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Coefficients Club: Window on the High Cabal?

"H.G. Wells was one of the few socialists who claimed to see big business, and multinational corporations
in particular, as the forerunners of a World Socialist State"
Fall 1993

Reprinted from The Project
Fall 1993-Winter 93-94, Volume X, Number 4

The Coefficients Club was organized by Beatrice Webb, the co-ruler of the Fabian Society with her husband Sidney Webb, to bring together the most powerful movers and shakers of the British Establishment with social critics and idealists to discuss and chart the future of British Empire and its relationship to social reform. Among other things, the accounts of its deliberations offered by such luminaries as Bertrand Russell and H. G. Wells prove beyond any doubt that Fabian Socialism, contrary to surface impressions that it was the enemy of the British Oligarchy, was one of the Oligarchy's most prized instruments for world rule.

Coefficients included:

Sir Edward Grey,
Bertrand Russell,
Sidney and Beatrice Webb,
Leo Maxse (who advocated war with Germany already in 1902),
Clinton Dawkins of the City,
Carlyon Bellairs of the Navy,
Pember Reeves,
W. A. S. Hewins,
L. S. Amery,
H. J. Mackinder,
Lord Robert Cecil,
Lord Arthur Balfour,
Michael Sadler,
Henry Newbolt,
Lord Alfred Milner,
John Hugh Smith,
J. Birchenough of the City,
Josiah Wedgwood (the single taxer),
John Hugh Smith,
Colonel Repington,
F. S. Oliver, and
C. F. G. Masterman.

The main focus of the Webb's Coefficients appeared to center on determining the strategy best suited to defending and expanding the "liberal" British Empire against the increasingly aggressive encroachments of Germany since it had become unified under the leadership of militarist Prussia in then recent decades. Wells and other idealists argued that "The British Empire . . . had to be the precursor of a world-state or nothing . . . It was possible for the Germans and Austrians to hold together in their Zollverein (tariff and trade bloc) because they were placed like a clenched fist in the centre of Europe. But the British Empire was like an open hand all over the world. It had no natural economic unity and it could maintain no artificial economic unity. Its essential unity must be a unity of great ideas embodied in the English speech and literature." (Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells, page 652.) Wells identified Coefficient member Edward Grey as a promoter of the opposing British strategy of provoking Germany to attack France, without adequate warning of consequent British intervention, so that Germany could be laid low sooner than later while the British Navy was still supreme. Lord Grey was the highly influential Foreign Minister for Britain in the years preceding WWI who persuaded a reluctant cabinet that Britain should enter the war because of German violation of Belgian neutrality. (Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells page 659.)

Though given a respectful hearing behind closed doors in the Coefficient Club, Wells and his "utopians" were temporarily overruled by the official British policy of meeting head-on the German threat to the traditional British orchestrated European "balance of power." Britain, by aping the ultra-statist protectionist economics and severe militarism of Germany and by purposely setting-up entangling alliances, made the carnage of the Great War (WWI) inevitable. This was clear to the disapproving Bertrand Russell in 1902 and caused him to quit the Coefficients in a huff, informing Grey (not then in office) that his proposals would lead to war and tyranny.

From The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell Volume I, page 230

" 1902, I became a member of a small dining club called the Coefficients, got up by Sidney Webb for the purpose of considering political questions from a more or less Imperialist point of view. It was in this club that I first became acquainted with H. G. Wells, of whom I had never heard until then. His point of view was more sympathetic to me than that of any member. Most of the members, in fact, shocked me profoundly. I remember Amery's eyes gleaming with blood-lust at the thought of a war with America, in which, as he said with exultation, we should have to arm the whole adult male population. One evening Sir Edward Grey (not then in office) made a speech advocating the policy of Entente, which had not yet been adopted by the Government. I stated my objections to the policy very forcibly, and pointed out the likelyhood of its leading to war, but no one agreed with me, so I resigned from the Club. It will be seen that I began my opposition to the first war at the earliest possible moment."

However, it appears that Wells' "utopian" prescriptions for a British orchestrated World State were ultimately adopted with a vengeance once the lessons of WWI and WWII were learned and the unbearable costs of "official Empire" finally became clear to even the most stubborn Imperialists. It is less clear if Wells' policies were adopted as a new facade for covert British Imperialism, a cynical rationalization for constant destabilization congruent with such covert rule, a sincere attempt to create a World State, or some combination of the three. Two views of Wells' own motivations are also possible. When exposed to the reality and inner workings of the High Cabal of the British Empire through the Coefficients, did he consciously sell-out his idealistic belief in socialism and use his familiarity with radical socialist thought to tailor a cynical propaganda program useful to the "Great Pirates" (see the review of Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path in this issue for the source of this new epithet we shall be applying to the conspiracy) upon whom his literary success depended . . . or was the process of boot licking subconscious? One thing is certain, H.G. Wells was one of the few socialists who claimed to see big business, and multinational corporations in particular, as the forerunners of a World Socialist State.

In any case, Wells effectively described the policies in most respects still being effectuated by the Anglo-American Elite. Students of the ruling class/conspiracy need to study Wells' work in detail if they want to know where we are headed and why. The best statement of H. G. Wells' "utopian" program for moving from World Imperialism to World Government is his sinister novel, The Shape of Things to Come, though his Experiment in Autobiography, The Open Conspiracy, and The New World Order have a lot to offer for the discerning reader as well. We will begin this effort by summarizing a few of the major themes to be found in The Shape of Things to Come:

Note: Please turn now to the review of The Shape of Things to Come in the Recommended Reading Up-dates section of this newsletter so that the major
theme of the book, the protracted war from 1940-1966 that allows Wells "Air Dictatorship" to come to power over a prostrate world, does not have
to be restated here. Please take note of the Wellsian attitude toward "environmentalism" also.

1. Crime, Gangs, and Civil Disorder. Wells predicted an intractable increase in crime, gang warfare, and civil disorder until his "modern world state" became a reality. Wells came as close in this area as anywhere else in "giving away his propaganda game". On page 143 Wells states, "And then, as the greater community of the World State began to struggle clumsily and painfully out of traditional forms, we see police control again out paced by its task. It gives way. 'Why,' the student asks, 'was this police organization unable to keep pace with the new stresses'." The obvious answer would be that the Brave New World Order agenda, or movement for social change, is essentially destructive and to blame it for the accelerating degeneration of society. But no! Wells spends pages blaming the limitations of individualism, capitalism, religion, and nationalism for the breakdown and postulating world government as the "only hope" for order. It is clear that this philosophy of blaming traditional forces, that in spite of their imperfections, have been compatible with order for centuries for the increasing disorder instead of the new philosophy remains the successful propaganda line of the New World (dis)Order.

2. War and International Disorder. Wells actually had some knowledge of the possibility of nuclear power, but made no mention of it in this book and apparently did not foresee the nuclear stalemate of 1946-1989 which gave the world some respite from the exhaustion of perpetual war which he postulated. However, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the examples of Yugoslavia, Somalia, South Africa, India-Pakistan, etc. in front of us, it is possible that his projected "30 year war" may run from 1990 to 2016 instead of from 1940 to 1966.

Wells has a long section on Henry Ford's "Peace Ship", a public relations device by which the great industrialist tried to bring WWI to early conclusion. While giving no publicity to Ford's central contention that Wells' mentors, the "Great Pirates" or "International Bankers" were promoting WWI as part of their destructive program for "war profits" and a New World Order, Wells shows how Ford's efforts were doomed to failure not because they would be ridiculed unmercifully by the power of his mentors over the press, but because the evil forces of individualism and capitalism would force the great industrialist into war production for a profit. In fact, if Ford had not been run off the stage by the Anglophile Eastern Establishment press, he might have achieved something!

3. The Money Question. Wells takes a firm position against the usury and tight money policies of "high finance" and for the easy money policies of "Social Credit" as promoted in Britain and the Commonwealth by C. H. Douglas, crack-pot conspiracy theory advocate (one of us!) who Wells actually goes so far as to mention by name! Of course, Wells fails to mention that his mentors, the most powerful usurers of all time who hold the world's credit in their hands and manipulated the great crash of 1929 which triggered the Great Depression, create boom and bust cycles to maintain their dominant world position.

4. Education/Social Nucleation. One of the great mysteries of Wells' book is his apparently imaginary author, Gustave De Windt who wrote Social Nucleation, supposedly in 1942, a book that solved the final theoretical problems in creating the Modern World State. Wells states that the book, "was the first exhaustive study of the psychological laws underlying team play and esprit de corps . . ." Wells pictures De Windt's ideas having the
impact of a Marx, Plato, Darwin, or Adam Smith, sweeping away the social rubbish of the past including family, religion, ethnicity, tribe, and patriotism and smoothly replacing it with New World Order socialization patterns. There can be little doubt that De Windtian ideas inform Deweyite Progressive Education and, more recently, Outcome Based Education. On a deeper level, De Windt has created a technology of "macrobe" or "social organism" building for the "Air Dictatorship. One can only wonder if Wells had a specific psychologist in mind, perhaps the German Wundt who prefigured behaviorism?

5. The Martyrdom of Man by Winwood Reade. As we have mentioned before, ultra social Darwinist Winwood Reade was Cecil Rhodes' "Ayn Rand and Jules Verne" rolled-up into one. On page 108 Wells pays sly tribute to this mentor by mentioning Winwood Reade, though he claims in his autobiography never to have met Rhodes personally. On this page Wells also attempts a lame justification of his mentor's advocacy of worldwide carnage, disorder, and suffering on the basis of an abundance of happiness in the future Modern World State.

6. Non-Lethal Weapons. Non-lethal "peace gas" was portrayed as the supreme weapon of the "Airmen". In fact, the miraculous gas was used to put an end to the influence of the Pope! Though the conspiracy has, of yet, done little of proven value in this area (ask David Koresh), it is interesting to note that Newsweek of February 7, 1994 ran an article titled Soon 'Phasers on Stun': A new generation of nonlethal weapons may help rout mobs, subdue gunmen, even win wars--without killing the innocent. The possible application to UN "Peace-Keeping" did not go unnoticed.

One must ask, "What will be the ultimate results of the Wellsian program for the High Cabal and for the World?"

First, I continue to be amazed with the continuing success of the conspiracy in blaming society's increasing problems and crises on the Wellsian scapegoats: private property rights and sovereign nationhood. As the conspiracy continues its systematic destruction of existing social structures, allegedly to create Wells' formless "social magma" it sees as a precondition for its future, no where in sight, totally unproven, and probably imaginary program of "social re- nucleation", it is, of course, the cause of the current disorder, not the remedy for it.

Though many conservatives, libertarians, and other mostly non-socialist ideologists see this clearly, society as a whole still sees the conspiracy's "movement for social change" as a case by case attempt to cure, not as the problem itself! Thus, we can safely predict that severe social disorder will continue and probably intensify world-wide for the foreseeable future with the mythical Brave New World reconstruction no where in sight. Some like to predict total breakdown and chaos as the ultimate result of this process, however, all the parasitic conspiracy needs to do to arrest a too drastic breakdown of its "host" is to periodically back off on the pressure! Order automatically reasserts itself through the agencies of private capitalism and even national politics, imperfect as as it is. Thus, like Orwell, we can see the High Cabal's boot stamping forever on the face of humanity, stubbornly preventing possible evolution toward peace, justice, and progress as required to maintain its unchallenged, parasitic position of "Great Pirate". We won't hold our breath for the arrival of Wells utopia, The Modern World State.

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The Garden of Aton: Volume I by Nora Boyles, 1993 In Print Paperback, 237 pages, Order #00935 $10.00

Wide-ranging research and speculation regarding the origin of the various civilizations, ethnic stocks, ruling classes, elites, and religions from the outrageous publisher of the Phoenix Liberator and Contact.

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them by Revilo P. Oliver, 1985 In Print Paperback, 33 pages, Order #00900 $5.00

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Freemasonry: The Invisible Cult in Our Midst by Jack Harris, 1983 In Print Paperback, 153 pages, Order #00927 $5.00

Ex-Master Mason and Worshipful Master in the Blue Lodge exposes the cult from his newly adopted fundamentalist Christian perspective. Reveals "the supreme Masonic word" known only to Master Masons as well as Satanic symbolism of the rituals. Also exposes the so called Christian branch of Masonry, the York Rite.

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: Profusely Illustrated in 2-Volummes by Dr. Albert Mackey, 33 degree, 1921 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 915 pages,
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Classic reference on Masonry by a strong proponent...many fascinating hints include many regarding Albert Pike, Francis Bacon, Adam Weishaupt, and the Illuminati! Only beautiful hardcover collector's editions are available through rare search.

Morals and Dogma: of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike, 1871 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 861 pages,
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Contains the amazing admission by the Grand Master author that Masonry is the religion of Lucifer!

Masonry: Beyond the Light by William Schnoebelen, 1991 In Print Paperback, 286 pages, Order #00928 $8.95

Ex-witch exposes the Masonic cult. This book is endorsed by the anti-Catholic organization of Jack Chick. Worth reading since most anti-Masonic books are overtly or covertly pro-Catholic.

America's Secret Aristocracy by Stephen Birmingham, 1987 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 334 pages, Order #00452 $28.00

Birmingham chronicles the little-known, low profile "old wealth" (Anglophile) elite whose influence far outstrips their still substantial fortunes which are now dwarfed by the fortunes of the "new rich". Is their treasonous connection to the Crown and the "Empire of the City" the real source of their influence?

Blood, Class, and Nostalgia: Anglo-American Ironies by Christopher Hitchens, 1990 In Print Hardcover, 398 pages, Order #00916 $22.95

Traces the "Special Relationship" over the last 100 years, and shows how the British connection has turned the scales in the assumption of huge overseas commitments, the development of a global intelligence network, and the rise of a nuclear establishment. Includes excellent, independent exposŠ of the Cecil Rhodes financed, Anglophile roots of the American Establishment organized around the Ivy League colleges and the Council on Foreign Relations. Christopher Hitchens is a regular columnist for the left-wing Nation, but his revelations are remarkably consistent with the Anglophobic conspiracy theories of much of the right-wing!

Cecil Rhodes by Sarah Millin, 1933 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 406 pages, Order #00936 $35.00

Reveals that "world rule" for the British Crown was the explicit goal of this seminal personage...the ultimate founder of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Martyrdom of Man by William Winwood Reade, 1872 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, Order #00929 $185.0

See review of The Founder: Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power.

The Founder: Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power by Robert I. Rotberg w/Miles F. Shore, 1988 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 800 pages, Order
#00930 $55.00

As could have been expected from a book written in close, active co-operation with the Rhodes Trust and N. M. Rothschild's private archives, this massive tome subtly discounts the reality of the "Secret Society" mentioned in Rhodes Wills as a juvenile fantasy whose only result was the Rhodes Scholarships, but remains an important source book needing "mining" by conspiracy theorists. The book also makes a lame attempt to discount the effect of Ruskin's philosophy on Rhodes and totally ignores the Round Table Group lead by Milner after Rhodes death. It does admit that Milner was the Trustee in Rhodes' final will which dedicated the bulk of the Rhodes wealth to the furtherance of the Empire.

Rotberg mentions Rhodes obsession with the Darwinist William Winwood Reade who wrote the prophetic Martyrdom of Man in 1872, calling him Rhodes' "Ayn Rand and Jules Verne" combined! Reade is said to have predicted much of modern science including atomic power and synthetics and advocated an active acceptance of brutal social Darwinist processes which he saw improving the race for the future through current "martyrdom" of individual humans in both the master and subservient races. H. G. Wells in his infamous Shape of Things to Come also mentions Reade's book implying that it is fundamental to his own philosophy!

The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution by H. G. Wells, 1928 Rare/Out-of-Print Xerox, 0200 pages, Order #00407 $12.00

Wells reveals British Oligarchy's plans for World Government (Covert Empire).

The Shape of Things to Come: The Ultimate Revolution by H. G. Wells, 1933 Reprint, 431 pages, Order #00937 $39.00

The Shape of Things to Come: The Ultimate Revolution by H. G. Wells, In Print VHS Video, 113 pages, Order #00802 $27.95

H. G. Wells sets forth his theory for building a "Brave New World" Order on the ruins of all traditional cultures. Does the following concluding passage reveal the ultimate destructive strategy that is necessary and being implemented to "clear the ground" for a New World Order? Does this policy explain everything from slaughter in Bosnia to crime in our cities to chaos among our youth?

"...then it is a theory of world revolution. Plainly the thesis is that history must now continue to be a string of accidents with an increasingly disastrous trend until a comprehensive faith in the modernized World State, socialistic, cosmopolitan and creative, takes hold of the human imagination. When the existing governments and ruling theories of life, the decaying religious and the decaying political forms of to-day, have sufficiently lost prestige through failure and catastrophe, then and then only will world-wide reconstruction be possible. And it must needs be the work, first of all, of an aggressive order of religiously devoted men and women who will try out and establish and impose a new pattern of living upon our race."The book is somewhat mysteriously dedicated to JosŠ Ortega Y Gasset, "Explorador".

This book is best seen as an operational Anglophile conspiratorial scenario transmitted from the British "High Cabal" to their protege, H. G. Wells. In a "curiously" prescient prefiguring of World War II, technology and progress is destroyed throughout the world due to an orgy of war from 1940-1967 (provoked, sustained, and manipulated by Albion?)! With the world prostrate, a tiny elite with high technology air ships (The Airmen wearing eerie black uniforms) establishes a New World Order "Air Dictatorship" using "Peace Gas" to subdue "evil warlords"!! Though interrupted by the apparently unanticipated invention of the atomic bomb, startlingly, this fantastic scenario again looks more and more plausible after the collapse of the Soviet Union (predicted in the book) and the current, intensifying ethnic/tribal/religious warfare world-wide--Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia--while only the Anglo-American power remains as a high tech super-power capable of intervening at will.

The Video is a greatly truncated version of the book with the addition of an interesting sub-plot regarding an attempt to travel to the Moon, an episode which curiously prefigured the American Space Program! Wells appears to take the side of technological progress and adventure against more "stand pat" forces within the High Cabal. This brings up the interesting point that environmentalist extremism plays no part within the Wells' book. Though he is totally dismissive and opposed to any technological progress that emanates from private capitalism or national efforts, which according to Wells can only lead to catastrophe, he paints of picture of marvelous technological advances a la once his New World Order is fully in control world-wide. This may give us a clue as to the real motives behind the current environmental crusade of the High Cabal.

Video Rental: $6.00 for 2 days...customer pays return postage.

The Tribes: The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples by Yair Davidy, Rare/Out-of-Print Paperback, 480 pages, Order #00917 $35.00

Detailed Israel-Identity theory that Northern Europeans constitute the 10 Lost Tribes and that Northern Europeans plus the Jews constitute "Biblical Israel" and are destined to lead the world! Pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist analysis! Is this the British Israel-Identity theory really operative in the Anglophile conspiracy? Is the Aryan identity movement, not just British Israel, a covert Jewish conspiracy?

Who Are the Germans?: Their Ancient Roots and Future Might by Craig White, 1993 In Print Paperback, Order #00938 $15.00

Expanded version of The Assyrians in the Modern World. Bible Identity of the Germans.

The World of David Rockefeller: An Interview of Rockefeller by Bill Moyers 1980 Transcript reprint Pamphlet, 0032 pages, Order #00591 $12.00

Television interview of Rockefeller during a "typical day's work". Extremely revealing. David Rockefeller seemed to be anxious to enhance his reputation as the world's most powerful conspirator, perhaps because his power was beginning to slip relative to other factions? Brags about key role of Chase Manhattan loans in key world events, particularly Italy where Red Brigades terrorism was underway. Do conspiracy theories enhance the reputations of the International Bankers?

Clinton's Conspiracy by Ralph Epperson, 1993 In Print , Order #00934 $5.00

The Carroll Quigley-Bill Clinton connection at Georgetown University.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by RenŠ A. Wormser, 1958 In Print Hardcover, 412 pages, Order #00939 $19.95

Perhaps the most important book ever written on the subject. Reveals the plan of the powers that be to overturn the Constitution in favor of one-world collectivism.

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic by Dr. Stanley Monteith, In Print , Order #00933 $14.95

How the Gay Lobby prevented the medical establishment from containing the AIDS epidemic.

The Murdered Magicians: The Templars and their Myth by Peter Partner, Ph.D., 1987 In Print Hardcover, 0209 pages, Order #00100 $17.95

Academic scholar examines the history of the Templars and the "Secret Society Magical Myth" that has grown-up around them since their suppression in 1307. Valuable source book for those seeking to confirm or debunk the Templar theory of the founding of the conspiracy.

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller & Adjuvant Kiyoshi Kuromiya, 1981 In Print Paperback, 471 pages, Order #00941 $14.95

The creator of the Geodesic Dome and coiner of the term "Spaceship Earth" in setting forth his vision for the future of mankind adumbrates his insightful theory of the covert world-rule of the "Great Pirates" (ie. the British Empire). Many suspect that Fuller was the unacknowledged source of Lyndon LaRouche's theories, including much of his opposition to the no-growth ecology extremism of the "Great Pirate's" "Court Intellectuals"! Fuller does not condemn "environmentalism" with the same extremism as LaRouche, but does argue against no-progress extremism.

Page 58-59: "It seems strange that we were not taught about the historical, philosophical, and economic significance of the foregoing transition to a closed-sphere world system (from infinite plane world view). Because the churches were strong and the "Great Pirates" wished to obscure both their monopoly of the riches of the now limited system and their grand world ocean strategy for its control, the significance of the concept of a closed world system was popularly unrealized. The power structure and its patronized educational systems `let well enough alone'." (!!)

The Greatest Story Never Told: Winston Churchill and the Crash of 1929 by Pat Riott w/message from Philip Dru III, In Print Paperback, Order #00947

Baruch-Churchill conspiracy to trigger and profit from the Crash of 1929.

Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (Volume 2): 1914-1944 by Bertrand Russell, 1968 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 418 pages, Order #00945 $24.00

Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (Volume I): 1872-1914 by Bertrand Russell, 1967 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 356 pages, Order #00944

Important confirmation of the goings-on in the Co-efficient Club, where the Fabian Society and the British Imperialists met as one and the outcome
was the New World Order "Open Conspiracy" as described by H. G. Wells.

Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells, 1934 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 718 pages, Order #00942 $55.00

Reveals the close connection of Wells to not only the Fabian Society as is well known, but also his close personal access to key British Oligarchs such as Lord Bertrand Russell, Lord Alfred Milner, and Lord Robert Cecil through his membership in the pro-Imperialist Coefficient Club. Wells also reveals that the Coefficient Club was organized by Sydney and Beatrice Webb, the leading lights of the Fabian Society, thus inadvertently exposing the Fabian Society as a front for British Oligarchical world rule. The works of H. G. Wells are perhaps the most candid exposŠ of the New World Order conspiracy from the approving perspective of a participant.

Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper, 1994 In Print , Order #00949 $20.00

The Israeli-Mossad connection to the Kennedy assassination!

Call It Conspiracy by Larry Abraham, In Print Paperback, 344 pages, Order #00948 $12.95

More from the co-author of None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

World Revolution by Nesta Webster, 1921 Rare/Out-of-Print Paperback, 0327 pages, Order #00714 $30.00

Cover pocket of the book contains a famous chart linking the forces of "World Revolution" back to Illuminism.

Syncretism: Imminent and Deadly Threat to Our Roman Catholic Faith by John Cotter, 1993 In Print Paperback, 57 pages, Order #00923 $7.50

Christian Universalism giving way amalgamation of world religions (a la Masonry) in the Catholic Church?

The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. decamp, 1992 In Print Paperback, 288 pages, Order #00943 $12.00

A massive child kidnapping and sex abuse scandal in Nebraska was quashed when the investigative trail lead to the rich, the powerful and the CIA! The State Senator author was warned by "ex"-CIA chief William E. Colby to stop pursuing the case because the forces involved were "too powerful."
DeCamp knew Colby personally from his participation as an Army Captain in Colby's CORDS program in Vietnam! The book implies that the CIA has been operating child sex abuse rings as part of its world-wide program to compromise and blackmail the rich and powerful in and out of government!

The Rich and the Super-Rich: A Study in the Power of Money Today by Ferdinand Lundberg, 1968 Rare/Out-of-Print Hardcover, 0812 pages, Order
#00401 $14.95

Up-date of authors America's 60 Families. Did much to eliminate the post-WWII complacency about the super-rich on both the Left and Right.

A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order In Print Hardcover, Order #00946 $21.95

Proves oil to be the central factor of world geopolitics.


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