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Is Los Angeles Chemtrail Central?

By Douglas Herman
May 23, 2007

Is Los Angeles Chemtrail Central? (May 23, 2007)

Los Angeles May 11, 23007 clear skiesRecently, I spent a couple of eye-opening days in LA. As a chemtrail skeptic I got a first hand look at the "geo- engineering" phenomenon called, appropriately, chemtrails. What I saw left no doubt in my mind about their existence.

Following a day of beautiful clear weather (see photo) on May 11th, chemplanes resumed their dirty work. Before noon, wide swathes of white spread across West LA and as far north as Valencia over the mountains.

Unlike contrails they never disappeared.

"You can see they are beginning to lay a gridwork," said Anne as we drove slowly through Culver City. We observed a trio of trails forming from north to south. The wind blew lightly from the west and the configurations grew quite inventive.

Leaving West Los Angles we drove to Santa Monica , where Anne and I met another Chemtrail observer. An engineer with the city of Los Angeles, George often watches the trails form offshore along Hermosa and Manhattan Beach , and then drift inland.

Few can agree why chemtrails exist. Anne offered a sinister scenario of population control, mind control or military control of the weather. Like the creators of those fictional Stepford Wives, the chemtrail engineers probably spray because they can, because nobody can stop them. Big Brother at work. Most likely the government sprays the citizenry for a wide variety of reasons, not least of all because few people seem to question the spraying itself.

May 11, 2007 Los Angeles chemtrails"Nobody looks up," said Anne. "Here in Los Angeles we watch unmarked tanker jets completely destroy previous blue skies on a daily basis (see photos). It has been going on since 1998 at least. And yes, they do spray at night too. KNBC channel 4 did a follow up on their May "Toxic Sky" story. We have an active anti chemtrail community here in California . But politicians at any level are numb on the subject for reasons we all know. They are bought and paid for many times over."

"The Los Angeles Times just published an article on the number one reason for deaths in Los Angeles County," added Anne. "Over the last half dozen years, it is Alzheimer's and folks in their forties are afflicted now. Exposure to aluminum causes Alzheimer's, and aluminum has been found in lab tests of the fallout from chemtrails."


"Years ago, lung cancer was the seventh leading cause of death," said George. "Now it is third."

According to CNN, an average of 175,000 new cases of lung cancer are reported per year. In January and February of 2006 alone, 172,000 lung cancer cases were reported, which would indicate a whopping 1000% jump, perhaps a million new cases of lung cancer.

Anyone care to examine the likely suspects?

We watched the chemtrails widen across the sky from the relative safety of a café in Santa Monica . We saw a triple cross (photo), appropos of the government agencies involved. The big picture windows of Yong's Cafe on Nebraska lent a panoramic view of the entire northern sky. We could see little activity over Santa Monica itself however, and I offered a few possible reasons why.

Los Angeles May 11, 2007 more chemtrails Rich and powerful people live and work (and breathe) in trendySanta Monica. Indeed, not that long ago, I had seen the governor himself, Arnold Swarzennegger, brunching with his family on Montana Avenue. The following day, Anne and I met Steven Spileberg while attending an art benefit. Truthfully, the rich and powerful prefer to breathe pure air, but may remain silent whilst the rest of the city suffocates under a white cloud of carcinogens.

By 2 PM we thought the chem show was over. But suddenly a fleet of fast moving planes appeared and sped across the sky, leaving a puzzling message behind: "Sky-Typers." To any curious Los Angeleno looking up, the maze of toxic chemtrails would look like so many harmless scribbles.

The cleverness of the act, the sort of distraction needed by mass poisoners, left an indelible impression. They seemed to say: You petty earthlings and trusting citizens have no power: your government owns the very air you breathe.

Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense.

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