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Chemtrail Assault Aborted by Sylphs

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
June 26, 2004

[Let me begin this report by saying that everything you read here is pure speculation and guesswork on my part. I can't telepathically communicate with Sylphs or any other type of elemental being. I'm just applying an intellectual analysis to empirical observations and coupling that with an intuitive feeling or sense of what I believe is taking place. Having said that, however, let me assure you that I was confident beyond all doubt that I was observing a genuine Sylph on the morning of June 12, 2004 when I went outside to pick up something at a local shopping mall while taking a break from writing an introductory article that mentioned Sylphs, of all things. It was so artistically beautiful in shape and possessed the telling symmetry of a living creature, that I instantly realized it was a Sylph. Thanks to the insights gleaned from an e-mail sent to me by ZS Livingstone, I labeled it the Flying Crane Sylph of June 12, 2004.

Fast forward to June 25, 2004. In the photos displayed below, I think we might be looking at a dolphin (or shark) shaped Sylph devouring a chemtrail low on the horizon to the west of my location. I've also included a couple of shots taken to the north at the same time which clearly show chemtrails, but also possibly a Sylph engulfing and devouring those recently laid chemtrail lines. I'm not sure, but it looks that way. You can decide for yourself.]

After a seven week absence of observable chemtrails in the Irvine area of Orange County, California, I was dismayed to see a new chemtrail spraying assault initiated on the morning of June 25, 2004. Actually, I was alerted to go outside that morning because I had received a phone call from a friend who was driving on a nearby freeway. He called me from his cell phone to tell me that he was looking at what he described as a 'dolphin shaped' Sylph "eating" a chemtrail to the west. I had only recently told him about the Flying Crane Sylph that I photographed on June 12 and how the influx of Sylphs into this area seemed to have cleared the skies of chemtrails and its attendant smog (and gloomy feeling) for the past two or three months. I might also mention that it's been lightly breezy here almost everyday for at least two months. Before that, it was NEVER breezy in this area. The reappearance of dark blue skies, lightly gusting winds, and the feeling of a clean and wholesome atmospheric environment where you hear birds singing and kids frolicking around on the grass are clear signs of a positive "OR" enriched atmospheric orgone environment. Environmental conditions are exactly the opposite when the negative polarity of atmospheric orgone energy, the "DOR" form of orgone, is predominant in your environment. When DOR is dominant, you have smog, no wind, heavy haze that often is so obscure that it looks like a 'whiteout', zero rain, and a feeling of depression, heaviness, and gloom. Of course, this is what we've became accustomed to seeing for the past six years whenever the NWO Aerosol Spewplane Death Squads would plaster the skies with a solid overcast of chemtrails ("with all the trimmings":bio engineered disease organisms, desiccated red blood cells, JP8 jet fuel, mycoplasma, stealth virus, barium, superfine microscopic fibers, mercury, etc., etc.). Those pretty looking pink chemtrail "clouds" at sunset were a daily reminder that we've been breathing in air all day that was laden with desiccated red blood cells, laced with pathogens. But with the introduction of the Chembuster and other orgone generators into this local environment, however, things began to change.

Despite the attempted debunking of their efforts by knee jerk reactionaries and unenlightened critics, Don & Carol Croft have led the way in helping to turn around the chemtrail genocide program (along with the HAARP/'cell phone' Death Tower/mind control agenda). The Chembuster and other orgone generators have the ability to trans mutate DOR atmospheric orgone into the positive OR form of orgone. Since DOR orgone is the 'glue' which tends to holds chemtrails together and allows them to spread out into a heavy overcast, removing the DOR element will cause the overhead chemtrails to break up and disperse. This is exactly what Don Croft observed and reported early on when first experimenting with the Chembuster. He then discovered that larger, 5 crystal orgone generators clled Holy Handgrenades (HHgs) placed near the entrance of Reptilian portals and underground Reptilian rives would prevent those negative aliens from inhabiting those areas and drive them out. One by one, thanks to Carol Croft's phenomenal psychic ability to visualize their locations, he was able to 'gift' HHgs into a number of Reptilian hives here in North America as well as other hives located overseas (the overseas gifting is also due in measure to the assistance of other courageous people who were working in league with Don to help close those portals). Don has often reported in his Adventures episodes that the shutting down of so many negative Reptilian hives then allowed the influx of friendly and helpful aliens, such as Lemurians ships, into our skies.

Apparently, enough Chembusters and other orgone generators have now been deployed in sufficient numbers in enough regions of America (and some overseas locations) that the resultant OR atmospheric improvement in the environment (in those regions) has made it possible for a new influx of intelligent beings to come into our skies and assist us in the task of destroying and neutralizing chemtrails. I'm referring to the recent influx into earth's atmosphere of Giant Sylphs that ZS Livingstone described in an essay dated March 23, 2004.

I was talking on the phone earlier today with a man who lives in Belleflower, California, which is located about 30 miles north of this area and my conversation with him helped confirm for me the absolute necessity to deploy enough orgone generators into a certain region in order to transmute the DOR atmospheric conditions and create an OR environment (when you create the OR atmospheric environment, the Sylphs can come into the area and go to town knocking down the chemtrails). He told me that the skies over Belleflower were totally overcast with chemtrails on June 25, 2004, the same day I took these photos. I was a little surprised to hear that because I had assumed that the entire lower southern California region was seeing the same sort of sky improvements that I was documenting here, but obviously if an area is absent an adequate supply of orgone generators, you are not going to get the OR environment high enough to allow the Sylphs to enter; at least that's what makes sense to me. And Don Croft has been repeating this mantra since Day One. You need to deploy Chembusters and enough orgone generators in your area to create the OR environment, which in turn will set up the conditions to allow the destruction of chemtrails and the improvement of atmospheric conditions in your area. How much plainer can it be said?

Newly laid chemtrails and possible Sylph engagement (looking north on June 25, 2004 at 11:03AM)

Panning towards the NNE for better view of Sylph (?)

Long view of Dolphin/Shark Sylph (?) devouring chemtrail (looking west on June 25, 2004 11:05AM)

Close up views of Dolphin/Shark Sylph (?)

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