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From Ken Adachi <Editor>

This page was created so I could leave a message for someone who contacted me about some serious issue, but I have no way to contact them other than to leave a message on this board. I'll also explain how to send me mail or information that you want me to read or hear, but wish to remain as anonymous and untraceable as possible. When people are in fear of their life, they have to be able to protect their location by making it difficult for online snoopers to trace them.

I will explain below how to send anonymous email which is not traceable. I'll also explain the best ways to send me information you want me to read or hear and not have the content of that information known to the Bad Guys.

1. Guerrilla Mail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address
Avoid spam & stay safe - use a disposable email address! So far we've processed 10,985,757,973 emails, Keeping your real inbox
safe and clean (145790 emails going in / hour) (Bookmark & use when desired)

2. Surface mail ~
Sending a letter to my PO Box is probably the safest way to keep your information private and anonymous. I would wrap the letter in an aluminum foil sandwich and then place it inside a conventional envelope with a gummed label, which you will seal using a water sponge, and then place Scotch tape along the border of the flap, so there's no way someone could attempt to open the flap without it being detected. You could make up a return address on the envelope or use no return address. If you are required by the post office to provide a return address information, then look up a legitimate residential or business address, memorize it, and use that.

3. Send large files, documentation, audio recordings, video, or reports or images by scanning them and put them on a small USB flash drive and send it in the mail using a bubble wrap envelope to protect it. . Flash drives today are incredibly inexpensive, yet you can put so much data on a drive, that it's foolish not to take advantage of their storage capacity and convenience.  

MY mailing address is:

K. Adachi
PO Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

You can use a phony return address or none at all if you prefer that.

My voice mail service is 949-726-5098. You can be sure that the voice mail is monitored. In fact, it probably goes straight into Langley, so bear that in mind. Snail mail still offers the possibility of maitaining privacy. Use an ordinary typewriter and not a computer if you have very heavy duty info to reveal.


Special Note to "Michigan Caller" from Ken Adachi (Jan. 2006)

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