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Breathing Technique to Expose Human/Reptilian Hybrids

By Lilly Ochescu
August 7, 2004


It works better if you take your shoes off, but it works anyway. Two or more people doing this method at the same time make it a lot more powerful.

What you do: you just shut your eyes and think of someone you love and charge yourself with infinite love if you know what I AM talking about. Take at least 3 deep breaths and filling your whole heart area with this LOVE and then on the last exhale imagine the energy going to the man/woman/reptilian you are aiming at and as you send the energy out say the word "YAHWEH". Keep doing over and over and over.

If the man/woman is reptoid she/he will start to act very nervous, strange and clumsy, dropping things, etc almost like they are having a spasm. This means that they are having a real hard time maintaining their human form. And watch for the left eye becoming bigger, and extended out slightly from the skull, huge black circles under the eyes or the eyes rolling like in cartoons and of course, people wearing dark sunglasses inside the stores.

Keep this thing in mind when you go out in public and you will be amazed, but don't forget to have fun- that's a MUST!!! Remember it's important not to have any fear and laugh instead. They can smell fear and they feed off of it. There is really nothing to fear. THEY CANNOT HURT US UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO.

And then all you have to do is just sit back and watch the show. Carol said: "don't forget the popcorn".

Lilly Ochescu

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