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Canada's C-51: Trojan Horse Legislation Sponsored by Big Pharma
Bill C-51 Unlawfully Suppresses Canadian Citizens' Rights and Freedoms

[Editor's Note: Bills such as C-51 are but thinly disguised  variations on  Nazi Germany's 1933 Enabling Act which removed Parliamentary decision making and oversight from national legislation. Stated in its simplest terms, these bills are intended to replace democratic representative government with un-elected, closed-door decision making which will bind all citizens. We are witnessing the transformation of North American democratic government into oligarchic tyranny. Will Canadian citizens wake up in time?.. ..Ken Adachi]

From Kenn d'Oudney, The Democracy Defined Campaign
April 27, 2008

Canada's C-51: Trojan Horse Legislation Sponsored by Big Pharma (April 27, 2008)

Dear Members,

See below info relating to Canadian Bill C-51. It is something to make every democratic person's blood run cold. The owners of the pharmaceutical giants are behind this -- it is the shape of things to come throughout the West and elsewhere.

Attend our rally at the Calgary Federal Court on May 9th 2008. Call 1-888-878-3467 for Details

Yours sincerely,

Canadian Rights and Freedoms are at Risk, An Important Notice Regarding Bill C-51

On April 8th, 2008, the Canadian Minister of Health introduced Bill C-51 into the House of Commons. This Bill proposes significant changes to the current Food and Drugs Act that will have wide-ranging negative implications for Canadians.

Bill C-51 will:

· Remove democratic oversight, bypassing elected officials to vote in laws and allow bureaucrats to adopt laws from other countries without our consent.

· Remove 70% of Natural Health Products from Canadians and many others will be available by prescription only.

· Restrict research and development of safe natural alternatives in favor of high risk drugs.

· Punish Canadians with little or no opportunity for protection or recourse for simply speaking about or giving a natural product without the approval of government. More than 70% of people in Canada use a Natural Health Product. The new law goes so far as to warrant action against a person who would give another person an unapproved amount of garlic on the recommendation that it would improve that persons health.

Proposed New Enforcement Powers:

· Inspectors will enter private property without a warrant

· Inspectors will take your property at their discretion

· Inspectors will dispose of your property at will

· Inspectors will not reimburse you for your losses

· Inspectors will seize your bank accounts

· Inspectors will charge owners shipping and storage charges for seized property

· Inspectors will be empowered to store your property indefinitely

· Inspectors will levy fines of up to $5,000,000.00 and/or seek 2 years in jail per incident

With your assets and money under their control will you be able to defend yourself in Court?

Can you trust government with this new law and enforcement power?

Would our government really ever turn this law against us? Read the following account.

In 2003 Health Canada launched an attack on a group of mentally ill patients and the company who supported them naturally. They seized shipments of a safe natural therapy required by the patients and stormed the support center with 17 armed officers and agents. The company (Truehope) reported that they lost contact with more than 300 of their Canadian participants. The Canadian Mental Health Association told of suicides as a result of government action.

Health Canada then charged the not for profit company, burdening them with heavy legal costs. Truehope was found innocent by necessity and instructed by the judge to continue under legal and moral responsibility. Although the agents admitted knowing they were injuring people through their actions, they stated under oath they care only about policy and directive. And what happened to the more than 300 mentally ill Canadians that became unreachable? In the months and years following, reports of hospitalizations and suicides during the seizures have surfaced. No Health Canada agent has ever been charged.

Will this new law be used to abuse and punish special interest groups, minorities, religious groups or others?

Why do bureaucrats want to bypass the Parliament and approval to create new laws?

Why do bureaucrats want seizure warrants without judge approval ?

With fines being increased a 1000 times, and seizing authority without a warrant, is Bill C-51 meant to bankrupt and silence its target audience?

Here's what you can do to protect your rights:

Educate Yourself

· Go to and read more about Bill C-51

· Read bill C-51 on

Tell others

· Talk to your local Press

· Contact your local MP Click Here (

· Ask the leaders in your community to get involved

· Contact your MLA

· Tell your Friends

Get involved

· Attend our rally at the Calgary Federal Court on May 9th 2008. Call 1-888-878-3467 for Details

· Print off this fact sheet and hand it out in your neighborhood.

· Forward this email to all of your concerned friends, family and community leaders
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