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Australian Brendon O'Connell Receives 3 Year Sentence for Anti-Zionist "Hate Speech"?

[Editor's Note: I don't agree with the use of the word "Jew" where the legitimate blame lies with words like Zionists, Sabbatean, Frankists, or Talmudists. However, many people chose to lump all sin under one banner. Using a single club for everybody has its drawbacks, such as the unnecessary confrontration that Brendon provokes with the younger (and smaller) Jewish teen that he encounters at the mall seen in the two videos (link) posted further below. You can see from the video that Brendon was spoiling for an argument, pursuing these young guys as he walked after them, even though they were trying to get away from him. In the second video clip, you see Brendon hitting the Jewish teenager in the face. We call that "assault and battery" here in the USA. I wonder what they call it in Australia? I'm opposed to jailing a person for expressing an opinion, however, I haven't read the transcript of Brendon's trial and so I have no idea if he wasn't convicted for assault, rather than hate speech as was claimed by the guy who sent me the link. We need to learn more of this incident before arriving at conclusions (except, perhaps, for the obvious conclusion that anyone stupid enough to actually video tape HIMSELF provoking and then instigating an assault--and THEN putting it up on YouTube, maybe NEEDS a couple of years behind bars--just to wake up) . ..Ken Adachi]
March 5, 2011

Australian Brendon O'Connell Receives 3 Year Sentence for Anti-Zionist "Hate Speech"? (Mar. 5, 2011)

Subject: Man gets 3 years jail for debating a zionist
Date: Wed, March 2, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Breaking Story: Aussie Man gets 3 years jail for debating with a zionist

Brendon O’Connell Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison
Posted on February 5, 2011 by INCOG MAN

Noted outspoken Christian activist, Brendon O’Connell, was sentenced to 3 years last week in Australia, for telling the Jews off in public about Israel’s evils and exposing all the Zionist, “sayanim” fifth-columnist activities in Australia. The Jews called his Youtube videos criminal “hate speech” and the police did the Jew’s bidding (vids censored from Youtube but you can watch my own embeds below for yourself).

Can you believe it? Just because the lousy Jews deem something “hate speech,” they can get you thrown in jail. The Jews also made-up lies about Brendon threatening them with terrorist acts like, for example, a comment they said he made on an Internet forum: ”I’m going to pack 100kg of Powergel and 40 bags of ANFO onto the back of a Scooter and park it at the local Synagogue – shout “free bagels and kiddie porn” – and then run like hell!” Right.

The devious Judaics are hell-bent on shutting up the rapidly growing White awakening to Jewish control and Zionist subversive activities in our countries. Australia is just like the US, Canada, Great Britain and everywhere else the Jews pretend to be loyal citizens, but lie, cheat and do whatever else they think they can get away with to protect Jewry and Mother Israel.

Please click “Continue reading” to watch the videos the crazed, traitor Jews got so worked-up about.

Steve Lieblich, Zionist Jew and traitor to Australia.

Go to WHITELAW TOWERS for a complete rundown on one of the “Australian” Jews (right) behind O’Connell’s jailing and the creep’s fifth-columnist activities on behalf of Israel. This Lieblich SOB has proven business ties with Verint, the MOSSAD-funded telecommunications company suspected of eavesdropping all over the planet, including the US government and maybe even you.

If you are new to the “Jew Question,” please take some time to check all this out. The same censorous Jews are doing whatever they can to shut-up and silence any talk about them or precious Israel in the USA, Canada and Britain. Matter of fact, I’m told that my site here is blacklisted by the Australian government (but the filters supposedly can be defeated).

– Phillip Marlowe

[Go to this link to see the original You'tube vidoes which landed Brendon O'Connell 3 years in prison.]

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