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Newly Awakened Reader Questions Chembuster Usage -
After Exposure to the Twit Brothers

By Ken Adachi <Editor@educate-yoursel.forg>
April 22, 2006

Wed, 12 Apr 2006
From: Michelle <>
To: Editor
Subject: "Are chembusters actually chem-boosters?"

Dear Ken,

I have read most of the articles on your website in the last 2 days--very shocking. I'm having a massive paradigm shift and will be processing it all for awhile. In searching the web for info on chemtrails in my area, I came across this article which makes the argument that chembusters just dissipate the chemtrails allowing the chemicals to fall.  [1]

I'm sure you've heard this theory before--could you point me to a rebuttal somewhere on the internet or in a book? I was considering buying or making a chembuster, but now, am not sure whether that would be the right move...

Thank you for your time,

Michelle, in Austin TX

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Hello Michelle,

I just read the article that you inquired about which was posted at in 2004.

First, the guy Paxinos quotes, Michael Irving, is using references about Wilhelm Reich's books (on orgone energy) and Trevor Constable's book on Reich's cloudbuster, that were lifted directly from my essay "Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies" written in January of 2002.

It is so very aggravating to me when people like Michael Irving lift my original writing and research references and pretend that they are the source of that information. He takes my words and never bothers to acknowledge me as the source of those insights. Dr. John Coleman has also been unceasingly plagiarized in this fashion and I know how vexing it is when others steal your labor.

It shouldn't surprise me too much, though, that Irving should take credit for my references since he has something of an axe to grind with both myself and Don Croft. I had to remove Michael Irving from my chat forum about 3 years ago because he kept violating my posting rules about re-posting articles in their entirety (which he would flood my forum with daily) taking up all the bandwidth with dozens of lengthy articles that he felt we all had to read. Don Croft also blew him off about 3 1/2 years ago from Don's own orgone chat forum because of his incessant pessimism.

I suppose that he's well intentioned, but he's a Doom and Gloomer who only sees DARK CLOUDS and has no solutions to offer other than to send a Letter to the Editor. People like Irving (or Paxinos for that matter) are more debilitating to the fight against the Dark Side than are government sponsored chemtrail debunkers as they engender pessimism and a sense of hopeless, unavoidable defeat.

It's clear from their non-understanding of what a chembuster is and their total confusion with the Reich "cloudbuster", that they would arrive at the astounding conclusion that we are actually HELPING the Dark Side get the fallout from chemtrails into our lungs faster than would otherwise be the case because the "cloudbuster" (according to them) is removing the water vapor from the clouds and allowing the particulate to fall to the ground faster. I can't tell from the article whether Irving is talking or Paxinos, but it doesn't matter, as the "conclusion" is ABSURD. There is much more taking place on the FOURTH DIMENSIONAL plane than these two yard birds are capable of grasping. They are thinking strictly  in terms of simpleton mechanics and high school chemistry and that's where their thinking STOPS. A similar debunking effort against Don and the chembuster was also spearheaded by Dr. James DeMeo, another self annointed 'critic' whose engine runs mostly on ego and arrogance. . .

We are dealing with ether physics here and that action takes place at the borderland between the third and fourth dimensions -which is what Reich had explained in his writings. Had Reich 'expert' Michael Irving actually studied Reich's books (rather than regurgitate phrases lifted from my essays), he might have arrived at a different 'conclusion'. .

It's a 'conclusion' of two, half baked armchair 'experts' who found a willing sponsor in Jeff Rense to publish such strident stupidity. Jeff Rense, I'm sorry to say, has been harshly critical of Don Croft's efforts from the very beginning and thus has been willing to publish material that would cast Don's chembuster work in a negative light. Jeff's initial misunderstanding of what Don was doing was further hardened into a negative mind set when he interviewed Trevor Constable on his show in August of 2002 (an interview that was set up and arranged by yours truly, Ken Adachi) where Trevor too, did not understand, nor recognize, the difference between Don's "chembuster" and Reich's "cloudbuster" and thus was criticizing Don for misusing a "cloudbuster" when Don Croft has never built or used a "cloudbuster" in his entire life!

I told Don Croft from the very beginning to stop using the term "cloudbuster" to describe his device and instead to use the term "chembuster", so that this STUPID and unnecessary misunderstanding would NEVER have arisen. I was hoping to end the controversy with Jeff, Trevor, Croft and myself by publishing a separate article which thoroughly explained the differences between the "chembuster" and the "cloudbuster"

But it did no good. because by the time I sent it in to Jeff (early 2003), feelings were already hardened and I'm quite certain that neither Jeff Rense nor Trevor Constable had read as much as one word of it  Those negative impressions of Don Croft and his chembuster remain with Jeff Rense and Trevor Constable (who I still hold in esteem and friendship) to this day. In fact, Jeff Rense just blew me off about four months ago and no longer publishes my material. Jeff sent me an extremely nasty e-mail after reading some negative comments that Don Croft made about him in one of the many Croft articles posted at my web site. I wrote back to Jeff stating that I was not responsible for Don Croft's words, but I had reminded Jeff that what goes around, comes around. He was highly disparaging of Don Croft over the air on more than one occasion, so naturally Don Croft is going to come back at Jeff Rense in his articles (so what else is new?). I also told Jeff that if I known that Don was dumping on him, I would have deleted that section before posting the article, but Jeff never replied to my response (so score one for the hidden mischief maker who wanted to rile up Jeff Rense and create a riff with me).

So, to answer your original question: No, the chembuster is NOT boosting chemtrails in any way, fashion, or form; regardless of what the two, above mentioned 'experts' may claim. Since Paxinos had organized the article so poorly, the reader can't determine when Irving is speaking and when Paxinos takes over, but the comments are rubbish in any event; the musings of two twits.

Neither of these two guys really understand 1. orgone energy, 2. ether physics, 3. Wilhelm Reich, 4. the Reich cloudbuster, and LEAST of all 5. the Don Croft chembuster.

You will find HUNDREDS of articles posted at my web site from scores of individuals which will attest to the profound and remarkable effects that will ensue from setting up a chembuster. Punching a huge blue hole into a chemtrail laden sky was only the initial, visible effect that was noted. Don Croft soon discovered (early 2002) that the chembuster could temper violent thunderstorms and lower strong winds if pointed in the proper direction (there were reasons, you know, why Hurricane Wilma could only meekly limp through southern Florida last year, instead of roar through as a category 5 hurricane as intended by HAARP operators- and one of those main reasons is called a chembuster).

The chembuster could also generate rain where there had only been drought. The chembuster would also stir up a gentle breeze in those localities where the air was stagnant, dry, and still, being dominated by DOR orgone. The chembuster could improve smog conditions considerably. The chembuster causes effects on both the physical plane as well as the emotional and psychic planes. People report feeling more upbeat, emotionally and spiritually, in the presence of a large orgone generator like a chembuster. Birds will come around singing where you had not heard them before. Plants will grow much more vigorously in the presence of an orgone generator (these changes are REAL and not the product of imaginary musings like that being offered in the above article by the Twit Brothers).

After the chembuster opened the door, Don & Carol Croft then realized that the microwave cell phone towers could be neutralized as vehicles for the planned electronic mind control agenda by burying a small four ounce orgone generator within 1300 feet of a tower. Not only could we stop the tower from being utilized for mind control purposes, but we could now use the tower to OUR advantage and use it as a beneficial OR field broadcaster. So while Don & Carol went on 'gifting' missions all over the United States in 2002 and 2003, hundreds of people who read about his work at my web site, then got busy with their own gifting missions in their local towns and today the microwave mind control agenda is no longer viable.

In early Spring of 2004, another unexpected benefit showed up from deploying orgone generators: Sylphs.

Sylphs came into Earth's atmosphere in much larger numbers to neutralize and literally "eat" chemtrails and transmute their toxins and metals into harmless substances, leaving behind a transmuted 'cloud' residue in their wake. I have at least 150 photos of Sylphs in action posted at my web site. Of course, we've had a few people- even within the chemtrail awareness movement-who had at first vigorously criticized and pooh pooed the notion of Sylphs, but the evidence is seen in the sky almost everyday. You just have to look up, open your eyes, and open your mind. There are many more details describing the effects and attributes of orgone generators and chembusters posted by Don Croft, ZS Livingstone, and others at my web site. Between The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft, The Don Croft Daily Reports, Don's Articles & Essays, and the essays of ZS Livingstone, you have at least three months of reading ahead of you.

I forgot to mention that the Succor Punch and the Power Wand are incredibly important developments which grew out of early work with the chembuster. We now can use these tools to neutralize or abort psychic attacks, demonic attack, psychotronic harassment, alien abductions, interference from remote viewers, etc. This has been a tremendous boost and avenue of remediation (and inspiration) for thousands of mind control and psychotronic victims who, hitherto, had no method whatsoever to fight back. This is what the introduction of the chembuster has wrought-REAL solutions for the terrible acts of genocide being perpetuated against all of humanity.

In short, Don & Carol Croft and their chembuster invention (inspired by Wilhelm Reich) have done more to aid humanity in throwing off the manacles of enslavement and oppression than any other living soul since Wilhelm Reich himself learned to battle the aliens in the early 1950's when they were trying to destroy him and his research efforts at his Orgonon estate in Rangely, Maine. Because of Don and Carol Croft's fearless courage and unwavering determination to face and engage these parasites, we now have a way to fight, and today possess the etheric tools to counter these satanic slime balls on their own playing field-something they never imagined would happen! Spiritual help and assistance comes to those who maintain hope, are actively seeking a solution, and are willing to take on the battle.

Stop allowing yourself to be distracted by defeatists of the Michael Irving and George Paxinos variety. Get busy and acquire your own chembuster and SEE FOR YOURSELF what happens when you install a chembuster in your backyard. I promise you that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Kind Regards, Ken Adachi

Reader Comments

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006
From: Bob & Sherene Swanson <>
To: Editor
Subject: Chembusters

Hi Ken,

I have a response to the NEWLY AWAKENED READER QUESTIONS CHEMBUSTER USAGE. If you get this then you can post it to her.

Michelle, I have been making orgonite for over a year now and have seen many instances of the good it produces. You however are stuck in the hedgemoney of taking sides without getting the confirmations for yourself, which, by the way, is the only way to prove to oneself that it does work, and it does what Don Croft says it will do. I stick with Don's guidelines and don't get mixed up with making fancy creations.

Within the past month my husband and I have finally constructed our first chembuster, per Don's guidelines of a 60/40 metaal to resin mixture. It took us two weeks to get it finished. We poured a first layer in our bucket, which was a giant tb, and it started raining on us so we had to wait to finish it. We had rain and snow for two weeks. When we finally got a nicer day we finished the CB and found a place in the yard to set it. Within the first two weeks of having only a giant tb, we had blown a circuit in our own breaker box due to bad orgone through very old power lines, blew a transformer in the alley behind the house, and we had a blue hole confirmation within twenty minutes of completion. At the same time we had helicopter visitors and aircraft activity all night.

The orgone movement is one where the individual who is considering making the products, must push past the doubts to get it done. You are having interference with all of these doubts. Follow your gut and make the orgone and keep track of all the confirmations you will get when you are done. You will be totally amazed.

We have gifted many waters, and have had Eagles and Ravens asking for our gifts. When you watch eagles and ravens coming towards your vehicle to stop you in your tracks you know what they want. Then when you toss the orgone and watch as they pick it up and fly off with it, you know that they are taking it where it is needed. That is what you call a major confirmation.

When we drove into the mountains after that we had mountain goats and deer standing around together awaiting our arrival. We gifted all the way up the mountain and were rewarded with this sight as a confirmation. We continued further up the mountain and arrived at the dam, and were again greeted with another herd of sheep and deer. We gifted the lake and found a lonesome tower to bust, then continued on our way. As we got further up the mountain, it began to rain on us and we wound up getting stuck, but that was our fault for attempting passage on a road that we knew was going to be impassable.

This past week I went into the city to help out my daughter. I still had 3 etheric torches in the truck that I had forgot to take out of the truck. I kept thinking how funny it was that every where I went a blue hole opened above me. For 3 hours I sat and watched as the edges of this blue was confronted with rolling clouds. We moved on to the Wal-Mart parking lot and were inside the store for about 30 minutes. We came out and once again the hole was above us. Before we could even get to the pickup we had huge snowflakes coming down upon us. About two miles down the road we drove into what looked like a dust storm. The minute I drove across the line of this storm we had pellet sized ice chunks pouring down on everyone within this freak storm. All of this was coming down on us and we were in 50 degree weather. Does that make sense to you? It didn't to us either, until I remembered the 3 etheric torches under the seat. What was nice about this incident is that everyone noticed it, and were commenting how weird it was. I was able to tell a some people at that point in time to look up orgone, chemtrails, and chemsnow on the internet, and they accepted orgone gifts.

Needless to say, until I can replace those etheric torches with a CB, then they had to stay at my daughter's house. I hope I have given to you enough confirmations so that you will make your CB as soon as humanly possible.

Sherene Swanson


Date: Fri, 04 May 2007
From: Adam
Subject: Re: Twit Brothers

Hi Ken,

Twit Brothers, fantastic, love it!. I bought Mr Reich's books about six years ago,and yes you are correct in what you say.





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