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Chinese Police Murder 'Condemned Criminals' to Harvest Organs-at Same Hospital and in Adjacent Room

[Editor's Note: This horrendous story offers a true window on the nature and mind set of the satanic New World Order -the World of Orwell, in all its ghastly 'glory'. Notice how calmly and routinely these trained (brainwashed) 'professionals' go about their tasks with detached indifference to the monstrosity of their behavior. China is one of the best examples of the model New World Order state: It's 'Open for Business' for investors, workers and consumers, just as long as you understand that humans, like fish or cattle, are a consumable commodity that is subject to state control, tagging, and slaughter (where desired) as that imposed on any other domesticated commodity. Christians (and any other group who believes in God and spiritual values), will one day be rounded up here in America and treated in a similar fashion as the Falun Gong is being treated in China today.

China, if case you don't know, is being groomed by the Illuminati to replace the United States as the world's leading economic and military nation. For the past 45 years, the US industrial base has been driven out of America, while Chinese industry has been built up. That's the real reason that Clinton gave away so many missle and computer secrets to China, along with major port faclilities like Long Beach, California-to the Chinese Army no less. The BIG Illiminati players (with the names we never hear) have been investing in Chinese business for years (remember Kissinger, Nixon, and the 'opening up of China' via ping pong tournments?) and will get the windfall of the Chinese industrial expansion just as they took behind-the-scenes control of industrial Japan immediately following the Second World war.

Fletcher Prouty reported in his taped interviews that he was assigned to fly B-25 bombers into Japan with top American 'industrialists' along with their passenger trunks in the days following the Japanese surrender to MacArthur in Tokyo Bay. Colonel Prouty eventually found out that the 'passenger trunks' were stuffed with cash, stocks, bonds, gold, etc. The Illumined Ones were buying up the lion share of Japan's industrial base, but we'll never see their names on the board of directors. They are quite content to leave the impression that the ownership remains in Japanese hands.

You'll recall a few years ago when the background story on the SONY corporation was circulating in magazines and on the internet. It was said that Rockefeller was one of those early 'industrialaist' to visit Japan immediately following the war and bankrolled the explosive growth of SONY industries. It was suggested that the mysterious SONY acronym stood for Standard Oil of New York. I can't say with certainty that the story is true or not, but it certainly fits perfectly with Prouty's revelations.

The Epoch Times, who ran this story, is a free weekly newspaper which I find distributed in Asian restaurants in Orange County, California. They run very hard hitting stories on the reality of life that is unfolding in China today. They ran a series of articles called Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party which should be read by anyone who is interested in learning the true history of the Chinese communists and their impact on the Chinese people ..Ken Adachi]
March 31, 2006

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Chinese Medical Student Recalls live Organ Harvesting

Editor's Note: In the light of the revelations about the Sujiatun concentration camp in Northeastern China where Falun Gong practitioners are killed through organ harvesting, more and more witnesses of organ harvesting in China have come forward to tell their stories ,The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect the author and the author's family.

I was once a graduate student at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, the largest hospital in China's Heilongjiang Province, which is well known for its heart transplants and which also offers kidney and liver transplants. Like many other hospitals in China, the organs for the transplants in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University are basically from prisoners. Doctors in the department and my classmates all knew this.

One day a patient in our department needed an organ transplant. We were notified by the hospital's medical administration department that a "condemned criminal" with a matching organ would be available the next day. So, led by our teacher, I personally went through an experience that would be hard to forget for the rest of my life.

In the past, I didn't think there was anything wrong with taking organs from a criminal in order to save a life. However, my experience that day made me realize the truth behind organ transplants in China and what it really means. One important factor is that when the organ was taken from the prisoner, he was still alive.

The organ extraction and the execution of the prisoner were all conducted in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. On that day, by the time we got there, officials from the medical administration department and many doctors from other departments, including the ophthalmology department, the general surgery department, the urological department and the department of orthopedics, were already there. They seemed to be carefree while they waited for the "prisoner" to arrive, as though they'd grown quite accustomed to this procedure.

At about 9 or 10 a.m., a few police vehicles drove up to our building. We all went into the inner room where the organ extraction was to take place. The prisoner was executed right in the outer room. Out of curiosity, I peeked through the window separating the two rooms. The prisoner was quite young. Without any special procedure, the prisoner knelt in front af a sand heap piled at a corner of the room, and an equally young police officer took out a gun and shot him in the head.

After hearing the gun shot, the doctors in the inner room rushed outside as if they'd heard a signal and carried the prisoner into the inner room. Others wearing disposable surgery clothes began to bustle about. We were the first to take organs, but I was shocked to discover that during our operation, the prisoner was still alive.

The gunshot had not quite hit his brainstem. During the procedure of the organ extraction, a whistling sound came from his throat! My blood ran cold, but those "doctors" taking the organ didn't seem to mind. I cannot express how I felt in words!

Doctors are supposed to cure diseases and save people. The medical profession is supposed to be lofty and the morality of doctors is supposed to be noble, but they were actually killing a person in the name of saving another. In the meantime, the police officers, who are supposed to serve the people, were smoking cigarettes outside the room and happily chatting away with the officials from the administrative department.My brain went numb.

The needed organ was taken quickly and skillfully. A group of doctors left satisfactorily; then doctors from other departments began to pile on. They busied themselves on the patient's eyes, belly, scrotum, hip joint and so on.The wheezing sound from the patient's throat gradually faded. In an instant, all the doctors disappeared from the room. Only the prisoner's broken body and a person to carry the body remained. The body was going to be taken to the crematorium to be cremated immediately.

His relatives knew nothing about this whole procedure. I heard that they would be notified only after all was over.Reading about the exceedingly horrible persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Sujiatun, Shenyang City recently and associating it with my own experience, I keenly realized that in a communist society, the Communist Party has already converted people into its tools and murderers. 

For the latest news on the Sujiatun death camp, please visit us online at and click on 'Sujiatun Death Camp' under the Features section


Forward courtesy of Jeremy Morrison <>

Falun Gong will sue Chinese Minister in Auckland New Zealand 

4 April 2006, 9:13 am
Press Release: NZ

Falun Dafa Association Media Advisory: New Zealand Falun Dafa Association (Falun Gong)   Falun Gong will sue Chinese Minister in Auckland High Court Falun Gong practitioners in New Zealand are going to sue Bo Xilai in Auckland High Court today.

A statement of claim and accompanying documents will be filed at the Auckland High Court, midday, Tuesday, 4th April 2006.   Bo, the Chinese Minister of Commerce who has been sued for genocide in eight countries, plans to accompany Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, to visit New Zealand this week.   

Falun Gong practitioners in Australia have also lodged a legal case against Bo Xilai during his visit in Australia. Yesterday, the legal documents were served upon him. Should Bo arrive in New Zealand, he can expect service a legal document upon him here in New Zealand also.   

Last week, The New Zealand Falun Dafa Association has written a letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice and Minister of Immigration, calling for Bo Xilai to be banned from entering New Zealand.   Bo was the governor of Liaoning province from 2001 to 2004. During his supervision of Liaoning province, he directed, controlled, supervised, and authorized the campaign of terror and persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in his province.

The deaths of 341 Falun Gong practitioners due to torture have been recorded in Liaoning province.   Recently separated sources have revealed that a concentration camp is currently running in SUJIATUN, North-Eastern China, where thousands of Falun Gong Practitioners are illegally detained and their organs are removed to sell to domestic and international buyers. The organs are removed from living Falun Gong practitioners without their consent.

This concentration camp was built and operates in Liaoning province, which is the province that was under the supervision of Bo Xilai.   Bo has been sued for torture, crimes against humanity and genocide by surviving Falun Gong practitioners in several countries, including USA, UK, Poland, Peru, Chile, Germany, and most recently Australia.


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