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Kerry Cassidy on Gordon Duff of Veterans Today as a CIA/MJ12 Agent and
The Aliens Are Here! (Project Blue Beam) Road Show Soon to Begin

[Editor's Note: A few weeks ago, in passing remarks to ZS Livingstone, I mentioned that Gordon Duff had to be some sort of moron if he was so clueless that he could be duped into believing that a thieving, lying buffoon like Stew Webb -- of all people -- should be worthy of inclusion on the Veterans Today roster of affiliated writers. While I never spent a lot of time perusing Veterans Today, I was generally supportive of Duff's pro-veteran position and could see he was generally in the anti-NWO camp, but based on his absurd opinion of Stew Webb, I told myself he must have an IQ on par with Pete Santilli. Now that I've read the critique seen here from Kerry Cassidy, I can see it's not merely a matter of stupidity. Gordon, it seems. like FBI informant and embedded Ted Gunderson character assassin Stew Webb, is a useful idiot of government intel agencies. C'est la vie.

The world will continue to spin around and I'll continue to post anything from Veterans Today that is relevant, useful and appears to be on the money. The NWO is going to eventually self destruct anyway, no matter how many shills and sellouts they have on the payroll, so it doesn't really matter. Paradoxically, shills are more transparent now than ever before with the accelerating desperation of the NWO gang.

On another note, I've written many articles since the late 1990s warning of the 'coming out party' for aliens. The US military has been up to their eyeballs with extraterrestrial groups since the late 1940s and have been practicing a LONG TIME for an elaborate DECEPTION to be sprung upon the entire human race, involving our alien "friends." The time is drawing near for the curtain to rise on Act I, Scene I . Be prepared for it --and DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING that the government or media WANT you to believe about the friendly 'aliens'. Project Blue Beam was planned many decades ago and it cost courageous Canadian Serge Monast his life when he stumbled upon the story in the mid 1990s. ..Ken Adachi]

From Kerry Cassidy
September 11, 2013

Kerry Cassidy on Gordon Duff of Veterans Today as a CIA/MJ12 Agent and The Aliens Are Here!, (Project Blue Beam) Road Show Is Soon to Begin (Sept. 17, 2013)

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Little Alien Book - Updated

Published on Friday, 13 September 2013
Written by Kerry Cassidy

For what its worth...  Disclosure by any other name.

This is probably somewhat legit.  However, humans were not created by the Anunnaki.  Their DNA was interfered with and they were dumbed down by them.  See Ashayana Deane (E'asha) Voyager books for more on our true history....

As I have mentioned several times over the air in interviews, Gordon Duff is working with MJ12 or Scion or whatever they are calling themselves now-a-days.. The group originally said to be created by [President] Truman to deal with the ET situation here on Planet Earth.  Whether he is a full fledged member as he claims is not known. Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell were also members at one time.  From what I have heard, the membership changes over time.

Suffice to say that disclosure that many have been waiting for is here.... By way of the many articles coming out over the past year and more from Veterans Today. You could safely say these articles are government sanctioned since Gordon and other member/writers are with the CIA and other intel agencies (if you consider the CIA to be run by the government, which may be a stretch).  More likely it is the other way around.  Under the cabal, the lines of power and authority are somewhat confused at least, to the outside eye.  I am told, the CIA is now an international agency and with so many warring divisions it has no true loyalty to any government (other than the NWO).  And within that the various divisions may even be at war with each other.  

There is also reason to believe that Gordon Duff is pushing the envelope a bit farther than they originally planned.  I can say that I have spoken with him on a few occasions and invited him on my radio show and that he declined.  He does however, feel safe appearing on the Mike Harris show on Rense.. on a regular basis. And occasionally with Stew Webb, an asset he has brought on board Veteran's Today as a writer and reporter.

Many people will be familiar with the many disclosures Duff has made over the past couple years, first on RBN and then on Rense (via the Mike Harris show).  He is operating as an agent. carefully revealing truths amidst spin and outright misdirection as any good agent does in order to keep his job.  Still you can admire that he is pushing the limits in his way and listening to him will not be time wasted.

As to whether this 'little alien book' is legit or not, I would say in so far as it contains some truth it can be helpful.  However, there is misdirection in there as well. 

What is more interesting to me is the fact that with all the disclosures written in plain site on Veterans Today over the past year or two... that the mainstream continues business as usual without blinking an eye... or changing a headline to reflect any sense what so ever of recognition that the game is much bigger than they imagine.  People continue to argue over a rigged stock market, a dog and pony show between Obama and Putin (left and right hands of the same Beast) and the apparent poisoning of our atmosphere via chemtrails and Fukushima.  They have no sense that the truth changes everything.  That politics is so far beneath the true horizon where the real game is played.  

I think that Tavistock and Rand (think tanks) consider Veterans Today a market research firm to see just how far they can go in revealing the real truth without people running screaming into the streets or attacking the bastions of power in Washington.   So far, the mainstream news outlets seem safely impervious to the truth no matter how fantastic it may be. 

A recent undisclosed contact tells me that soon, the wider picture will soon be revealed involving 7 ET races that have been working with various governments that are now going to be met with 50 new ET races that are going to be introduced (face-to-face!) to the public.

 And that there are new technologies being rolled out on the U.S. side as well as the threat has been made from the Russia/Syria side regarding their New Tech to be revealed should an attack on Syria become a reality.

So putting two and two together, apparently the "50" so-called new "entrepreneurial" races are entering the scene and distributing tech on both sides... And I am also told, these new races wish to change the scene here on Earth to one of open exchange with Galactic Races and creation of an open market for all to participate in...  Brave New World should we decide to accept it....



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