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CFR Website Promos 'Peak Oil' Scam

[Editor's Note: (Oct. 10, 2005) While visiting the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) web site today to gather more information about CFR member and chief Bird Flu Propagandist/ Hysteria Promoter, Laurie Garrett, I noticed a short article promoting the 'Peak Oil' scam. As you may already know, CIA family offspring Michael Ruppert jumped in with both feet last year to get the Peal Oil propaganda campaign into high gear by using his recently published book on 911 (Crossing the Rubicon) to launch a thinly veiled justification for world depopulation by running up the "Peak Oil' red flag. Having been caught with his boxers around his ankles, Ruppert has been back peddling in recent weeks and waffling on his earlier statements about population reduction (alas, such is the life of an Illuminated propagandist) telling his readers that each country will 'have to decide for themselves' what to do.

Thankfully, Dave McGowan- with bulldog tenacity- quickly sank his teeth into Mr. Ruppert's fallen trousers via his McGowan Newsletters last year and hasn't allowed as much as a single sentence of Ruppert's propaganda to go by unchallenged. Fortunately, more and more people are now catching on to the Peak Oil Put On and the story is heading south, despite desperate attempts by Illuminati sponsored mouthpieces to keep the fantasy afloat. We have to turn an equally strong spotlight now on the much desired Bird Flu 'pandemic' and the deceptive propaganda being distributed through mainstream outlets by shills like Garrett to convince you to get your Bird flu vaccine AND your surreptitious ID tracking chip- all in one, easy stop. How convenient!. ..Ken ]
October 10, 2005

(Forward courtesy of our Canadian friend)

From the homepage of the Council on Foreign Relations website,

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With international oil producers operating at close to maximum capacity (1), even small disruptions in production can shake the world market. Embezzlement and mismanagement in oil-producing countries like Nigeria (2), Equatorial Guinea (3), and Ecuador (4) have prompted demonstrations that temporarily shut down production. International groups—like Transparency International, which offers its 2004 Corruption Perception Index (5) --urge better governance to secure energy supplies and fight the noxious corruption afflicting many oil-producing nations. Our CFR brief (6) looks at oil's effect on small oil producers' economies; our CFR Background Q&A (7) looks at the recent oil price changes; a CSIS report (PDF) (8) promotes transparency in the African oil sector; this British-led initiative (9) encourages countries to direct more oil and gas revenue to development; and international coalition Publish What You Pay (10) urges governments to list the payments they receive from energy companies.

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The 'Peak Oil' Put on (Oct. 22, 2004)


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