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A Rarity, Michigan Governor Recognizes Electorate Motoring Rights

{Editor's Note: When I first posted this article, I erroneously referred to the governor of Colorado in the title; it should have read the governor of Michigan. Thanks to David Hampton for pointing our the error..Ken]

From Janet Lee Meisinger
August 11, 2005

From: Judicial Reform Investigations <>

Wow: Every once in awhile a Good Public Servant comes along: and REMEMBERS what their job is.

You can send your CONGRATULATIONS to the Governor at:,1607,7-168-21995---,00.html

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE (517) 373-3400
FAX (517) 335-6863


It may be useful to know that Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, of Michigan, had rescinded the states law that requires motorists to carry their insurance card in their vehicle about one year ago. She held that the quasi- legal court system frauduently targeted motorists to increase state revenue by violating ones basic right to travel. The state was forced to give back money payed as fines to the defendants, many of whom could not be found because the court had kept no records of the proceedings.

The state admitting to this type of fraud should open the door to future law suits in several states. A person's basic right to travel can not be usurped by a privilege.

Happy Motoring,

Rick B.


From Janet Lee Meisinger

J. R. I.

Let the Constitution Speak!

1. It is amazing how much of our Colorado Constitution has 'disappeared'. I have the Colorado Constitution as was printed in 1970's, and when I was quoting Art. V, Sec. 25 to a friend, they said it no longer appears in the more recent copy they have. Art V, Sec. 25 prevented the state government from franchising or granting any special right or privilege to any association, corporation, or individual. Aren't the Bar Association members granted special rights to monopolize our courts? And to 'practice law' - when there are Supreme court cases stating that the practice of law is a common right?

2. And how can the STATE force us to contract with private insurance companies? And why doesn't the STATE require the insurance companies to give us: a. a true contract, signed by one of the principals of the company?

b. full disclosure that auto insurance is a maritime 'contract'?

For the People's Rights,
Janet Lee Meisinger

Forward courtesy of Slim Spurling < >


Driving is Constitutional Right, not a 'Privledge'


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