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Chemtrails or Contrails?
Are We Really Being Sprayed?

by G. Edward Griffin
July 7, 2004

By now, almost everyone has heard the allegation that the United States, Canada, Great Brittain, Germany, France, and numerous other countries are being systematically spayed by high-altitude military tankers. The purpose of this spraying can only be imagined, because the governments of these countries steadfastly deny that any such operation is underway. we have been told that what we see in the sky is called a contrail and is merely the normal condensation of ice crystals from the H2O component of jet engine exhaust.

I cannot claim that any of the Internet sources of information on this topic are totally reliable. However, based on my own observations of these sky trails, it is my opinion that they are not ice crystals from contrails. Contrails can be seen almost every day, and they are characterized by short, narrow plumes that rapidly dissipate about a half-mile behind the planes. I have captured numerous video shots of these little plumes as they follow their planes across the sky. Chemtrails, however, are very different. They billow from horizon to horizon and gradually feather out to fill the entire sky with haze that lingers all day and well into the night where they can be seen still filtering light from the moon. It is amazing to me how so many people fail to discern the obvious difference between these two types of formations.

What I have seen on the Internet regarding laboratory analysis of chemtrail samples is plausible. The fallout was picked up in rainwater and it was found to contain a high concentration of aluminum oxide and microscopic quartz crystals. Other investigators believe that barium oxide also is being dispersed. It appears that government black-box agencies are conducting a massive spraying operation to reflect sunlight, which supposedly will slow down global warming. I say supposedly because there is evidence that the long-term effect will be just the opposite, and that disruption of the normal atmospheric cycles may actually be causing a warming trend.

There also may be more sinister purposes involving the deliberate creation of health hazards or the dissemination of mind-altering chemicals, but I have not seen hard evidence of that. However, the fact that governments are lying to the public about the reality of this phenomenon is bad enough. It seems that collectivists are so accustomed to lying that they do it even when the truth would be easier.

Of one thing we can be certain: A tenet of collectivism is that anything can be justified simply by claiming that it is for the greater good of the greater number. Therefore, whatever is going on, when it eventually is disclosed to the public, it will be explained as a wonderful humanitarian measure that is in the best interest of all mankind, and we will be expected to be tingly all over with gratitude for the wisdom and benevolence of those great leaders who initiated it.


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