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US Census And GPS Mapping ~ Big Brother at Your Door

[Editor's Note: When the Indonesian Imposter's AcornObots were out in force a few months ago masquerading as US Census workers and GPS tagging each home they visited, I mentioned that it was a good idea to put up No Tresspassing signs on all four corners of your property and make it clear that census workers, in particular, cannot step on your property. I further suggested that the ONLY information authorized by the US Constitution is to tell the census taker HOW MANY ADULTS are residing in the household-and NOTHING MORE: No names, no birthdates, no questions answered, no personal information about you or your family, nothing. The next census is going to be a contentous affair and a less than pleasant event, I believe, and citizens of this country need to learn the law before these Obamobots decend on you and try to intimidate you into "compliance". I can only hope that legal and legislative action is taken on the state level to STOP census takers from GPS tagging American homes. It's obvious that the GPS mapping agenda is part of a larger, worldwide UN (Rockefeller) tracking and enslavement scheme..Ken Adchi]
November 4, 2009

US Census And GPS Mapping ~ Big Brother at Your Door (Nov. 4, 2009)

Subject: U.S. Census GPS
From: Keith H <>
Date: Wed, November 4, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Found this interesting comment on Nov 4 posting.

US Census And GPS Mapping Was The Implementation Of A UN Plan - by JK Kelly

A great deal of speculation has taken place about the small army of census takers that has been reported GPS mapping individual buildings and residences across the country. A recently discovered UN document reveals the reasons behind this development.

It turns out that GPS surveying is not limited to the US alone. UN document ESA/STAT/AC.98/14 ( details plans for a global implementation of a GIS (Geographical Information System) using census and other personal data; remote sensing, including aerial and satellite photography; and internet mapping "to create relevant information for spatial analysis and decision making." Development data, such as economic or HEALTH DATA (the efficacy of a nationalized health care system containing current addresses becomes apparent in this context) are to be included within an administrative framework designed to be "flexible enough and well structured to incorporate new and future
administrative divisions."

Although the document purports to present GPS mapping, remote sensing, integrated field data collection, etc., merely as tools to conduct a successful census, the clear implication is that such census data collection techniques are actually tools by which an advanced and highly accurate form of individual population mapping is being accomplished on a worldwide scale. Census taking is envisioned to become a continuous process rather than a deca-annual event: "Therefore, we advocate a paradigm shift from a traditional mapping approach, which is repeated for every
census, to a digital census mapping approach, which is an up-to-date and a continuous approach. "

When this program data base is fully implemented, it should have the potential capability of plotting up-to-date locations of every individual and business in the world, with links to existing and future data bases containing financial, health, criminal, internet useage, and other personal information.

The United Nations Statistics Division has so far provided free software (ArcView 3.3 ) to the National Statistical Offices (NSOs) of at least forty developing countries in order to implement this program. The UN document recommends a Permanent "Cartography & Geographic Information" Unit be established within each countries' NSO, as well as a working "group of experts," and an international conference to bring developing nations up to date with this technology.

- JK Kelly”


It is still painfully obvious that the military application for GPS tagging is for precision weapon strikes to said coordinates.


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