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A Dangerous Trend in 2011

By Don Bradley
October 12, 2011

A Dangerous Trend in 2011 by Don Bradley (Oct. 12, 2011)

[Original posted on August 11, 2011]

This year has witnessed a rise in public unrest all over the globe, mainly in the big cities. Starting in Paris the previous year and – so far – culminating in London, these terrible riots are often blamed on “something”; but the true causes of them are much more sinister. Varying so-called “truthers” (network shills working for the intelligence community) support the maintained claims that this is a reaction to the N.W.O. and as such, are honest rebellions.

But is it?

If that were an accurate analysis of the events, wouldn't they be devoid of satanic fingerprints?

Why do these riots target innocent middle class business owners and no one else, certainly not the rich, powerful, and most definitely satanic overlords of the N.W.O?

Why are they timed to Witches Sabbaths and New Moons? Or, as most of these events are overtly keyed to, as is everything else these days from school schedules to major events, on the 20th to 22nd of each month, the time of zodiacal shifts to new houses.

The answer is obvious in the extreme. The network itself, in conjunction with covens, grottos, and low-grade intelligence assets, are themselves the creators of these events. And why?

Because they need to reinforce chaos. They need to maintain their massive budgets, while billions starve to oblivion. They need bad guys, especially when none are available or willing or stupid enough to go head to head with the enormously huge police state apparatus already in place. And as they cannot find real terrorists, they make false-flag events to justify their continuing stranglehold over this planet.

That's why.

In addition to this, so-called elements in the “truth” movement and alternative press (many CIA fronts and assets) are using these assets to try and get people to rise up. They do it with Youtube videos, their shill blog sites, and on the radio.

But no one is biting.

It's an established fact that all the “terrorists” the FBI and DHS have arrested in the last twenty years were their very own patsies, setup and funded from the get-go to take part in some kind of drill, that they were then arrested for – only realizing too late they were taken for an agency ride and now locked in some Federal black hole, never to be heard from again.

The stupidest thing in the world any person can do is to create, abet, and encourage chaos, destruction, and attacks. This is madness. Anti-Christ. Pure evil. Only dark hearts would ever consider such things or in acting out in such a fashion. It's against every good and noble impulse from a decent soul. Gandhi knew this, spoke about it, and freed India without violence or terrorism.

The key is non-cooperation with evil. Simply stop doing it. The more that folks resist evil in their own realities, the more evil will fail. Each person in their own way, knows good from evil. And evil must be exposed for what it is and every time. Darkness cannot stand the light of truth.

Think about it.

Don Bradley


Subject: A Dangerous Trend in 2011: commentary
From: Jeremi
Date: Thu, October 13, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

My name is Jeremi.

This subject is quite interesting for me because i had some ties to the anarchic/libertarian movement for about 4 years, because my ex-girlfriend was actively involved in many things with them.... what a mess.

In 2006, in one of our last conversations, she tried to introduce me to a derivative form of situationism, that was promoted by Hakim Bey. This was in the shape of an esoteric community that is called (when translated in English) the Chaotic Gnostic Church.

At this time, i was quite suspicious about them because i already knew many esoteric currents. About a year later, I met them on an esoteric forum. Firstly, their main influence came from Aleister Crowley, this guy is a fraud.

Secondly, they are trying to gather every current of ritualistic magic they can to form a bigger one that will attract peoples from everywhere. The second point is more significant, because they try to do what the roman catholic church and the freemasons have done, trying to universalize their beliefs.

Just for fun, i will list their main practices. So, it goes like that: sigilism, sexual magic (from the ordo templi orientis), kabbalistic magic, sufism, shamanism, onirism, voodoo, wicca and the list goes on. Also, they really love H.P. Lovecraft and they tend to be really pompous.

From what i've known from them, they are quite inept, just like the roman catholic church or the freemasons (so inept that they recruit or even kidnap people to perform bewitchment for them).

I cannot be sure that they are involved with the organization of these events, but I know that they surely love these kinds of events and they may participate in it.

So, that's it and have a nice day.



Hi Jeremi,

Satanists typically use cover organizations like Rosicrucians or upper inner tier Freemasonry (I'm not talking about the common "outside' tiers of freemasons) to suck middle-of-the-road people in towards darker things, while Crowley, the O.T. O., and Wicca types are up-front satanists. I've had the suspicion for a long time that those who promote Gnosticism or Kaballah practices, etc. are also using these presentations as a front to suck you in towards satanism.

I'm well aware that satanists will go as far as kidnapping people, curses, bewitchment, and even murder people, assuming that they can get away with it and cover it up. I don't know what you have against the Roman Catholic church that you should lump them in with the likes of satanists, but your suggestion that the Catholic church engages in similar dark behavior is preposterous. You may find the Roman Catholic church to be inept, but they don't recruit, they don't evangelize, and they don't practice occult rituals; no more than Lutherans would.

Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: A Dangerous Trend in 2011: commentary
From: Jeremi
Date: Fri, October 14, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken

That is not exactly what i was stating about the roman catholic church, but if you want, i can go further about this subject. Just give me some time so i can gather testimonies. There seems to be a good one from an ex-nun who states that there was sexual rituals involving nuns being raped on an altar by numerous priests.

The problem is that these sources are french written so i will have to translate them, but i'll give you my references with links if you want.

Be sure of something Ken, i'm not stating that everyone in the roman catholic church is evil. I've been studying egregores for years to understand the causalities between their frames and the occurrence of bad behavior within them and i do this for myself firstly, i'm not here to begin a war of ideas with you.

If it becomes a source of trouble for both of us, i will withdraw and abandon.

Sincerely, Jeremi.


Hi Jeremi,

I know you are not looking to have a heated debate.

I recall reading something on the internet a few years ago that matches the description you gave of the ex nun and the raping by priests at her convent. I remember reading that, but bear in mind that an article posted to the internet doesn't mean that it's true or factual. It's just an article and if you can't talk to the author directly to question the veracity of the information presented (as is the case 100% of the time when you encounter such an article), then you have no way of knowing what's true and what's not.

There's a ton of total BS posted to the internet because there are those with hidden agendas who WANT the public to believe that the RC church is corrupt and filled with priests who are pedophiles and rapists, etc. For the past few years, you hear AM radio talk show hosts constantly refer to Catholic priest as "pedophile" while we NEVER hear a word about Rabbis who sexually abuse kids. That's not an accident. It's a brain washing effort by design.

The Illuminati (the Zionist Illuminati) WANTS to destroy Christianity, along with the nuclear family unit as the cornerstone of society and the largest Christian church on the face of the planet who continue to advocate on behalf of the family unit is STILL the Roman Catholic church, despite the lies presented to the contrary on NPR.

Public "opinion" is SUBLIMINALLY shaped for a majority of people in this country via repetition reinforcement via the media--in print, on TV, and over the radio.

Not nearly enough people in this country THINK FOR THEMSELVES and analyze critically what they hear over the radio or see on TV. Too many people in this country are Pavlovian dogs who are trained to hold a certain opinion--which just happens to fit with the propaganda goals of the Illuminated Ones.

This is what incenses me most about opinions expressed to me in letters about the RC chruch, or 'gay rights" or "immigrant rights", etc.
People will just regurgitate the crap they hear on the radio or posted to the internet without any real knowledge, evidence, facts, or proof that what they "believe" is TRUE.

Most people conform to consensus thinking and consensus opinion is shaped for us by the Zionist-controlled, jackals in mainstream media--who say what they are TOLD to say. .

The truth is that the Roman Catholic church, along with its priests and nuns, has done more to benefit and assist the American family than any other non-governmental institution in the history of this country via their charity relief organizations, their hospitals, that retirement homes, their orphanages, and above all, their pre-schools, grammar schools, high schools, and universities --- and for nearly two centuries.

I'm not going to just forget that and say nothing to defend the reputation of the Roman Catholic chruch and its priests while mealy-mouthed AM radio talk show hosts heap derision and scorn upon them.



Subject: RE: A Dangerous Trend in 2011: commentary
From: Jeremi
Date: Sun, October 16, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I do understand most of your positions, but some points are still unclear for me so i'll go deeper into the subject.

I will expose you some facts on wich i'll request (if you will) your opinion at it's full extent, in order to be able to understand your position. To avoid a debate on the veracity of my proposals, i will use the testimony of my grandmother, wich was brought to me by her daughter, my mother.

- In the middle of the 20th century, priests advised husbands to beat their wives before sex, so they have no pleasure in the act, because it would have been sin that women experience this type of fun.

- Some women testified to my grandmother that they were so disgusted to undergo such rapes they have come to advise their husbands to have sex with their daughters. (This type of behavior has done a controversy in my region, many years ago, but the cases were promplty stifled.)

Do you think that this type of acts and their many disastrous consequences, which can still be seen today, is due to the Zionists agenda?

My opinion is simple. Ignorance, naivety and fear of going to hell are the main causes of such events.

What do you think about that?

Yours truly, Jeremi.


Hi Jeremi,

When you say "priests", do you mean Catholic priests? And do you know that for a fact?

If so, then where in America (or anywhere else in the world) in 1950 were Catholic priests telling husbands to beat their wives before having sex?

Do you realize how absurd that sounds? There are many people walking around this country today who were adults in 1950 and attended Catholic churches, schools, and before-marriage Catholic counseling and I can guarantee you without a shred of doubt that not one of them ever heard a Catholic priest advise husbands to beat their wives before having sex.

As a matter of historical tradition, the Catholic church has never held a negative view of the sex act. There is no prohibition against women enjoying sex. The RC church does not approve of pre-marital sex or sex outside of marriage or homosexual sex, but the sex act itself is not considered amoral or profane within the eyes of the church.

There are certain Protestant sects of earlier periods such as the Pilgrims who came to America in 1640 (who came from England and had broken with the Anglican church,or early Quakers or the Shakers who tended to view sex as something that was shameful and therefore they may have had some twisted ideas that women should not enjoy sex, but that is not the tradition of the Catholic church.

Whatever story that your grandmother relayed to your mother is not reflective of the policy of the Catholic church when it comes to sex within marriage. I don't even know if her story references a Catholic priest since many other religions use the term "priest" to describe their clergy.: Anglican, Episcopalian, Eastern Orthodox; there are many.

It's also possible that there was some individual priest to whom your grandmother referred who said something that was way off base, but there are fanatical people in any large organization, including the Catholic priesthood, but that's no reason to condemn an entire group based on the ill advice of one twisted individual.

Common sense should tell you that.

The description you gave of "priests" telling husbands to beat their wives so they would have no pleasure from sex or fathers having sex with their daughters, DOES sound much closer to stories I read about fanatical Talmudic Jewery, especially the twisted belief system of Talmudic rabbis. Is is possible that she was confusing the word "priest" with "rabbi"?

Is this why you asked about the Zionist agenda?



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