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Canadians Call on Courageous MPs to Oppose C-51 & Big Pharma

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June 6, 2008

Canadians Call on Courageous MPs to Oppose C-51 & Big Pharma (June 6, 2008)

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Subject: MP BEWARE - Call,fax,email your MP

MP Beware

-We the people are watching you closely- 

Re: C51 - Your Party’s support of C51 is your default position unless stated otherwise.

StopC51 cells are being organized in every riding to raise funds and awareness among constituents. They will become familiar with the elements and corrupt origin of Bill C51. They will learn of the financial influence of Big Food and Big Pharma upon the politicians and the senior bureaucrats of Health Canada. They will learn how the system truly works, and how courageous MP’s can change the system. Constituents will realize that MP’s are fully aware of the corrupt and abusive history of Health Canada. They will see how supporting C51 is supporting Health Canada’s corruption and abuse. Constituents will be assisted in directing their outrage against their MP should they support Bill C51.

Vote to stop C51 or loose your constituent’s support

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