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Commentary Notes on the NWO Playbook: July 27, 2011

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 27, 2011

Commentary Notes on the NWO Playbook: July 27, 2011

I got a call from Don Nicoloff this morning telling me that my server is down. While waiting for my server to correct the problem, I thought I would type up a few notes on recent items of news heard over the radio (I no longer can watch broadcast TV because I don't have a HD TV, nor a digital converter box to receive it and I strongly suggest that you follow my example and stop allowing yourself {and your kids} to be mesmerized and subliminally influenced by that time-wasting, mind-wasting, and morality-degenerating medium of thought/opinion control; in other words a convenient vehicle of brain washing. Cut the cord, and new doors will open for you almost immediately; a rekindled interest in reading being the most significant)

Domestically, the issue of raising the "debt ceiling" is the dominate political story of the moment. It's a Smoke & MIrror Show regardless of whether you favor the Illuminated Democrat story line or the Illuminated Republican story line. Ultimately, "both sides of the aisle" in Washington are composed mostly of traitors and fifth columnists who are actors playing out a scripted role.

Overall, the goal of the NWO takeover-which began in earnest here in America immediately following World War I with the Treaty of Versailles and Woodrow Wilson's complicit role in setting the stage to sanctify the Rockefeller's League of Nations trojan horse (later installed as the United Nations following the Illuminati's second contrived world war blood bath in the space of a single generation after 'The War to End All Wars') - is to destroy and decapitate America as the leading nation of the world in setting an example of constitutionally-protected liberties and as a leader in technoliogical innovation and producer of manufactured goods and equipment.

To this end, the largely complicit swine who disgrace the office of US Senator or US House of Representatives continue to play their role as deceivers and enablers in the takedown of the American Dream. The Great Robbery I of October of 2008, otherwise known as the Bush/Bernanke/Paulson Wall Street bailout, was quickly followed by the Soetoro/Bernanke/Geithner 'stimulus' package Great Robbery II of February 2009; both intended to engorge their political/corporate pals with even greater wealth courtesy of the tax dollar while undermining the value of the US dollar and the future financial well-being of the American people.

However, as I've mentioned from time to time in writing over the past 2 or 3 years or during radio interviews with Don Nicoloff, that - Things Change - unexpectedly and in a surprising direction.

to be continued...




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