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The Shadow Government Coup Rolls On

[Editor's Note: This is a great write up from Brasscheck. I don't know his real name, but he puts out good stuff. I think I first linked to him in the late 1990s. He's been around a while. His analysis of what's going on with the fake Osama killing is right on target.

It's ALL about the CIA; and always has been. Get rid of the CIA and their offshoots, and the earth reverts to Peace mode.

It's stupefying how the story of the purported Osama assassination is changing so radically with each passing day. After initially reporting that our heroic band of Navy Seals storms the compound and had this terrific fire fight with Osama & gangster associates using a woman as a human shield, etc. and firing back at the heroic assault team (who Holdren -who seems to have lost his mind- said were "defending themselves"). We now know that these highly trained killers simply went from room to room slaughtering unarmed people, most of them family members. For this, they are feted at the White house, by the Indonesian Usurper, as some of the greatest heroes of our time (Holy Cow, this is beyond The Twilight Zone).

I wonder if the faked Osama-is-dead photos and the nearly instantaneous debunking of everything that the White House or unspecified government sources comes out with is intentional?

Yea, we got the obvious story that Obama put out the assassination story at a time when he was looking bad on talk radio over his phony birth certificate and that this will act as a diversion and improve his chances for re-election. That's an easy one. But I wonder if there's another game going on here to setup the Usurper to lose credibility and create the slide that leads to impeachment, resignation, or assassination? Maybe I'm looking too deep, but the ineptitude and fumbling and overnight story reversals seem way too obvious.

Even more amusing is how the AM radio talk shows (Clear Channel radio mostly), who ALWAYS promote the government's cover stories about 911, bin Laden, War on Terror, etc., initially report the details as news (supplied by the Pentagon, of course) and then suddenly reverse themselves, taking down their previous "news" story with bin Laden death photos, and then report on the alternative media/internet debunking of the faked photos as if THEY originated the story...Ken Adachi]
May 7, 2011

Forward courtesy of Randy

The Shadow Government Coup Rolls On (May 7, 2011)

From Brasscheck

Assuming that any of the facts of the recent Bin Laden killing are accurate - which is a huge assumption - here is my hypothesis about what actually happened and what it all means:

The shooters were specifically ordered to shoot Bin Laden in the head and dump his body in the sea.

Why do I think this?

1. Navy SEALs follow orders. They don't make them up as they go along

2. SEALs are extremely good combat shooters.

If they shot him in the face and not the body mass from the very short range within the house, it's because they were told to do that. This was not a confused firefight carried out over long distances. After all, what they essentially did - now that the "facts" are getting out - is that they shot an unarmed man in his bedroom.

3. The bizarre and highly unorthodox decision to thrown Bin Laden's body in the sea clearly came from the top and was not improvised on the scene.

4. CIA chief Leon Panetta stated the other day that the US ordered that Bin Laden be killed, not captured as originally reported.

I strongly doubt that either the Navy or even the White House specified this manner of killing and body disposal.

So who was driving this bus?

This has CIA written all over it.

Here's why:

1. Savage and pointlessly thuggish

2. SEALs and other special forces often work under the command of the CIA especially when it comes to assassinating non-Americans overseas.

3. The CIA has hoodwinked and tried to hoodwink presidents in the past using this very same formula.

a. Carry out an operation with the President's general approval
b. Carry out the operation in their own way and in a way that the President would never have agreed to in order to achieve their own agenda
c. Leave the president holding the bag, or getting the credit as the case may be.


1. The Bay of Pigs - CIA organized their own invasion of Cuba believing they would be able to force President Kennedy to provide air support at the last minute. Kennedy refused, fired the head of the CIA and was killed just a few years later under highly suspicious circumstances after beginning to dismantle the CIA.

2. The U2 scandal - Right before a crucial US/USSR summit, spy pilot Gary Powers was sent on a reckless and impossible mission by the CIA specifically to create an incident to prolong the cold war. It worked.

3. Iran/Contra - Senile and out of touch, Ronald Reagan agreed to one set of operations to help the Contras and open channels of communication with Iran. The CIA and friends turned it into a guns-for-drug bonanza for themselves with terrorism against Central American civilians thrown in for good measure.

Yes, there was a general order in place to "get" Bin Laden, dead or alive. Was Obama deeply involved? I seriously doubt it.

My guess is the reality is that the great fearless leader Barack Obama was called away from a basketball game with the announcement that "we found him."

Then he and his Seven Dwarves - some in on it the real deal, most not - watched as the operation unfolded on TV.

That 's when Obama learned that an unarmed Osama was getting shot in the head and dumped in the sea.

After it all went down, Obama was given a choice: take the credit and be a hero or admit he had no idea of what was really going on and that he is not in charge of the country's military and foreign policy.

Why did the CIA do this?

The same reason the CIA put Gary Powers aloft on a suicide mission right before a highly sensitive US/USSR summit:

They want to prolong the bogus War on Terror forever, or at least as long as is humanly possible. Now that even the dullest of dimwits is waking up to the fact that the War on Terror is a total fraud it's especially important to keep the game going.

"Coincidentally", a week before the shooting, hundreds of prisoners, some of them skilled Taliban operatives and officers, "escaped" from a prison in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

And the news media is now warning us: "Al Qaeda" declares it will seek revenge.

All in the service of keeping the War on Terror going another 50 to 100 pointless years. Or maybe even 1000.

This was part of what Eisenhower was warning about in his farewell speech: Beware the Military-Industrial Complex, i.e. the guys who want nothing so much as endless war from one end of the planet to another because it's how make money and expand their power.

Note to those unfamiliar with the US Constitution: We did not elect a group of shadowy figures to make foreign and defense policy. That they are doing so in broad daylight - with the help of the news media running endless BS cover stories - should be alarming.

In it's own way, this latest action is evidence of an ongoing coup in Washington that started with Eisenhower and just keeps rolling on.


Secrets of the CIA (44 mins)

[This is an excellent video about ex-CIA employees who simply couldn't continue to betray their humanity and conscience and had to talk. The key for young people is to NEVER consider working for the CIA or any similar agency. They always suck you in with tiny little steps laced with excitement, glamour, patriotism, whatever it takes, but once you're in-you CAN'T get out and you will have sold your soul. Hit the four corner icon in the lower right of the screen to open it up to full screen view. If you can't get the icon, go to the Google link itself and you can open up the screen....Ken]











Alex Jones makes a good case about the phony assassination story in Part 2 and 3 (part 1 is a little slow)

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