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Bush to Speak in Calgary March 17, 2009

From David Thomson <>
March 13, 2009

Bush to Speak in Calgary March 17, 2009 (Mar. 16, 2009)

Subject: Happy St. Paddie's Day -- G.W. Bush booked to speak in Calgary!

It’s true!

According to Michelle Magnan of the Calgary Herald, “Former president George W. Bush is coming to Calgary” on March 17, 2009. Billed as “A conversation with George Bush”, it will be a private event, held at the Telus Convention Centre.  <>,

It’s being sponsored by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, and the law firm of Bennett Jones.

From a most contentious Florida vote-count, to Karl Rove’s “caging lists” <>, the trail of evidence of a litany of criminal frauds against the people of America has grown to monumental proportions throughout the entire course of George Bush’s two consecutive terms as the president of the United States of America.

Now in the wake of it all, he’s coming to Calgary to among other things, test “how well he’ll be received abroad”.

Michelle Magnan quotes David Taras, a political analyst with the University of Calgary, who says that Bush is “choosing a safe place to go test his image”, and “that Bush is seen as a “failed president””.

Just looking at the range of comments below Magnan’s article, one might presume that the latter is putting it mildly.

And he’s coming to Calgary to “share his “thoughts on his eight momentous years in the Oval Office”, and will discuss “the challenges facing the world in the 21st century,” according to the event invitation”.

So who on earth would want to discuss the many challenges we face with the man that so many would charge has created them?

Apparently the event organizers are expecting to sell 1,500 seats.

Magnan also talked with Kelli Wight, a board member with Republicans Abroad Canada. Wight says that “[h]e’s going to be doing a lot of these speeches.” “That’s how he’s going to make money.”

I can only wish Bush the same success he had with Arbusto Oil. <>

Even more, I wish Mr. Bugliosi success in his own steadfast convictions in “the challenges facing the world of the 21st century”.


Mr. Bugliosi does not stand alone. <>

Here in Canada and abroad, there are many similar sentiments.

In fact here in Canada, formal steps to charge George Bush with war crimes have been taken, only to be circumvented by our Attorney General. <>  

This has been formally expressed by way of the explicit swearing of an information (128960-1) in the Vancouver Law Courts, pursuant to the Criminal code of Canada. <> and   <>

These sentiments in Canada have not only persevered over the course of the last four years, they have gained momentum and are being pursued with intensified vigor with the news of Bush’s planned visit. They are calling for either barring his entry into Canada, or for his arrest and detainment upon his arrival. <>

While these concerns appear to be falling on the deaf ears of those presently in authority, there is a renewed opportunity for Canadians and others to participate in a vote. We’ve been invited to make a statement far greater than that which takes place every few years within the framework of our questionable conventional political processes.


Considering the lack of official response, Canadians might feel that our glaring concerns might be better addressed by enlisting the support of the Keebler elves.

So please take the time to insure that you are counted among those who demand that good laws are upheld, rather than bear the consequences of this unprecedented abuse of law.  Please take the time to sign this petition.


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Yours very truly,

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