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The Charade & Abuse of Memorial Day

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
May 24, 2008

The Charade & Abuse of Memorial Day (May 24, 2008)

It's so aggravating to hear President Dumbo talk about anything. The man is an edifice of falsity. To hear that Vietnam dodging slacker, pretend fighter pilot, and AWOL weekend-warrior blather on about "honoring our brave men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan" this Memorial Day weekend for "defending democracy and liberty" was simply deplorable.

Almost on the heels of Bush's message to the nation on Memorial Day, I heard a NPR news report that a military tribunal would not consider bringing criminal charges against the group of Marines who were responsible for a revenge slaughtering of about 69 Afghan civilians along a 10 mile stretch of road in Afghanistan last year, after their convoy was hit with an IED. The only criticism of this outrage was heard from Afghan diplomats who said it was "unacceptable" that the U.S. military would not meet its responsibility to bring to justice those responsible for committing such wanton acts of murder.

I didn't hear one peep of criticism from an American politician, pundit, 'think-tank' expert, military "advisor", or political 'commentator' which National Propaganda Radio is so very, very adroit at presenting on American airwaves daily when they are serving up the Tavistock subversion agenda.

And to make the irony even thicker, it was less than a week ago that Iraq/Afghan war vets testified in a caucus room on Capitol Hill (called Winter Soldier) to a small group of willing-to-listen congressional representatives, about the atrocities they committed against civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and their deep regret for allowing the US Army and the US Marine Corps to turn them into heartless, uncaring killing machines. They recounted how they would either witness or be involved in murdering unarmed men, women, and children because either A) they were told to do so by an NCO or officer, or B) the "anything-goes, kill at will" Rules of Engagement gave them a green light to simply kill anybody for any reason for which they would suffer no consequence or even a reprimand.

This is how Nazis behaved in Europe in World War II. And now this is what American soldiers have become in the eyes of the world...Nazis.

It's up to us, the American citizen, to stop this war and remove from office the legislative slime buckets who keep funding it and presenting ever-more ludicrous and lame brained excuses for doing so as the body count mounts daily.

And it is up to the individual American soldier in uniform to REFUSE to participate in murder and genocide.

Orders be damned! You are NOT required to obey an illegal order and MURDER is an illegal order.

I have no apologies to make to anyone in uniform who does not agree with my point of view because I voluntarily served this country during the Vietnam war and lost uncles in World War II in both Europe and the Pacific. I, like the vast majority of servicemen who die in wars created by insulated war profiteers and their political stooges, came from a poor, blue collar background and naively believed the same lies that most 18 year high school graduates believe today about "defending freedom", "honor", and "duty." It's a load of crap.

We're fighting for the Bad guys. We've become the Bad guys.

Let's recapture our integrity by ending this war as soon as possible and remove from our ranks the political and military NWO shills who are behind the Nazification of America and its military. Only then can we have a true and honorable reason for celebrating Memorial Day.

Ken Adachi


U.S. Military Now Uses Nazi 'Rules of Engagement': Shoot, Kill, Lie, Repeat (May 10, 2008)

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