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Following CPS Abduction, Mom Asks: "What Should I Do?"
(Hint: Common law Court of Records)

[Editor's Note: This information is important and can have revolutionary consequences if understood and applied. The purpose of the article is to introduce to parents abused by CPS abductors to the concept of common law Courts of Record as a way to get their children back. Very few people realize that there are two types of law courts available to them in the USA and Canada. We are all familiar with "administrative" courts (where the judge is in charge and you are usually labeled the defendant --and usually lose, or at best, are not fined or put in jail if declared innocent. However, you never really gain anything while a defendant) and there is the common law court of records where YOU act as the prosecutor ('mover' of the court) against those who have wronged you and the judge can only play the role of "magistrate" who can render NO decisions and only participate as a witness to the proceedings. Only aggrieved human beings identified as either a "man" or a "woman" can state their claim within this court and the decision rest solely with the jury as to whose claim holds the greater merit. Lawyers cannot "represent" anybody in a common law court of record. Under the 7th amendment of the US Constitution, the jury decision of a common law Court of Record is final and cannot be appealed, even by the supreme court. Therefore, the common law court of records is superior to administrative courts and its decisions can trump those of an administrative court. All federal district courts and all state courts are common law courts of record where a common law court can be opened & held -- if you know how to do it.

Parents can get their children back from CPS abductors by filing a claim against the individual agents working for CPS in a common law court of records. If you really want to grasp the significance of this statement, listen to the 1.5 hour video interview with Karl Lentz linked further below...]
July 15, 2014

Following CPS Abduction, Mom Asks: "What Should I Do?" (Hint: Common law Court of Records) July 15, 2014

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child Was Taken Away /15/2014, bmj wrote:

My child was taken out of a drug free home and put in a home full of violence and drugs. I have tried to tell them this and still they refuse to listen. there is a molester living next door to them and multiple single men. what should I do?



You aren't telling me the details of this case so I don't know if the fight is between you and the father, or whether CPS took your child and placed the child with foster care. I'm not getting involved between parents fighting over custody. If CPS is taking your child, then you need to join with others who are in the same boat and learn how to stop the stealing of children from their rightful parents using a common law Court of Record.

CPS child stealers can be defeated through the courts by holding the responsible individuals personally liable for the tremendous psychological, physical, and emotional damage that their actions have caused. This can be achieved through a common law Court of Records as explained by Karl Lentz:
(Start by watching the Youtube video interview with Karl found at the top of the page. Repeat watching the video more than once to completely absorb the critically important infornmation being presented. Pay particular attention to Karl's explaination of the need to describe your child as your "property" and not use the words "child" or "children" in your court papers. Study this video carefully to understand how the game is being played. Find out the trememndous power you acquire when you fully understand how to act as a "man" (or "woman") in common law court.)

Karl's web site

UK web site

Karl's past shows

Karl's chat forum:

Karl's two day old Down's baby boy was kidnapped by the state of Alabama for 8 years until he finally got him released using the common law court of records and now has a 371 million lawsuit against the individuals who were responsible for taking his child.

The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, just abolished CPS in Arizona by Executive Order in January of 2014 and replaced it with a new agency with another name. That needs to be done in every stare of the union. We need to replace the funding orientated, self serving, child abducting goons of CPS with a humane organization whose goal is to help families cope with the strains of life and not steal children away from their parents on trumped charges of abuse from anonymous tipsters who are never held accountable. CPS has destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent children and their parents and must be abolished. Parents of children in this country have been denied due process by the same state-authorized abductors who have stolen their children. You end this abuse by pulling the abductors into your court (of common law) and demand the return of your property which (the abductors) have no claim to. Social workers or people in uniforms that look like police cannot simply come into your home and take away your kids without a court order from a judge where the parent was found to be unfit based on credible and convincing evidence presented to a jury and declared guilty at a fair and impartial trial.

Common law Courts of Record still exist in America, Canada, England, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other former British colonies, but administrative court officials will try to convince you that common law courts are no longer used. Not true. That ploy is intended to discourage you from looking into common law redress where you have far more power than in administrative courts (where the judge is in charge and you are the defendant). Common law rights predate the US Constitution by milenia and were enshrined in the English Magna Carta of June 15, 1215, almost 800 years ago.

Bill Thornton talks about the historical fouindation of common law and the sovereignty of The People of this country over the govermental agencies they created with the establishment of the US Constitution in 1787. The government was created by the People and therefore the government is subordinate (not superior) to the will of their creators, the People.

"In enacting this chapter, the Legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards and councils and the other public agencies in this State exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business....The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them." California Government Code Section 54950.

8 hour audio (mp3) lecture on sovereignty by Bill Thornton divided into 30 minute segments

People versus citizen

Regards, Ken


1) 7th amendment (
"In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.[1] "


CPS Child Abduction Racket: Special Report from Dave Hodges (July 5, 2014 posted)

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