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The Looming Threat of Chinese Infiltration Enclaves, a.k.a. Free Trade Zones in America

From Ken Adahci, Editor
January 28, 2011

The Looming Threat of Chinese Infiltration Enclaves, a.k.a. Free Trade Zones in America (Jan. 28, 2011)

I posted an article on January 27 titled, Silent Invasion which addressed the link between the newly proposed 257 Free Trade Zones, Hu Jintao's recent USA visit, and the the Indonesian Usurper's appointment of General Electric's Illuminated CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, as propaganda coordinator for communist China's infiltration of America. If the relatively small number of American citizens who are fully aware of the NWO agenda to destroy America have ANY hope of saving this nation, then they better get busy in stopping these Free Trade Zones or you can kiss this country goodbye, forever. When these Chinese enclaves are up and running, Chinese infiltrators, equipment, and logistical support will flow into this country unimpeded and it will just be a matter of time before "it's all over but the crying".

Here is part of the reply I composed to a man who said he wanted to do something decisive to help save America. I told him to ditch his plan to walk across America and instead, to participate in organizing a city by city campaign to shut down these free trade zones. He will need a lot of help in that endeavor. I hope for the sake of his 6 year old son, and all of America's young sons and daughters, that he gets that help - and in time. These Free Trade Zones represent a TREMENDOUS threat to America and the people of this country MUST wake up to the danger.

The location of the 257 Free Trades Zones are listed on this chart:

Ken Adachi


Hi Albert,

I appreciate your willingness to go out on a limb and really get involved; it take s lot of determination to do that and I honor your zeal.

Allow me to share a few thoughts.

You are going to physically exhaust yourself and put yourself through tremendous hardship and not really accomplish the publicity goals you have in mind. Anybody who walks (or bikes) across the country for a publicity goal, only garners media interest when the goal is conventional (E.g. cancer cure) and you arrange the publicity coverage far in advance and make all the necessary media linkups. None of that's going to happen when your goal is to alert the American public to the NWO takeover.

Media types will dismiss your efforts and call you a conspiracy nut. That's guaranteed.

What is sorely needed is grassroots organization in cities and towns across America to stimulate the LOCALS to take action and stop the advance of the NWO takeover agenda. That includes finding and supporting anti-NWO candidates for state and federal office. We have another election in Nov of 2012 and it may be the last one if the NWO takeover keeps rolling along the way it's going.

But there are more urgent issues to organize and fight against. Obama is pulling out all the stops in pushing for the takeover and destruction of this country. His partnering with and cow towing to China's Hu Jintao is about as transparent as treason can possibly get.

The 257 new Federal Trade Zones are soon to become 257 beachheads of communist Chinese SOLDIERS, and agents MASQUERADING as factory workers assigned to these Chinese manufacturing facilities in these HUGE trade zones-untouchable from US scrutiny or law enforcement- as these enclaves will be considered China's "sovereign" territory.

We ALREADY have Chinese troops housed in underground bases in the US and Canada, and many more lay in wait in the Panama Canal, which China controls. The trade zones will allow in UNINSPECTED cargo from Chinese ships and possibly airplanes. Who's going to be inspecting that cargo? Certainly not Americans. A free Trade Zone is like a Chinese embassy. It will have diplomatic IMMUNITY and protection from American oversight and control. Do you think that the communist Peoples Republic of China would allow 257 American sovereign "Free Trade Zones" to be set up all over China?

I don't THINK so.

STOPPING the implementation of these China Infiltration Zones needs to become the HIGHEST priority of the American people. If there was ever a time to become ALARMED, this is it. If you want to help save America, focus on organizing a city by city campaign to stop these free trade zones from going forward and prevent this unprecedented infiltration of communist agents into America.

If you are a good speaker, work up a script and record a video and tell the American people why they need to be concerned about these free trade zones. Post it to YouTube. If you get good response, you can take it on the road, but that should only come later when you are sure of having a good sized audience. You can accomplish far more from your home with a computer and internet connection than you can by traveling across the country.

Organize a web site and I'll post your link and info on my web site. Stay at home, stay with you son and concentrate on organizing to stop these free trade zones. That's what needs to be done right now.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: I have a plan and would like to talk! Urgent!
From: Albert \B.
Date: Sun, January 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I must tell you first that I am a 47 year old man. I am a single father and have a 6 year old son. It is my son who is motivating me to want to do something, anything to change the course that our country is on. I would like him to grow up in a world that is just and good and not full of the evil element that I am finding to exist in every aspect of our lives. I want only to spread a peaceful message that will get the American public to get involved before it is too late. I myself have only learned of some of craziness that exists in our world and at 47 I can tell you that I feel very stupid for this. I know that there are millions of people who are as ignorant as I when it comes to the ways of the world. Not knowing that our lives are programmed and controlled by others in all ways from birth, through our education, to our death. Information can be the vehicle to set us all free from those that control our lives. (Am I naive in thinking this is true?)

I know that there are many out in the world who are doing their own part to help by spreading the messages through the Internet, books, DVDs, documentaries and although this is all necessary to spreading this word, I don't know of anyone who is out on the streets trying to spread this message. I think that a grass roots campaign is needed to accomplish this task. Below I have listed some of my thoughts on how to accomplish this and I am trying to be brief so I will outline some of the general ideas and hopefully you can help or guide me to others who would be willing to help in accomplishing these goals.



Hi Ken,

I have been doing some research on these FTZs and I am finding many American Companies using them. Are you referring to the EB-5 visas that are giving citizenship to Chinese Immigrants? I find this to be appalling that we are selling citizenship. Guide me if I'm missing something I have seen a lot of misinformation about FTZs



Hello Albert,

Conventional work visas allow foreigners to legally work in America. The FTZ will be considered sovereign Chinese territory. Do Chinese need permission from the US to work in their sovereign territory?

Do Chinese diplomats need Washington's approval before China can send a diplomat into a Chinese embassy in America? Does the US government decide which Chinese diplomats will work in Chinese embassies or does China make that decision?

I can't state with certainty, but I think we are on the verge of a huge deception and infiltration into America. Even if government approved government visas are required, they will be rubber stamped anyway. This is an INTENTIONAL plan by the Obama regime to infiltrate America with these Chinese "workers". You notice you don't see a WORD about this in mainstream, not a word.

This should be a big issue.

In earlier decades we had "trade zones" that allowed AMERICAN products to be made WITHOUT taxation by AMERICAN workers. The idea was to give companies an incentive to build a factory in a poor city and employ locals in exchange for no taxation of the property, factory, equipment or products. Tax free production.

Free Trade Zones are a completely different matter. FTZs allow foreigners to live and work on American soil making foreign products for domestic consumption, without the oversight or scrutiny of the US government.

There is no logical reason for American citizens to welcome this development. This is simply a strategy to assist the globalists to flood America with even more Chinese products without the cost of transporting them from China to America. Why on earth would we want to do that?

The opportunity for infiltration of agents and equipment is glaringly obvious.

What misinformation are you referring to?

Regards, Ken

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