hook or Boston Bombing "Victims" (not that I know of).

And maybe I am wrong maybe there are lawsuits that have come up but I would think that they info would be heavily circulated on the net to at least discourage others from doing the same thing....

I came to that conclusion about a year ago and it really helps me to keep everything in perspective when reading articles that may be labeled as a "Conspiracy Theory". Not to say that everything I read in these articles is absolute truth but I realize that the articles must be at least grounded in truth...

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