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Canadian Thought Control & the Communists/Zionists Behind It

[Editor's Note: Here in southern California, the flagship radio station of Leftist propaganda is KPFK radio out of Los Angeles. Well intentioned leftists think of themselves as being on the right side of the issues and will refer to themselves as "progressives" most of the time, but occasionally liberal or even socialist,  but never communist. However, they carry water for the NWO as much as the Neo cons by supporting propaganda campaigns that were concocted and set into motion by our Illuminati/Zionist/Masonic planners.

In KPFK's case, they promote Feminism, Peak Oil, Global Warming, Illegal "Immigration", .La Raza Re-conquitadores rhetoric, Humanism, Noam Chomsky/Howard Zinn/Bill Moyers/Amy Goodman's brand of limited hang-out 'alternative radio', while simultaneously avoiding all mention of chemtrails and the facts behind 911 being an inside job. The same puppeteers control the Left and the Right and anyone who aligns themselves ideologically with either is either a player, a dupe, or a dope.

Leftist propaganda does more harm, in my opinion, than does rightist propaganda. With a fascist, at least you know where he stands. He does not try to conceal his lust for hegemony and control over others, but leftist think they are on the side of Goodness, Rightness, Justice, and Freedom for All, but they are always pawns in the hands of unseen manipulators who control their actions from above, while they 'dupishly' and naively slave away, installing their agendas from below. ...Ken Adachi]
June 30, 2008

Canadian Thought Control & the Communists/Zionists Behind It (June 30, 2008)

Dear Radical Reader,

Further tales shedding some additional light on the Zionist crypt of the Canadian Jewish Congress, the B’nai Brith and the Simple Simon Center for unrepentant Huns!

Readers might note that none of these Communist/Zionist/Bolshevik inspired organizations are mentioned directly within the article but, nonetheless, do rest assured that it is their censorial blood that runs freely throughout the veins of these supposed “Human Rights” commissariats and the upper political realms from whence they descend.

The author, David Warren, would have readers believe that it is Canada’s “leftists” who are at the core of these draconian mind-control efforts but I would beg to differ somewhat on that point, at least in terms of degree.

My many years of experience within the “left” have left a rather sour taste in my mouth (pardon the pun) but all of the research that I’ve unearthed over the past few years strongly indicates that the “left” was infiltrated by Communist/Zionist agents decades ago and that element has had a debilitating effect ever since upon the sincere efforts of those within the left who only desire to see justice and peace for all people.

So while this article is helpful in some ways it continues (because it emanates from a Zionist-controlled media) to disinform the public as to the real culprits who are at the root of all this totalitarian/Big Brother effort to shut the Canadian public up and stop individuals from expressing their viewpoints.

Note: All the bold print in the article below is mine added for emphasis. Feedback is always welcome.

For Peace, Light & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network

The resistance must continue
David Warren,
The Ottawa Citizen
Saturday, June 28, 2008

As was perfunctorily reported on Thursday, the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, one of three HRCs to which Islamists took Maclean's magazine for having published Mark Steyn, has self-protectively dismissed the case before it could come to tribunal. The Ontario HRC had previously dismissed it: but with an outrageous statement from its chief commissioner, Barbara Hall, to the effect that Maclean's was guilty of publishing "hate," nonetheless. She regretted that her commission had no mandate to try the case, but looked forward to a time when this mandate would be extended.

A British Columbian "human rights" tribunal did, however, decide that it had jurisdiction over what a Toronto-based magazine could publish, and the show trial against Maclean's continues there, with judgment awaited. The Alberta HRC continues to try Ezra Levant and his Western Standard magazine (now defunct in print) -- in proceedings that have gone on for more than two years. The Canadian HRC has taken 16 months in preliminary consideration of the case a gay activist brought against the small Toronto-based Catholic Insight magazine. Indeed: prolonged and arbitrary delays appear to be part of the method by which the HRCs bleed their respondents dry with legal and other expenses.

I have mentioned only the current cases in which periodical publications have been prosecuted, in the strange new world of "Kafkanada" -- where you can be tried for the same imaginary "hate crimes" in any or all federal and provincial jurisdictions, simultaneously or sequentially. A single complaint by any reader anywhere is enough to launch a secret inquiry. The target has no right to confront his accuser, and will not at first even be told who he or she is.

Truth is no defence, the absence of harm is no defence, there are no rules of evidence whatever, and the inquisitors of these kangaroo courts may ultimately reach any "judgment" they please, after months or years of playing cat-and-mouse with their selected victim.

A Protestant minister in Alberta was, for instance, recently ordered to publicly renounce his Christian beliefs, as well as pay a big lump sum to the anti-Christian activist who had prosecuted him, in a case I mentioned in a previous column, and which I am pleased to see is getting wide publicity in the United States even if not up here. "Re-education" programs are frequently assigned, for which the victim must also pay.

All of the complainant's expenses are paid by the taxpayer, as well as all of the overheads and expenses of the jet-setting "human rights" bureaucrats, who do all the prosecutorial work, as well as providing both judge and jury. The system is, in principle, indistinguishable from that in place during the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China. It was perpetrated by leftist activists on the Canadian people while they were sleeping. It is a system of the activists, by the activists, and for the activists.

The people are still sleeping, but some "blowback" has finally begun to occur. Given its very eccentric inquisitorial practices, which have been documented and publicized on the Internet, the CHRC is now under an RCMP investigation, a Privacy Commission investigation, and there is a Parliamentary investigation pending. (As a public relations exercise, the CHRC has also hand-picked its own "independent" investigator to do what we can only assume will be a defensive whitewash, as usual at taxpayer expense.) It is against this background the CHRC decided that the better part of valour is discretion, and that it truly did not need to be prosecuting such high-profile targets as the bestselling author Mark Steyn and the mainstream newsweekly Maclean's, at the present time. The CHRC can retrench, and return to its bread-and-butter business of destroying little people who command no publicity -- biding their time until circumstances are propitious to "extend
their mandate" again.

Vigilance is the price of liberty, and it is crucially important that we not take the heat off Canada's HRCs when they retreat. Canadians need to know the whole truth about what these vile "human rights" investigators have been doing, and their past victims should be exonerated.

Given what has already occurred, it is not enough simply to fire the people responsible for specific abuses. The Human Rights Code must be rewritten to eliminate future challenges to free speech and press, and the HRCs themselves taken down. The very notion that "your freedom ends when I begin to feel offended" must be shown for what it is: totalitarian flotsam in the fetid swamp of politically correct thought.

David Warren's column appears Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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