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California "Wild Fire" Drills

[Editor's Note: The latest series of inexplicable "wild fires" that seem to break out spontaneously every few months here in California are being set into motion by arson. In previous California fires, the media propagandists have attempted to lay the blame on "fallen power lines" or lightening strikes-even in the absence of thunder storms OR clouds! Now, they have no response when the question is posed. .When asked, I heard one TV reporter answer: "I don't know how they started?". These fires are practice drills for a major earthquake that will rock southern California in the near future. It won't be a natural earthquake. It will be caused by the same Tesla-based technology that caused the Sichuan, China earthquake in May of this year. They were running TV 'documentaries' on public television and numerous shows on National Propaganda Radio (NPR) this past week talking about the "Big" quake that is "long overdue". The Tavistock Repeaters want us to know that THIS quake will include the entire 200 mile length of the San Andreas fault and we had better get prepared for Hell on Earth when it goes down. The "First Responders" need all the practice they can get-and I'm sure the overtime and extra state budget allocations don't hurt either. Of course, the guys putting out the fires know nothing of these things, but if you go up the fire ladder high enough, somebody, I'm sure, knows something. ...Ken Adachi]
Novermber 16, 2008

California "Wild Fire" Drills (Nov. 16, 2008)

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From: Keith Howe
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008
Subject: More drills and fires

Hi Ken,

I sent out the following on 11-12-08

“Are more fear based “emergency” drills to go live tomorrow, on 11-13-08, like on 911 and 07-07 ???

“The science-based earthquake scenario, developed by USGS scientists and partners, is used for both the Great Southern California Shake-Out drill on November 13 and the statewide Golden Guardian 2008 emergency response exercise from November 13 - 18.”

see story at:

The next day, the 13th and a full moon, Santa Barbara is burning. Is this part of their “exercise” in terror?
See story at:;centerColumnContent



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From: Keith Howe
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2008
Subject: California burning!

Hi Ken,

So much happening so fast it's hard to keep up with (as planned).

The Great Southern California Shake-Out drill on November 13, and the statewide Golden Guardian 2008 emergency response exercise from November 13 - 18.” are now well underway as “CALIFORNIA BURNS”.

Like I explained in my previous e-mail these two, pre-announced terrorist drills are going down exactly as announced! The only deviation is we have the sequelae from an earthquake without the earthquake (yet, anyway!).

Los Angeles fears blackouts as wildfire burns


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From: Keith Howe
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Subject: Red Hot!!

Hi Ken,

I’ve been aware of the aircraft in the following video for several years now. It is obvious, and criminal, that they (the fascist, government terrorists) do not want to be able to stop these fires because of the agenda’s behind them. Terror, fear, Agenda 21, more control and conditioning of the sheople with “inter-agency” cooperation and coordination, even international “military drills” to prepare for the implementation of martial law and “novus ordo seclorum” by the little boys from hell!

Go to:

and click onto:

This video mentions that ”it’s a curious coincidence that the Harris fire started in Patrero, the town that denied Blackwater USA the right to set up a huge paramilitary base there. It’s chilling to think, that any of their mercenary trainee’s or associates would have had a hand in this, as some kind of payback, however, the tactical precision of the fires pattern of deployment denotes advanced skills. This fire was the work of serious professional arsonists. California has suffered an act of terrorism” (from 2 minutes 20 seconds through 2:58 seconds).

Don’t forget a previous e-mail I sent you regarding the area surrounding Camp Pendleton being burnt to ashes, thus eliminating public outcry about noise / pollution complaints, as well as endangered species threats, which ended with the fire! I believe there was also another fire that cleared another area where Blackwater was planning to build a training center.

Also of concern is the red “fire-retardent” being dumped on these fires. Has anyone ever sent a sample of this substance to a lab for analysis for toxicity / WMD’s? Why not use the the Ilyusian IL76 Water-Bomber plane with the capacity to carry 16,000 gallons of harmless, non-toxic water?



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From: Keith Howe
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Subject: "Emergency Preparedness" or Martial Law?

Hi Ken,

Here is another article on the “Emergency Drills”.

"Emergency Preparedness" or Martial Law?
Vigilant Shield 09: A Cover for Illegal Domestic Operations?

“One of the first NEPs was the 1999 Top Officials (TOPOFF) simulation exercises "to assess the nation's crisis and consequence management capacity under extraordinary conditions." TOPOFF exercises enabled high-level federal officials and relevant participants to "practice different courses of action, gain and maintain situational awareness, and assemble appropriate resources." (CRS-7) Between May 2000 and October 2007, four TOPOFF exercises have been run in various locales simulating chemical, biological, pneumonic plague outbreak, as well as the detonation of an radiological dispersal device ("dirty bomb") adjacent to a power plant.”

Reading the last sentence of that paragraph, and from the way these psychopathic devils at the Department of Destruction (DOD) and the Pentagram (aka: Pentagon) like to play with words, I would say that TOPOFF stands for the “TOP OFF” of Pandora’s box! The entire story can be read at:

The lunes are running the asylum!


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From: Roxana Tiscareno
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008
Subject: CA false flag fires

Dear Mr. Adachi:

Wow, I was reading about the article on the CA false flag fires and Operation Vigilant Shield 09. It's pretty scary that these NORAD/North Com guys would do this, but when it finally sunk in it that 9/11 was an inside job, getting us stuck with 2 never-ending wars on innocent people and learning about Agenda 21, HAARP/weather manipulation/chem trails and their deliberate crashing of our economy and then rewarding themselves for it (like AIG), these insatiably greed/sickeningly evil people are capable of anything.

Anyway, I also wonder if a global warming/environmetal meeting that was held on November 18th in Hollywood had anything to with the fires? Were these fires also set to make a point about global warming?

And supposedly a bonfire was started by some college students near an abandoned tea house in Montecito (or so the story goes), but I do remember hearing on the local news in the San Francisco bay area that said, "the fire season was officially over" and it was okay to have outside fires again, so I wonder if these college students (even though they were in S. CA heard the same thing) and were lulled by a false sense of the fire season being over that they were more careless with their fire (if they were the cause of the Montecito fire). There was also a claim of a car spark that hit a tree.

To me though, I wonder if the news people knew what was going to happen when they declared that the "fire season is over" and it's okay to have outside fires again.

Finally, I still don't think the massive fires we had throughout CA in the summer of 08 were any accident with over 2500 simultaneous fires. (yes, I know, I'm repeating myself with this sentence since I've written to you before about this set of fires).

Take care and I hope you are doing well,
Ms. Tiscareno


Hi Roxana,

Arnold Swartzenegger never stopped being an actor. He just changed studios from Hollywood to Sacramento. Everything out of his mouth is scripted. These fires are being set by covert agents. I don't know whether it's Blackwater, or military, or Mossad, or CIA, etc., but I'm confident they are being set. Just as ALL school shooters are mind controlled GOVERNMENT patsies, all of these "wild fires" of the past few years in California are caused by arsonists--GOVERNMENT arsonists. There is no other reasonable or logical explanation. You simply can't have so MANY fires start on cue within hours of each other and at such great distances from each other and still try to hang it on "accidental" events. The fact that this latest series of set fires started and ended right on cue and in lockstep with Operation Vigilant Shield should tell the Dumbest of the Dumb that we are being played. The "Santa Ana winds" which fan these fires are being artificially stimulated by HAARP.

College kids and bonfires and sparks from cars are just so much disinformation designed to distract and create "plausible denial", the military's favorite Get Out of Jail canard.

I heard Arnold say on TV that the California fire season is now considered to be all year long, which is somewhat similar to the prostitutes at the National Weather Service declaring that the hurricane season is now to be considered from late May until mid December-- in order to better accomodate the GOVERNMENT creators of hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Roxana Tiscareno
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008
Subject: Re: CA false flag fires-hello-great points

Hi Ken,

Sorry, I got back so late in writing to you.

That's a very good point with the CA guv who never stopped acting. He's a pretty evil guy when he knows darn well what's going on & permits this to go on. It's such an evil crime and this might have been caused by any one of those you mentioned such as Blackwater, etc.

Even if there were some rich peoples' homes that burned down, there were some things that can't be replaced and look at the great damage done to the land and how filthy the air got (but nope, the environmentalists don't care about any of that). I think the environmentalists who know this is going on are the worst criminals.....And those elderly in the mobile home park as well, it's a miracle nobody died in that considering the elderly as a rule (although there are exceptions) usually have health problems or are debilitated by arthritis or just move slower.

And yea, isn't it a bit "amazing" that it was right on cue with Vigilant Shield? I also think this was done for that environmental meeting.

Yea, I agree that HAARP is giving a little help to these Santa Ana winds (hurricane force especially). The winds might be normally strong, but it's pretty rare for them to hit hurricane strength. Actually, I don't remember hearing them being of hurricane strength (being in CA for about 40 years) -unless I missed it somehow.

AND I definitely thought something was wrong when during the summer, we got hit with over 2500 simultaneous fires. Like you said, "there's no way."...and being All-year-round" now. Hmmm.

We're also constantly getting warnings about drought (and we're told to cut back) and then the news mentions the die-off of salmon, but then, the CA government keeps allowing more & more people to pour in and they ignore the birth rate of the illegal aliens as well.(free births)...This to me negates any benefits of cutting back on water consumption.

Yea, at this point, the Mainstream Media (including their weathermen). I've written a couple of news stations and their weather people about Chem Trails and surprise, surprise, I never got an answer.

This is a bit off topic and might be completely crazy to you, (but I wonder.....if any of these guys were responsible for shooting 2 horses up in the Livermore area (it was right straight through the heart). Maybe it was just some bored kids, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point if any of these Blackwater or such guys did this.

Well, take care and I'm very sorry I get a little scatter-brained and jump around on the topics when writing sometimes. It seems to be in my thought pattern as well and I drive other people crazy with it sometimes (as well as myself). This got me in trouble when I was in school as well and is made worse with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which affects the cognitive abilities.




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