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Chemtrail, Earth Changes, & Global Warming Disinformation
March 15, 2005

Re: I knew before I ever went to the link attached for chemtrailpatrol it was bs bs bs bs bs UN bs. Earth Changes and Global Warming. Don´t waste your time on Earth Changes and Global Warming when your own depopulation has already begun. You may find that you shan´t get to see too many changes. Don´t believe me? Then start educating yourselves. Things are FAR advanced. World depopulation NSA top agenda

World Population Control - U.S. Strategy and UN Policy Program

NSSM200 - Depopulation

The Lucis (Lucifer) Trust, New Age, UN

U.S.A. MAP DEPICTING BIODIVERSITY RESERVE AND CORRIDOR PLAN - YES, You will be pushed to the fringes of your own country.

The above is all contained in the UN book: Our Global Neighbourhood -

The Report of the Commission on Global Governance

And here is how they do it: This is the UN Man and Biosphere Programme

Note the use of the ANKH in their logo! Then see this: UN-HABITAT

Get the great name of this programme - The UN Human Settlements Programme. Get ready to be "settled" or is that "re-settled"
Want to see more:

The UN Deception
Just when you thought things couldn't get any more bizarre, sick and twisted you come across something like this. The UN has taken upon themselves to create their own version of the Ark of the Covenant and Ten Commandments. This stuff is real ! I am at a lose for words. You'll have to check it out for yourself. It is called The Ark of Hope. It was created for the celebration of the Earth Charter Document.

Click on the link below to view the NWO Ark: module=htmlpages&func=display&pid=1


V <zonman@e...> wrote:


Do you really want to know what is going on? It isn't pretty, and it is far worse than the imagined evils that have been attributed to so called `Chemtrails'.

The truth of the matter is that the Earth is dieing. Since the Start of the Industrial Revolution, about 200 years ago, mankind has been dumping pollutants into the air in greater and greater amounts. Though many developed industrial nations have become aware of what was happening and that the atmosphere could only hold so much, I fear that the emerging industrial nations are behind the times when it comes to reduced emissions.

All of these pollutants have been adding up over time, by the mid 20th century when we started fully understanding the implications of what we were doing by the symptoms and signs given even then, it was too late to do much to advert disaster.

Even if we had cut back our emissions to near nil, we still would have suffered through the UV Summer caused by the depleted Ozone layer. All of those CFCs and other Ozone destroying gasses were still in the lower atmosphere, it takes a few years for them to reach the Ozone layer thus when we discovered the holes in the ozone, it was already to late to stop further damage.

The UV Summer started back in 1990-92 - it its growing worse exponentially, in a few years UV levels will be high enough to cause serious ecological disaster which will have a direct impact on crops. Presently we would have nearly 30% more cases of skin cancer if nothing had been done....


[ The balance of this moron's disinformation can be accessed at this link: . The problem with reading the writings of a mind controlled boob is that, unless you're weary of the negative psychological impact being directed at you, you allow this sort of rot to work on your mind subconsciously, and you come away robbed of energy and the will to overcome the agenda-exactly what this jackass wanted to achieve by penning this despair-riddled garbage. You'd think the moron could at least get out a dictionary and understand the difference between verbs and participles ("dieing" v. dying), along with the word "advert" used in place of the verb "avert" before displaying his erudition to the entire internet world... Ken Adachi]



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