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Unusual Fatigue & Dizziness in USA from April 30 - May 6, 2014?

From Richard
May 7, 2014

Unusual Fatigue & Dizziness in USA from April 30 - May 6, 2014? (May 7, 2014)

[Editor's Note: I didn't make the connection at the time I got Richard's email, but ZS Livingstone feels that the dizziness and fatigue reactions mentioned here are related to the Coming Magnetic Pole Reversal. I would strongly suggest reading his article to learn more as this magnetic pole reversal will affect every living thing on earth.]

Cell Tower Testing ?

Something caused sudden and extreme fatigue and confusion in several areas of the USA on April 30 thru May 4, suggesting a controlled frequency induction over a selected areas for specific time periods. Frequency can be controlled with cell towers and interfaced with satellites. This wave affected a specific range of brain function.

KRSANNA ASKED ON MAY 3, 2014: Did anybody else experience a wave of dizziness and extreme fatigue between 5 and 7 p.m. on May 3? It came so fast that I was worried about falling over. I called a friend who shares many of the same physical stuff as I do. She got so tired so suddenly that she sat down in a chair and fell asleep right then and there.

A REMEDY: Two people in Boulder Colorado both responded the “gods” hit them on May 2. This indicates the same effects were in the same area on the same day, but not on the day that others experienced the hit. (I say “gods” with tongue in cheek.)

(In a May 2003 radio interview, Red Elk said that the towers are for 'people control'.)


Arizona May 3, 5-8 pm

"I was playing guitar at an art gallery in Jerome, Arizona (first Saturday art walk) from 5 to 8. I suddenly found myself in a place where the notes did not sound like they were supposed to, I lost track of which fret was which, forgot songs in the middle of them, even though I have been playing them for years. I dearly wished I could stop and take a nap, but I was being paid and did not have that luxury. I took a few breaks and just sat with eyes closed and did meditation. 10 minutes would go by in about 30 seconds. I felt better the last hour, although fatigue did set in. Ironically, I got more in tips than ever!" ('art community' Jerome is just west of Sedona)

Colorado (4 reports) May 2, around 6 PM

1) "Yes, tired, instantly ready to sleep; not dizzy. Mine was Friday the 2nd. Cell tower freq test;" (Boulder)

2) "I was very tired all day on the 2nd, but felt fine the 3rd, and so far today, the 4th, I’m ok. I live in Boulder CO."

3) "I felt extremely tired from mid-Saturday through the evening. Today [May 4] feeling rested."

4) Longmont, 11 miles from Boulder 3-7 pm:
"Mine was the 3rd, 3-7pm: sudden onset extreme fatigue - felt like I was moving through molasses - or deep underwater - fell into deep sleep - woke up refreshed."

Montana May 3, 5-7 pm

"Wave of dizziness and extreme fatigue."

Tennessee May 3, 5-7 pm

"Yes! I experienced a wave of extreme fatigue at that exact time. So had to stop doing chores and sit down for awhile. I have no idea why, but it's interesting to have others speak of it too." deb

Texas May 1, 6 pm

"Interesting info ... May 1st was the day it hit me here in south Texas. Not any dizziness, but completely abnormally tired. The time is hard to pin down, but 6 CDT sounds about right for a start time. Ended up sleeping for almost 11 hours. Very, very weird for me. What was it "they" were doing/testing on us?"

Utah - from someone in Salt Lake City who keeps a journal:
Dinnertime April 30: strong fatigue - 3 in one house and 2 friends. It hasn't completely ceased. On May 2, eyes and noses running in 4 of the 5, face swelled, strained voice. Continued suffering as of evening May 6. The 2 ill ones in the same house both feel that a reboot of the illness "comes in waves". One of those 2 has never suffered from allergies, so it's not that. (phoned report)

Washington State May 3, 5-7 pm

1) "YES! As if I could not (and I could NOT) move another step. With will and fortitude, somehow made it thru my family dinner preparations, tho not enough energy to even eat my portion. Collapsed shortly after 7 pm and then did feel a little better; no wonder."

2) Sat down in chair and fell asleep.

Military Base - Italy May 4, 11 am

"I was in this mood this morning, about 11 a. m. for an hour, in Italy, [not too far from Sigonella USAF base, in Catania, where there are a lot of soldiers and secret stuff, nuclear weapons, MUOS, radar and so on...] then I was fine visiting a natural park in Etna area with many beautiful tropical and coloured butterflies." Nino


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