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Bush and Satanism:
21 Questions the Media Won't Ask

From: Alison
February 7, 2003

Friday, February 07, 2003

The''Presidents Bush'' are Satanic society members. (And Prescott Bush financed Hitler from 1922 onwards.)

The George W Bush Interview
The questions the Media omitted to ask


1. Texas: Executing all the innocent, sparing only a guilty Satanist.
2. Bush the anti abortion campaigner, and your illegal abortion. 1970, before Roe v Wade.
3. Drug use, drug dealing, cheating your 15 and 30 year prison sentences, 1972
4. Dodging Vietnam, one year AWOL from the Texas National Guard 1972-3
5. Foul language. Who's worse, you or President Nixon?
6. Lying under oath, lying to cover your DWI. 1976, 1978 An alcoholic for 20 years.
7. Lying about adultery 1999. Tammy Phillips, the Texas stripper.
8. Business failure and Corporate fraud. 1978 - 91
9. Billionaires' bribes and their enormous paybacks at taxpayer expense.
10. The 26 year Bush - bin Laden Business partnership.
11. Your scorn for human beings and human rights.
12. Your Satanic Society membership since 1968, confirmed 2000.
13. Neil Bush's $1 billion Silverado S&L Fraud, Jeb Bush only $8m fraud.
14. An Illegitimate President: Florida: your 4 electoral frauds on 250,000 votes..
15. Your devastation of the US economy.
16. Didn't you have the strongest motive to bring down the World Trade?
17. Indicators of your involvment with the destruction of the World Trade.
18. Would bin Laden have dared to act on 9/11 without his senior partner's consent?
19. Overseas killings organised by the Bush family - the cause of most terrorism?
20. Your real motive for the Iraq war.
21. The Bush Body count - 30 people - please Mr. President, don't have me murdered too.


The GW Bush interview:
The questions the Media omitted to ask

Mr President, it seems the standard of journalism in the USA has fallen hopelessly. As a result, during your campaign the Press failed to subject you to a serious investigation or a proper background check; you didn't even get an in depth interview. May we make up for that failure now? Thank you.

1). While you were Governor of Texas 130 people were executed. You spared no one (except the Satanist and child molester Henry Lee Lukas who had murdered around 200 people). Some of those executed were mentally retarded, some had incompetent or corrupt state defense lawyers. Several had evidence to prove their innocence, DNA in one case; some were foreigners and had their right of consular access denied, appeals from the governments of Europe, Canada and Mexico went unheard. You even ignored appeals from His Holiness the Pope in the Vatican.

No more striking evidence of your lack of compassion can be illustrated than in matters of life and death. In the light of this, isn't your platform of "Compassionate" Conservatism just hypocrisy?

You have made it clear in a number of television interviews that you regard executions as somewhere between funny and enjoyable. On Talk Magazine you mocked Karla Faye Tucker, with the sarcastic words "Please don't kill me". You also laughed as you gloated over your executions on your first TV debate; your own Republican election staff quickly stopped you after that one.

Isn't the right to life the most fundamental American freedom? Is a man who regards execution so cynically fit to be entrusted with the Presidency and the defense of individual freedom? Isn't a State that executes people when there is proof of their innocence close to committing murder? Isn't the truth that you just don't care one way or another?

You are recorded in 1968 as joining the Chapter 332 Order, a satanic society known as "The Skulls". Is this why you released Lukas?

2. Bush the anti abortion campaigner, and your illegal abortion. Early 1970. President Bush, are you opposed to abortion? Yes?

On October 20th 2000 CNN interviewed Larry Flynt who said he had affidavits from five women who were connected with your early 1970 illegal abortion in Houston (While you were working on your Dad's campaign, before Roe v Wade). Isn't it an abhorrent hypocrisy for you to be so anti abortion when you have arranged at least one yourself?

3. Drug use, drug dealing, cheating your 15 and 30 year prison sentences, 1972
President Bush, weren't you arrested in 1972 for possessing a large quantity of Cocaine and its use, and didn't you then spend some time in Harris County Jail? Don't many people get 15 years in prison for this? Who secretly commuted your sentence to a year's PULL community service in Houston and covered it up as "work for the disadvantaged"? Was it your Dad's or your Skull and Bones contacts? Who? Why didn't the Press sing it from the rooftops?

Until you were 40 years old weren't you a selfish playboy who didn't care for the disadvantaged?

According to Reed's book, "Compromised" published by Penmarin Books, the DEA set up a drugs sting in 1985 with FBI information and the help of Barry Seal (a CIA agent who smuggled drugs for the CIA). At Tamiami airport in Florida they filmed the transfer of several kilos of cocaine from Beech N6308F into a Beech King Air, whose co- pilot was Terry Reed. Didn't they cancel the arrest when they realized the drug buyers they were filming were you and your brother, i.e. Jeb and George W Bush? Is it appropriate for a President to have been dealing in Cocaine by the kilo? Barry Seal was murdered soon after, the investigation into his death quashed. Did you or one of the government departments over which your family has private influence or control order his murder to cover up your actions?

Isn't it cynical hypocrisy for you to press for the hardest possible sentence on first time drug offenders when you dealt in kilos yourself? Others who dealt in kilos got 30 years in prison. Isn't it unfair you get off scott free?

4. Dodging Vietnam, one year AWOL from the Texas National Guard 1972-3
You were due to be drafted to Vietnam in 1969, when some of the heaviest fighting was taking place. But according to the Dallas Morning News, September 28 & October 30, 1999, didn't your business associate Sid Adger get the Speaker of the Texas House of Representative to contact General James Rose, and get you into the Texas National Guard? Didn't you dodge Vietnam completely?

General William Turnipseed and his aide Kenneth Lott both flatly deny that you ever appeared for duty for your service in Alabama. (The Boston Globe, May 23, 1999.) Didn't your two superior officers at Ellington Air Force Base, Lieutenant Colonel William D. Harris Jr. and Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian, effectively declare you missing from duty?

Weren't you AWOL from the Texas National Guard from May 1972 to April 73? Why is all this reported in detail in the local newspapers but not in the National media? What power does the Republican party possess to keep it hidden?

5. Foul language. Who's worse, you or President Nixon?
Do you think President Nixon's "expletive deleted" language on the famous Watergate tapes a disgrace to America?

You do? Then why do you use the same language in private? Just to quote three examples among the many: "Ass hole" about a reporter to Dick Cheney when you thought the microphones were off; the F-word to your mother while arguing, "You F- son of a bitch" to Al Hunt, a Wall St Journal reporter, in front of Hunt's wife and 4 year old son in a Dallas restaurant. If we were to listen to tapes of you talking in private, who would sound the worst, you or President Nixon?

6. Lying under oath, lying to cover your DWI. 1976, 1978 An alcoholic for 20 years.
Mr President Bush, it appears President Clinton lied under oath. Do you condone his actions? No?

Then why did you lie under oath to avoid testifying in a July 20th 1999 affidavit: that as Governor you had not spoken to SCI Funeral Homes representatives? They were a big Bush contributor who were under investigation and there are records of you speaking to them on six occasions. Soon, you got the investigator, Eliza May and her 6 staff, fired. Why didn't the Press hound you to death over this matter as they did President Clinton? What power do you, your family, the Republican Party or your organizations have over the Press?

Did you lie about your DWI to cover it up? No?

In court in 1978, to get your license back, you said you rarely drank, but later you admitted you had a drink problem at that time. You lied to the Dallas Morning news saying you hadn't been arrested (your DWI arrest was in 1976). How many other times did you lie about just that issue alone? Do you think a US President should be a liar on the public record?

After you became Governor of Texas, your Texas driving record was mysteriously erased "for security reasons". Was there more we don't know about? Or was this just a cynical abuse of power?

Isn't it true that for 20 years you were a rich, hard drinking playboy with a control problem; indulging in sex orgies, frequent drug usage; to overcome your drink problem you admit you were forced to become teetotal at age 40. By every definition of the term, you were an alcoholic. Is this appropriate for a President? If things get tough in the White House and you have a drink to cope with the stress, will you, like many alcoholics, revert uncontrollably to being an alcoholic again? But this time, you'd be an alcoholic in The White House. Didn't you consider, before you ran, of the damage your background could do to America? Or do you just want the power, and don't care about America or Americans?

On 14th January 2002 we saw your bruised, and apparently hung-over face on the cover of the world's newspapers. The spin was you had choked on a pretzel, fallen down and smashed your face. Isn't the truth that your were drunk again?

7. Lying about adultery. The Texas stripper, 1999.
In your campaign you claimed you have been faithful to your wife, yet Tammy Phillips of Carrolton, Texas, states you had an 18 month sexual affair with her which the Republican party forced you to finish in June 1999. It was published in The National Enquirer, the New York Post, Fox News, and Slate magazine. If this had been Clinton, proven or not, the coverage would have been nauseating and unending. President Bush, what power did you have over the Press that you could have the whole story instantly squashed?

In your election campaign you said "I trust the people" then got your lawyers to stop the people's votes being counted in Florida. Was this another lie?

Is it fair to say you do not see yourself so much as a liar as unable to see any point in telling the truth? Do you understand or care which is which?

You piously say you are a Christian, isn't this a revolting hypocrisy on the basis of your actions?

8. Business failure and Corporate fraud. 1978 - 91
Like your father, you were a Director of three front "Oil" companies that failed miserably but provided cover for your other activities. At Arbusto Energy your investors lost $4.7 million, then when the next company, Spectrum 7, bought the remains of Arbusto, you arranged to pay yourself in full for your share but not the other shareholders. Isn't that illegal?

The failed remains of Spectrum were bought by Harken Energy. Again you got on the board of directors. Didn't you introduce the corrupt BCCI bank, soon liquidated for its frauds, and put one of their directors on Harken's board? Didn't you then sell 60% of your Harken shares one week before the company revealed disastrous earnings? The company's stock then plunged 25%, soon 75%. Again, didn't you lose investors' money?

You violated another SEC rule. You had to register the stock sale as an insider trade by July 10, 1990, but didn't until March 1991, after the Gulf War was over. Why weren't you prosecuted?

Weren't your dealings with the Texas Rangers another fraud? Didn't you make $15 million, by getting your political friends to write down Arlington Texas City land so your company could buy it cheap, then getting a $135 million subsidy from the city on top? Again you had directors from the fraudulent BCCI on the board. Didn't the taxpayers of Arlington have to suffer a higher tax rate, just to pay for the frauds you had perpetrated on them?
What other drug related dealing did you do with BCCI, who dealt in drugs on a massive scale?

When you became Governor of Texas didn't you use state funds from UTIMCO – the Texas State Investment Company – to pay back those investors in your failed companies who were your cronies? Haven't you made a practice of using Government funds to pay back those who supported your private life? Didn't UTIMCO "invest" $1.7 billion, mainly in Bush crony companies? Have you no concern that is fraud on taxpayers? Are you really wholly uninterested in taxpayers unless they are forced to finance your own illegal dealings?

Is it fair to sum up your business career as failure, insider trading and fraud? Why did the Republican Party fail to act on this after a background check before you ran? Why didn't the Press pick this up and stop your Presidential candidacy as they should have done with this information, which was and still is in the record for all to see?

9. Billionaires' bribes and their enormous paybacks at taxpayer expense
Isn't the $1.6 trillion tax cut for the rich another payback for the wealthy backers of your private life, aren't some of them going to get over $1 million in rebates each, again at the public expense? Aren't we paying high gas prices so you can pay back your commitments to Big Oil, who are now making record profits in return for their support of your private life? Don't you dislike individual business people, non-employees, or personal independence – isn't this crony capitalism again?

Aren't you bought and paid for by big oil and big corporations like Enron? How much of Enron's policy did your administration implement? Didn't your friend "Kenny Boy" – Mr Lay the CEO, put half a million into you? Why did you lie you had only met Mr Lay recently, when you have known him for 20 years? Aren't you pro big corporations, particularly the corrupt ones? Weren't Ashcroft and Dick Cheney deep into Enron? Didn't you hold Enron up for three months while 35 White House Republicans milked it of $1.38 billion and left ordinary Americans to lose their shirts? Clifford Baxter was one of the few honest Enron board members. Clifford said he needed a bodyguard as he would be testifying. How deeply would he have incriminated you? Did Kenny Boy ask your government to fix his murder or did you make that decision all on your own? Will honest witnesses keep being killed until Enron dies down?

10). The 26 year Bush - bin Laden partnership
Wasn't James Bath, the Bin Laden family's US representative, on your Governor's campaign in 1978 and didn't he front Salem Bin Laden's investment of $50,000 for 5% of your Arbusto 1978 company?

In 1979 didn't your father begin funneling money to Osama bin Laden, under the guise of fighting the Russians?

Between 1978 and 1992 when your Dad left office, didn't he put at least $6 billion into Afghanistan for weapons, and didn't Osama bin Laden get hundreds of millions of that US taxpayers cash?

Your father is both a shareholder and the senior consultant in the Carlyle group; the bin Ladens are the biggest shareholders. Is it just coincidence that your Dad is working for the bin Ladens? Haven't you and your Dad, by awarding it huge US contracts at the expense of the American taxpayer, taken it from nowhere to the world's 11th largest defense contractor? Didn't Carlyle back you heavily in your election campaigns and weren't you paid to sit on one of their boards (Caterair 1990).

Your Dad met bin Laden's family as recently as 1998 and 2000 (Wall St Journal Sept 27 2001).

11. Your scorn for human beings and human rights.
You cancelled the Bill of Rights which has been in the Constitution since 1791 on 26th October 2001 with your cynically named "USA Patriot Act." Don't you get a smirk out of that one? Now at your personal edict any government department can seize and imprison Americans, who then have no rights. No right to trial or even a phone call, no right to ever be released. Foreigners don't even require an edict. You have already seized and are holding over 1,000 people under this act, some US citizens. We don't have the right to know how many. How do you prevent the press from blasting your abuse of the Constitution from the rooftops?

Although we lost less people in the World Trade (2,990) than Ireland lost to the American financed IRA terrorists (3,700), you used the WTC as the excuse for this cynical Act, which abolished habeas corpus, the right to trial, and a string of other freedoms. Britain lost 200,000 Londoners to the blitz and 15% of its buildings but reacted less cruelly to its own citizens. Isn't your attitude to ordinary people's lives and freedom as cynical as Andropov or Chenyenko's?

"People shouldn't have that much freedom" That was your comment about an anti-Bush web site, Isn't that a dangerous view for freedom of speech, particularly when so many Bush private enemies have "disappeared" – I have a list of 30 here. Will you restrict web freedoms to stop continuing exposure of your dishonesty, under the pretence of something else? Wasn't Steve Kangas murdered because his "Liberalism Resurgent" web site knew too much about you and your cronies?

Don't your election-count court cases in Florida tell us again and again it is the System and the State that count, not the individual or their vote? Together with many other rich and powerful Republicans, isn't your attitude to the private individual in tune with that of Soviet Communists?

You classed Afghan prisoners of war who defended their government against the USA, a foreign aggressor, as "unlawful combatants" instead of prisoners of war, denying them POW rights, and kept them off US soil in Cuba so they have no US rights. You snatched them out of their own country, where you had no right to be. You kept them in open cages wrapped in thick hot red suits with blacked out goggles, earmuffs and surgical masks, with their arms tied straightjacket style, legs manacled together, forced to kneel for 12 hours a day. The 100 degree heat must have been unbearably higher in the suits.
The sweat must have run down inside their goggles, possibly filling them up, the damp in the masks make every breath feel like suffocation. Isn't that a cruel torture? Sensory deprivation is torture, and they had that on top. Isn't this just wholly unnecessary pure unfettered evil on your part?

Don't you give a damn about "innocent until proved guilty"? We haven't seen treatment like this in the Western world since the Gestapo. Is there no end to your disdain for human rights?

Wasn't America an Unlawful Combatant in its illegal bombing of Afghanistan? Your only right was that the WTC attacks may have been financed from there. Under your rules, doesn't Britain have the right to carpet bomb the US because the IRA was definitely financed from there? And wouldn't you, Mr Bush, under your own rules, be an unlawful combatant if you tried to defend your government, as the Afghanis did? And isn't your government as illegitimate as the Taliban's?

Your family was devastated when your Dad didn't serve a second term and is determined you will. You will lose the election next time with far larger numbers than can be fiddled in Florida. When your re-election comes up in 2 years, will you conveniently cause another war so you can cancel the elections?

You have carpet bombed Afghanistan, murdering perhaps 10,000 people, not one of whom could possibly have any connection to the Twin Towers terrorism -they are innocent. All with the excuse of searching for a man we now know is your associate and is almost certainly not in that country. Do you have no genuine regret for your part in this, or is it just too minor a genocide by comparison with your Dad's efforts?

President Clinton was a strong supporter of the International Criminal court in the Hague where Mr Milosevic is being tried. You have reversed US policy and are strongly against this court and have tried to frustrate its progress. Are you concerned you and your Dad, who is responsible for 4.73 million middle east deaths against Milosevic's 500,000, might be prosecuted there, or do you associate the methods of the accused closely with your own?

12). You confirmed on 7th August 2000 your satanic society membership since 1968.
Like your father, while at Yale you became a lifetime member of the satanic and secretive " Chapter 322 Order" (known as the Skulls) in 1968 and admit it (e.g. your interview Time Magazine August 7th 2000). You are listed in "The Russell Trust Association" - the Skull's business corporation, as a member. Isn't it true that graduates of this club are in positions of power throughout the US government, and use this power to corruptly aid other members at the expense of the people they purport to represent? How many times have you used Skull and Bones members to pervert the actions of government departments for your private use? Weren't you inducted at the Skull's "temple" at 59 High St New Haven Connecticut? (100 yards North, left hand side, from the junction with Chapel Street)

In 1968 didn't your initiation ritual into the occult Skull and Bones involve you climbing into a coffin and taking the oath that you were dead to yourself, dead to the world, and born again in Lucifer? Wasn't your second oath that you would not abide by any other oath you took in the future (i.e. including the oath of Presidential office)? Didn't Hitler go through the same ritual in the Thule society, parent society to the Skull and Bones?

When you say you are born again, isn't this what you're referring to? Isn't your deepest cynicism really reserved for the Christian religion? Is that why you spared only the Satanist Henry Lee Lucas, because he was one of you? Is that why you, a dimwit, have been able to become President, because you sold yourself to the devil?

Wasn't your smirking, gloating mocking of your Texan executed victims on television typical behavior for a satanist?

Aren't you much more powerful in the Satanic world than your Dad, because your election was illegitimate? Should we fear more destruction from you than him?

More Yale Skull and bones graduates join the CIA than any other branch of government. Isn't the CIA controlled by the Skull and Bones? Isn't the Skull's aim confusion, war and death? Aren't the Bushes the most powerful family in the Skulls, and haven't you controlled the CIA since 1976, whether in power or not?

Isn't the Skull's main aim the same as the Thule Society's - the reduction of the world's population to 2 billion, which now entails the murder of 4.5 billion people with atomic weapons? And aren't you the only guy in the world with sufficient nuclear weapons to achieve it? Isn't that why your Dad said, in 1976 "Nuclear War is winnable"? Isn't this why you're trying to start a war in Iraq, which will appear to go wrong, so you have an excuse to fire these weapons and achieve the Skull's goal?

Or is this, best case, all a childish prank? In which case is it proper for a President to have been dabbling in the occult? Why, when asked, have you never denounced this ritual or the Skull and Bones? Why have you never renounced your membership of an occult society?

13. Neil Bush's $1 billion Silverado S&L Fraud, Jeb Bush only $8m fraud.
Do you remember Broward Federal Savings and Loan? It went belly-up in 1988, thanks in great part to the $4.6 million default by your brother Jeb Bush and his business partner Armando Codina on a loan they had taken out to buy a Miami office tower. The taxpayers absorbed over $4 million of that debt, while Jeb and his partner ended up paying only half a million. Amazingly, they had sufficient influence to keep the building, which they later sold for $8.7 million, (although Jeb denies making any money on this deal!!) Jeb Bush dishonestly described himself as a "Realtor licensed by the state of Florida". He didn't have a license at the time as the State was investigating him for fraud.

And your brother Neil Bush was on the Board of Silverado Savings and Loan. The Houston Post says "Silverado was part of an intricate web of federally insured financial institutions that had business links to organized crime". Two of Neil's associates (directors of his own company, JNB) alone received $130 million from that S&L which they never returned. It finally went bust for a billion dollars, and the taxpayers footed the bill. Wasn't that massive fraud again?

Are these the family ethics that your brother Jeb used to get you the Presidency in Florida?

14. Illegitimate President: Florida: 250,000 votes stolen in your 4 electoral frauds.
Mr President, Al Gore had a 600,000 vote lead over you across the nation. Mr Gore was also well ahead (22 electoral college votes) before Florida was counted. You were well behind and you had to have Florida to overtake Gore. The voting in Florida under Jeb Bush seemed to be about even and one hell of a mess. The State rejected a total of 180,000 ballots in the 67 counties. The manufacturers of the voting machines themselves confirm they have a two to five percent error rate. Taking the middle figure of 3 1/2 % errors and 6 million Florida voters, we know who won Florida to the nearest 210,000 votes. And yet your brother's organization managed to declare you the winner by a figure of 537 votes.

Doesn't the fact that your brother is Governor of the state with the corrupted election system compromise both him and you, and make America look like a Third World Country?

Do you know how that looks to the outside world?

Does it bother you that your 537 vote lead was officially certified on behalf of the State of Florida by none other than the co-chairman of your own "Bush for President Campaign", Kathleen Harris? Wouldn't that abject lack of electoral independence be banned in most Third World countries?

What should an honorable presidential candidate have done, if he had America's best interests at heart? Wouldn't an honorable man have conceded, to protect his brother's reputation, the voting system's integrity, his own reputation and his country's reputation?

On the announcement of the closeness of the voting your Brother Job Bush honorably"Rescued" himself from the election count process, properly promising to have nothing to do with it, because of the conflict of interest, i.e., brotherhood versus the fairness of the election.

The New York Times detailed how Jeb then worked furiously behind the scenes and successfully ensured the count went in your favor. Does it bother you that your brother firstly lied, and then interfered with the counting process, to get you elected President?

Now Florida has been recounted by hand it is confirmed Al Gore won by all of the six counting methods employed, and by thousands of votes. But the Florida Ballots Project run by the National Opinion Research Council were frightened to publish the results; which we only know because staff leaked the results. How have you managed to keep the fact that your Presidency is entirely fraudulent out of the US press?

The American press has totally failed as the watch dog of our freedom and it was the BBC who reported that Jeb Bush, 18 months before the election, instructed Kathleen Harris, to remove 173,000 black Americans from the Florida electoral role. 90% of blacks vote democrat. Weren't you involved too? And didn't she declare you the winner by just 537 votes?

Weren't you guilty of destroying 250,000 Democratic votes in 4 different frauds?

Isn't your presidency entirely illegitimate?

15. Your devastation of the US economy.
Under your governorship, Texas sank to the bottom of more achievement tables than any other state. Does this bother you, or not? How did you prevent the Press reporting these failures in your election campaign? If you were an economic disaster in Texas, weren't you bound to be a bigger disaster as President?

On the 29th December the New York Times reported 43 occasions when you had talked down the economy so you could push through your 1.6 trillion tax cut for your billionaire bakers. You hadn't even taken the oath of office. As President if you talk recession you will get a recession – and you got one.

Your own campaign said you "don't understand the details" - you will rely on the advocacy of one man for an idea, rather than understand the idea. What do you do when you get bad ideas presented well? The nation gets stuck with bad policy because you can't analyze it?

You talked war from the moment you took office, and the firings were numbering tens of thousands a month every time you spoke as companies closed projects purely because of the uncertainty and the threat of war that you alone created.

The day of the WTC attack you allowed the Government to close. What message does that send to a potential enemy? "Attack here, we just go home?" You forced the airlines and Wall St to shut down for 4 days, doing 5 World Trade Center's-worth of economic damage each day. You allowed Congress to close for a week. Didn't you make a minor economic impact become a large impact because of your bad leadership? Why didn't you take examples from other countries of fortitude under attack and a "carry on regardless" attitude?

Or was your talk of war, the closing of the government on 11th September, the closing of the airlines, Stock Exchanges and half of Manhattan for six days, and your massive exaggeration of this issue self aggrandizement of your role as Commander in Chief? Yes, it did wonders in the polls, but half the nation is sitting on its hands: you have made Americans scared to fly, scared to go to work, scared to go out to dinner. Have you deliberately turned "The land of the free and the home of the brave" into a nation of cowards? Haven't you most definitely done 100 times more economic damage to the USA than the terrorists?

Haven't you now created a massive recession? Don't you understand the damage you have already done, or don't you care as long as you look good? Or was it deliberate?

16. Didn't you have the strongest motive to bring down the World Trade?
By July 2001 were you running scared? Your popularity had fallen to an all time low due to your attacks on the economy, which was sinking fast, and your Florida election frauds were becoming more and more difficult to conceal. Weren't you in danger of being impeached for election fraud and losing your Presidency?

Bringing down the World Trade on 9/11 solved all your problems beautifully - your approval rating went up to 90%, you became unassailably established as President and the legal cases that were being prepared against you for election fraud were dropped.

Weren't you the only beneficiary of the destruction of the World Trade?

Isn't it a fact that if your family hadn't perverted the election result, and Al Gore was President, the World Trade towers would still be standing today?

17. Indicators of your involvement with the destruction of the World Trade.
Two combat ready squadrons are kept at Andrews Air Force Base 10 miles away to protect Washington from rogue civil aircraft; they can be airborne in less than 5 minutes; it was automatic, and they didn't need government authorization to take off. Didn't you stand them down for that one day, 9/11?. US forces around the world were put on Defcon3 alert immediately - but not Andrews.

For 75 minutes after it is known that 4 airlines have been hijacked simultaneously, your government didn't scramble one fighter aircraft - therefore allowing the attack on the Pentagon to succeed.

UA Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. Why are you concealing the contents of the Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Black box, and the flight path of the plane for the 9 minutes after the passengers stormed the cockpit? Is it because they found out your government was controlling the plane and not terrorists? Did you order the F16 that was shadowing it to shoot it down at 10.03am for that reason? Is that why one engine was found a mile away, proving it blew up in the air?

You were safely in Florida as the planes struck, 1,000 miles away, on a long scheduled school visit. When told about the WTC instead of looking shocked, you looked guilty. You were an obvious target at a well publicized venue but you stayed at the school and didn't go into hiding - didn't you know perfectly well you were completely safe?

Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and CIA Director George Tenet visited General Pervez Musharraf and General Mahmud Ahmad, head of the Pakistani ISI. [Source The Indian SAPRA news agency, May 22, 2001.] Then Mahamud Ahmad transferred $100,000 to Mohammad Atta, leader of the Twin Towers terrorists. (The Times of India, October 11, 2001). The FBI forced Mahamud to resign because of the transfer. Was that just to make you look better? Then:

June 2001 – German intelligence, the BND, warns the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists are "planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons." [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 14, 2001.] You weren't interested. Was that because you already knew?

Summer 2001 – An Iranian man phones U.S. law enforcement to warn of an imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of September 9th. German police confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would not reveal any further information. [Source: German news agency "", September 14, 2001.] You did nothing.

August 2001 – The FBI arrests an Islamic militant linked to bin Laden in Boston. French intelligence sources confirm that the man is a key member of bin Laden's network and the FBI learns that he has been taking flying lessons. At the time of his arrest the man is in possession of technical information on Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. [Source: Reuters, September 13.] You weren't interested.

Summer 2001 – Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots have been specifically training for suicide missions. This is reported in the Russian press and news stories are translated for FTW by a retired CIA officer. You did nothing.

July 4-14, 2001 – Osama bin Laden receives treatments for kidney disease at the American hospital in Dubai, is seen by his family often and has several meetings with a CIA official who returns to CIA headquarters on July 15th. [ Le Figaro, October 31st, 2001.]

August 2001 – Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government "in the strongest possible terms" of imminent attacks on airports and government buildings. [Source: MS-NBC interview with Putin, September 15.] You did nothing.

September 6-10, 2001 Over 9,000 put options are purchased on United Air Lines and American Airlines stock as opposed to only 1,100 call options This is a dramatic and abnormal increase in sales of put options, many of them through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [Source: The Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism, September 21; The New York Times; The Wall Street Journal.] More abnormal puts are bought on companies with offices in the twin Towers. $2.5 million of the 15 million profits are still unclaimed because the identity of the owners of the options would now be traced. Obviously CIA staff knew about the World Trade attacks in advance and made millions out of it.

At best Mr Bush, didn't you know about the Twin Towers attacks months in advance? Russia, France and Germany warned you and you did nothing. At worst, did you have a hand in their organization? Didn't the attack suit you, because it allows you to wage war without end?

18. Would bin Laden dare to act on 9/11 without his senior partner's consent?
The bin Laden family made millions out of their corrupt partnership with the Bush family; Osama bin Laden seems to have made the most, almost certainly over a hundred million dollars. As the junior partner in this Bush relationship, isn't it inconceivable Osama would have attack the World Trade without your consent?

If Osama is guilty as you say shouldn't you resign anyway for your close ties with America's enemy? Just like your grandfather Prescott?

You seized upon Osama Bin Laden as the culprit without proof. Why? Could it be because of the Bush family's 24 year business relationship with Osama and the bin Laden family (documented in Newsweek and the New York Times in February 2002)? While your Dad was in charge of the CIA, didn't he train, finance and arm bin Laden to fight a proxy war on the CIA's behalf against the Russians in Afghanistan? Didn't GHW Bush help create and finance Al Qaeda? Wasn't Bin Laden almost the only CIA success story, i.e. he drove the Russians out with Taliban and other help? Didn't your Dad and the CIA continue to have meetings with Bin Laden right through 2001?

Salem bin Laden, your business partner from 1978, died in an inexplicable and uninvestigated micro light aircraft crash in San Antonio, Texas, in 1988. Did you fall out with him? Thirty people who knew too much about the Bushes have been murdered. Was he one of them?

Did you seize on Osama bin Laden as the culprit because you alone know he is dead? Doesn't this allow your "war on terror" to continue for as long as you want, because America will never find Osama? And the next obvious question is: did the Bush family order Osama's death and the hiding of his body?

Your abysmal handling of 9/11. Was it deliberate?
The first plane hit the WTC at 8:45am. People were trapped on the upper floors, yet no one in your government scrambled military helicopters to get them off. They all died after an hour and a half. Why no attempt at helicopters?

Have you thought of the futility and stupidity of starting a war against the perpetrators? They are all dead, all 19 of them You can't have a war against dead people. A war against their financiers? You can't have a war against individuals. You can only declare war against a country.

19. Wars and killings organized by the Bush family - the cause of most terrorism?
Your Grandfather, Prescott Bush, had his assets confiscated by the US Government on 20th October 1942 for trading with the enemy (Vesting Orders 248, 259,261,370). Hitler was a member of the Satanic Thule Society, Prescott Bush was a member of the Thule's first daughter society, the Skull and Bones.

As fellow satanists with the same objectives - death, confusion and war, wasn't it natural for Prescott Bush to help Hitler? The Union Banking Corporation of which Prescott Bush was both CEO and a shareholder with the Harrimans, George Herbert Walker and the Thyssens was set up to finance Hitler from 1922.

Bush was also a Director of Brown Brothers Harriman. Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation of Oswiecim, Poland was one of 15 subsidiaries. Prescott Bush was the CEO, and he employed slave labor from Auschwitz. In a subsidiary, the German Steel Trust, they also manufacture red 35% of Germany's explosives.

Prescott received $1.5 million (worth $100 million today) for his share in UBC in 1951, with which he financed his son, GHW Bush. And aren't you very well aware that you are financed by profits from Hitler?

Are you proud that your Grandfather helped make Hitler the most successful Satanist of all time with 54 million deaths to his name?

In the 1980's didn't GHW Bush put $3 billion in finance for weapons into Afghanistan? Didn't the largest shares go to the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Osama bin Laden? Didn't the Taliban take control of Afghanistan as a result of your Dad, isn't most of the $200 million thought be in Al qaeda's bank accounts American taxpayer's money he put there? Didn't Osama Bin laden get at least $100 million from your Dad?

Two million Afhghanis died at the wrong end of these US financed weapons and 6 million were made homeless by your father's intervention,.

The awful American press doesn't report this, but John Simpson of the BBC has.

Wasn't it GHW Bush that coerced Saddam Hussein into war against Iran to try to regain control after the Shah was deposed? (See John Pilger's article on "Black propaganda"). One million Arabs died.

Prior to the invasion of Kuwait, President Bush sent Ambassador April Glaspie to Saddam with a letter and a "wink and a nod" telling the Iraqi leader that it was OK to invade Kuwait.

GHW Bush, as President, in a typical Skull and Bones double cross, then carpet bombed 200,000 Iraqi soldiers (whose only wish was to surrender and get away from Saddam) to death.

Dad Bush encouraged a rebellion against Saddam in the south which grew to 30,000 strong. He then refused to allow the rebels fuel, or access to the arms they had captured, and turned them out to be murdered by the Republican army. American helicopters watched as they were mowed down. Bush had no intention of removing Saddam, his ally.

Your Dad deliberately dropped depleted Uranium "dirty bombs" in Desert Storm. Now thousands of Southern Iraqis are dying ghastly deaths of radiation poisoning. Isn't this worse than anything Saddam Hussein did? Aren't you a cruel and evil family?

Bush's sanctions have now killed another 1.5 million Iraqis, most of them children according to UNESCO.

That's 4.83 million deaths your Dad organized. Is that good for a Satanist? Wasn't George HW Bush responsible for more genocide than Slobbodan Milosevic?

What plans do you have in this direction? Will you be copying your Dad? So far you've carpet bombed a mere 10,000 innocent Afghanis to death, at least 3,500 of whom are women, children or civilians.

Isn't it a fact Mr President, that because of your Dad's millions of killings, the USA is the most hated country in the world today? Don't many Arabs want to get back as the Bushes, still the most powerful family in the CIA?

Now as President you are inventing a war. Aren't you determined to get one? More than one?

In 1976 your Dad said "Nuclear war is winnable". You've just announced a $48 billion increase to your war budget that totals $379 billion. That's seven times more military might than the next biggest country, 36% of the entire world's war chest. Never in the history of warfare has one nation been so militarily invincible. Even the brutal Romans had less of the total. The USA could probably declare war on all the other 235 countries of the world at once and win.

So why the $48 Billion increase? To fight the "tens of thousands" of AlQueda guerrillas you invented in your State of the Union speech? You've already got enough weapons to take out 2 billion people, tens of thousands are just a piece of cake. To combat the knives and pepper spray the 19 terrorists used? Or is war just the only agenda for the Bushes and the Skull and Bones?

Aren't these weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a Skull and Bonesman, who's aim is to nuke 4.5 billion, the real threat? Isn't Saddam Hussein, although your family's long standing ally, just your fall guy?

You may well unite a billion Arabs against the US, who could cut off our oil supplies and force a world war. Haven't you given Ariel Sharon a free hand to provoke just that? Is this incompetence or your intention?

Wouldn't a better plan be to formulate a new American Foreign Policy without bloodshed, and abolish the CIA? Then, at last, no one would have any reason to hate the USA. And bring in stringent retrospective death penalties for government employees who cause bloodshed overseas to stop it happening again. Isn't that the only long term solution? Why aren't you interested?

Instead aren't we going to war just to preserve your Dad's existing bloodthirsty policies, which have lead to 9.5 million CIA inspired deaths in 50 countries around the world? Aren't the CIA the worlds largest state sponsored terrorists?

In the light of the 4.83 million dead Muslims who would still be alive but for George Bush and the CIA, isn't any Bush the most unsuitable person to be leading the USA right now? Shouldn't you resign for your country's sake?

You've easily fooled the naive Mr. Blair into taking Britain into Afghanistan. But what has this private war started by the CIA, and the business only of Bush, the CIA and the Taliban, got to do with Britain? What if the Taliban explode a briefcase nuclear bomb in London in retaliation? What if half a million uninvolved and innocent British people die? Will this merely please you as it will enhance your Commander In Chief status and confirm Britain as your ally?

Given the history and connections of the Bushes wouldn't it pay you to ask the CIA to explode that bomb for you? Has the CIA spread the Anthrax to give you more support (90% for your Commander in Chief role in the polls)? It is precisely the sort of operation they are famous for. And isn't it now proved it's American made anthrax spores?

In your State of the Union address of 29th January 2002 the first half of your speech was devoted to war. Will you be at war throughout your presidency? Can you fool all the Americans all the time?

Isn't it a fact that the combination of the Bush family, the Skull and Bones, and the CIA are the most powerful anti-American forces on the face of this planet?

You called Iran and Iraq the "Axis of evil". 819 of iraq's 821 missiles are destroyed, its nuclear program 93% destroyed according to the UN weapons inspectors who WERE allowed in January 2002; 600,000 children have died because the US isn't letting humanitarian aid into the country. By contrast the USA is now the most powerful military nation the world. Doesn't the real "Axis of evil" control the White House?

Unlike other Western nations, American television "news" is almost entirely given over to war, 24 hours a day, on all channels. Are you deliberately brainwashing Americans to expect war?

You have already been an economic disaster to the USA but you are good at war. It raises your poll ratings and enables you to suppress criticism by jailing without trial those who are a problem to you. Where will your next war be?

20. Your real motive for the Iraq war.
As a Satanist, don't you just have to carpet bomb another 200,000 Iraqis to death? Won't you ensure, like your Dad, that not one hair of Saddam's head is touched?

After this carnage will you then sleep the sound sleep of the successful Satanist? Or will you contrive for the war to go wrong so you can fire some of your massive atomic arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, to fulfill the Skull's aims of reducing the the world's population to 2 billion?

21. The Bush Body count - 30 - please Mr. President, don't have me murdered too.
Turning again to your family's personal life, a number of people who were about to give testimony that could damage the Bushes have been murdered, and investigations in to their death suddenly terminated. Some are included in the enclosed "Bush body count" of thirty people. Does it bother you that, when your reputation is threatened, people often die?

Are you plainly too stupid for the job, and most of your schemes organized by cronies? Or are you so cunningly devious you have been able to wear a mask of stupidity your entire life?

Wouldn't your crimes would suit a gangster? Why have you been elected to serve a 4 year Presidential term when you should be serving a 30 year prison term for drug dealing alone?

In view of the fraud, deaths, lies, insider trading, drug dealing, drug use, and alcoholism, was it fair for you to enter the residential race at all? You don't care? What if the Press finally decides to do their job, and exposes all this? Your impeachment would make Nixon and Clinton look like saints.

Who would replace you after impeachment? Cheney? His background (e.g. with $3.8 billion corrupt government contracts, Haliburton/Brown and Root's billion dollar drug smuggling) also won't stand close scrutiny. Who in your government is honest enough to replace you without getting impeached? Did you not bother to calculate the damage this could do to America before you started? If the full extent of the activities of you and many of your associates in your government were widely published it could affect confidence and the stock market even more. Doesn't that worry you?

Do you think the American Press is so awful they just won't bother to expose you? Or do you believe you have Soviet style control of the National Press and knowledge of your criminal activities will always remain at the local level?

I apologize if you feel these questions are severe, but in free countries and given your background these are the questions that would be asked today. There is now less personal freedom in the USA than in Europe; can we assume it doesn't bother you in the least that American freedom is very second rate, and declining every day under your regime? Does it not bother you that the verse "the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave" is now a dishonest statement compared to many Western nations?

Mr President, I would like to thank you for your time as this interview draws to a close. But may I please take the opportunity to ask you for one Presidential favor?

As we have seen, many people have died because they knew too much about your
activities. Can you please grant me the favor of not adding me to the list?

Thank you and goodbye.
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