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Human Face Seen in Cloud Formation

[Editor's Note: This is a remarkable "face" seen among what looks to be an ordinary cloud formation, but for those who regularly visit this site, you should recognize the tell tale appearance of a Sylph formation. I took a short video of another "cloud" formation over my house on April 24 which revealed many human-like and animal forms. I'll post stills from that video in the near future, but if you wish to see a preview of the stills taken from that video, go to this link at Don Nicoloff's web site: ...Ken Adachi]
June 11, 2008

Human Face Seen in Cloud Formation (June 11, 2008)

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I have a cloud photograph that I took with a very inexpensive digital camera. There is a face emanating from the cloud. I'd like to send you the file as I can't cut and paste it into the email.

I didn't see the face until I loaded the shot onto my computer. I don't own photoshop, so nothing was done to the image what-so-ever.
It is what I shot. I turned it into a black and white and you can really see the detail. As I said - I saw nothing in the sky when I took the shot.
It was at dusk and the clouds were rolling in. I used a polaroid izone 550 camera.

Ken Kishler
Pemberton, NJ

 Cloud Face copyright 2008

Enlarged crop of the face                                                                               Here, I removed the color and widened the crop view so you you can                                                                                                                         better see what could be called an "ear" located behind that huge                                                                                                                               "sideburn" running down the left side of his face  If you see the ear,                                                                                                                           then you can also see the "neck" and lower jaw line

Cloud Face copyright 2008   Cloud Face copyright 2008

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