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I'm Experiencing Grave Doubts Concerning
The Reliability of Amitakh Stanford

[Editor's Note: This article is incomplete and will be continued as time allows. The feedback from readers is also very interesting and should be checked often to note the new additions...Ken]

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Of Amatakh Stanford, Seth, Ramtha, & the New Age Movement (Oct. 11, 2006)

By Ken Adachi <E-mail>
July 12, 2006

Re: The Revised Annunaki Protocols-The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

I don't have time to launch into a long essay, so I'll make this brief.

There is a person from Canada who forwards me articles that, in general, I find acceptable (the forwarder does not want to be identified). This person was anxious to have me read a posting from Amitakh Stanford dated June 11, 2006, titled The Revised Annunaki Protocols-The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and sent it to me twice. This article prints out to 45 pages. It obviously took a lot of time to write. If all of the historical allusions presented in the paper are accurate, then it also took a great deal of time to research as well because there are many references to supposed historical events that I've never heard of. For instance, beginning with the sixth paragraph, Amitakh tells us that the Protocols, which we read today, are the latest revised version and that the original Protocols were written in Rome in 1492, the same year that Cristobal Colon discovered America. Huh?

That's right, according to her, the Catholic Church was heavily involved in both the 15th century and the later 19th century versions of the Protocols. My first question: How does she know this and what is her source?

Two paragraphs later she tells us that this "British-Catholic plan" for world domination was long in the making. It began during the reign of the Roman empire, she says, but apparently was gathering steam with the 1492 Protocols. According to Sanford, the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century was "allowed" to spring forth in England by the Annunaki/Reptilian aliens because they needed to enable mankind with more advanced technology in order to re-institute the enslavement agenda, which was badly derailed by the American Revolution and the Bill of Rights (apparently, human beings have no inherent ability to invent and discover things-- without the prior approval of our Annunaki/ Reptilian overlords. No mention was made concerning why the Renaissance was allowed to slip under the wire as well).

Amitakh says that George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, John Marshall (and others) were Reptilian agents who were working to undermine the new American republic and to assist the British to re-assimilate the colonies. I could maybe go along with Hamilton as an Illuminati agent, but George Washington?

She explains this away on page 4 when she reminds us that Reptilian 'agents' like Washington are not necessarily aware of (quote) "...being directed by Reptilian controllers. This is one of the reasons that everything is so confusing" (end quote). I'll say.

How about Free Will? Doesn't that enter the picture? If someone who possessed the high moral character and demonstrated courage of George Washington can be characterized as a "Reptilian agent", then who is safe from this accusation? If the above postulate by Amitakh is true, then Free Will does not exist. We are, according to her, mere robots of Annunaki/ Reptilian gamesmanship. Do you believe that? I don't.

She says on page 7 of this essay that the American Revolution ("mainly fought by humans") greatly weakened the power and 'stranglehold' of the Reptilians over other alien races. How is it then, that one of the Reptilian 'agents', George Washington, was responsible for leading the American Revolution and defeating the British-and thus installing the United States government and the guarantees it offers under the Bill of Rights?

On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are painted by Amitakh as leading members of the "Light" (called "Attas") who were on a "rescue" mission at the constitutional conventional and essentially saved the day. Is this the same Benjamin Franklin who was a member of the British Lunar Society, The Hells Fire Club, and numerous other British (Illuminati/satanic) secret societies? Is this the same Benjamin Franklin whose floor beneath his London house was excavated some years ago and the bones of some 18 young children were discovered?

Equally remarkable is her repeated characterization of Thomas Jefferson as an 'abolitionist', an ardent "opponent of slavery". Is this the same Thomas Jefferson of Monticello fame who owned upwards of 187 slaves on the day of his death in 1826? It's not my intention to cast Jefferson's character or accomplishments into a negative light, but there is a need to be honest with the facts. Jefferson was a hypocrite, plain and simple, when it came to the subject of slavery. What he said and what he did, were two different things. He was not an abolitionist, he was a slave owner.


(Well, I was hoping to make this short, but it looks like it's going to take some time. I've barely scratched the surface, so I'll have to add to my comments as time permits. If you have your own comments, whether up or down on Amitakh and her writings, then send them to me and I'll append them. .Ken  Adachi)

Reader Comment

Joseph Chiappalone and Amitakh Chiappalone[From Ken Adachi, July 15, 2006:: I'm getting some very thoughtful feedback on the above article which is far from complete.Ill be adding more to my article as time allows. It's not really my intention to debunk Amitakh because I find her information both interesting and usually corroborative of insights gleaned from other sources, however, she makes some astounding statements that need to be questioned and scrutinized. Her 'work', if we should call it that, has the additional effect of leaving the reader with certain feelings or subliminal 'conclusions' that I'm not altogether comfortable with.

Fabian Wong sent me a link which shows photos of Dr. Joseph Chiappalone and Dr. Amitakh Chiappalone. Fabian thinks that Dr. Amitakh Stanford and the former Mrs Amitakh Chiappalone are the same person. If that's the case, then I'll have a great deal more to say about Amitakh's writing than what I had originally intended. Here's what Fabian wrote:

Subject:Re: Amitakh Chiappalone
From: "Fabian Wong" <>
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006 12:06 am
To: Editor <E-mail>

I think this is a photo of Amitakh Chiappalone before she was Amitakh Stanford. What do you get from looking at their photos. Is that fear I see in her former husband's eyes, and from hence does it come?

"Peeping from behind the stage changes the whole story. Wrecks the whole plot even." - my quote.

Fabian Wong


Of Amatakh Stanford, Seth, Ramtha, & the New Age Movement (Oct. 11, 2006)

Reader Comments

[I'll posts these letters in the dated order received. The first e-mail at the top and the more recent e-mails near the bottom...Ken]

Subject: A. Stanford
Date: Thu, July 13, 2006 8:06 pm
To: Editor

Ken- thanks so much for the post about A. Stanford .. I've been trying to 'read her', but this last post was over the top for me. This Annanuki , this is driving me crazy - the more I read about the conspiracy the more confused I get -- one 'guy' says they genetically engineered man and basis for all human existance - another says they are 'bad guys' --- I love the internet, but the line is thin in discerning the good from bad... confused in Colorado ( I just want the truth!)

I do thank YOU so much for all your wonderful posts - you seem to have common sense when most needed. I like that.

( ps - while-- I'm ranting - many years ago I became aware of the conspiracy via the John Birch Society - knew the integrity of many members and their sincere exposure of the insiders thru education -- now I'm reading where Rockfeller funded it? It's just all getting nutty!)


Subject: I'm Experiencing Grave Doubts Concerning the Reliability of Amitakh Sanford
Date: Sun, July 16, 2006 7:00 am [Australian date, July 15 in USA]
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

I live in Australia and I have read several of Amitakh Stanford's articles. Mostly they have made good enough sense, is information I feel attracted to (usually a good sign), and many things she says seems in accord with what appears to be unfolding where I am.

She tells of America, as now relegated from intended first nation for absorption into the NWO and that Australia is now to be that launching pad. She tells of the additional Greys moving to Australia and that they require fluoride intake to correct some developed deficiencies. Of recent times, not only have phone towers sprung up like a field of daisies, but also in my town there is a concerted push to introduce fluoride to the water. I suppose, is fluoride meant for alien medicine, numbing of our minds, or both? She also mentions that the Anunnaki fears certain breeds of dogs. I thought it again coincidental that on the news just yesterday some big shot was pushing for the culling of Foxes ? had nothing good at all to say about them actually. NWO agenda news items do seemingly have a certain feel about them. What she said about the Australian soccer match being influenced also felt right. The Australian games were certainly bizarre affairs ? world-class refs doing weird things ?

I actually have little background understanding of American history and characters mentioned in the article "The Revised Anunnaki Protocols - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" so it actually didn't inspire a great interest for me- whatever that might suggest.

Obviously disinformation exists. Also I notice many "outsiders" love to say, "prove it!!!" to mention of the types of subjects raised on your site. From me they usually get "prove it to yourself". Having the skeptic eaten by some alien would possibly do it also, I suppose. Personally my experience is that information I'm most attracted and drawn to is mostly that which later I gain stronger confirmation of . I know I was born to know that stuff.

One article that did very much make good sense was "Horse-Race Rigging - An Esoteric Perspective". The Melbourne Cup is the event that "stops the nation". The November 2005 race, according to Stanford, was used as an energy grab by the Dark Side yet " the Light was able to divert a vast amount of the energy from the event". Interestingly, for the first time in perhaps forty years it failed to attract my great interest. No form study, no bets placed, instead by choice I was pre-occupied with other business when I overheard the race broadcast coming from another room. My first reaction was that the race sounded odd, as though it was weirdly a most non-competitive horse race. I had video taped it and felt the same way when I viewed it and also was bemused that this time, unusually, no full replay or lengthy analysis, just the commentators bestowing accolades upon the winning horse (Makybe Diva) and connections (Tony Santic- owner). "The peoples horse" was something they kept bombing our heads with. Actually Stanford didn?t make a point of Tony Santic's name. Not only does he look the part but isn't it the case that satanic people fiddle with and reverse letters/words? Tony (Anthony) SaNTic > SaTANic. There are other unusual and highly suspicious occurrences that for brevity I won't go into. To me, they actually further highlight just how easily the trusting public were duped.

On Amitakh Stanford's website there are links that lead to photographs of animals from her animal sanctuary. To me, providing the photos aren?t some sort of error, they profoundly say a lot about Amitakh.

Best Regards,


Subject: In Defense of Amitakh Sanford
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006 10:48 pm
To: Editor

Dear Ken, and who ever else this might concern.

Hello, I am annieapplesmom.

Ken, I, like You, am not sure how to approach this "credibility of Amitakh Sanford," issue, with out writing a long, long, essay. Indeed, even an epic. So, I will just do it this way by listing My experience and, "years spent," experience, in My almost OBSESSIVE devotion to help with this last ditch, and indeed, MASSIVE, Healing, attempt at Healing Everything here on Earth. So here goes:

I FEEL that I need to give this bio, so that I will not look like just another unhealed mind controll slave defending Our Mother's Light" :+)

I have spent from 1973 till 1986 reading the, now out dated, revelations presented in "The Urantia Book"

As i was studying "The Urantia Book", I also became deeply involved with studying the events of ww2, also many books of accounts of concentration camp survivers, (Oh Heart) I even read "Mein Kampf," :+( ( much as i could stand, anyways...(IT SUCKED TOO!! )) as well as many, many, "classic novels," plays, philosophy, Logic, physics, and also natural healing knowledge. I worked several years as a midwife, until it became too dangerous.

(I have NEVER watched tv or been to schools....I am a reader.)

Well, anyways, as soon as God's "consciousness" changed, after the events of ww2, and therefore, "His NEW Plan for this world," changed: In 1986 I was presented with the blue print for this "NEW plan, in the form of "The Right Use of Will" books,, I have since then read all of these books a few hundred times, :+) :+( then, as soon as this phase of this excruciating Healing process was completed, I was directed to the advanced "Right Use of Will" revelations, posted on , which I have studied many times for the last 7 years.

I have also studied "The David Icke" revelations. . I have read, extensively, ALL of His books, also , cloud busters. And i have seen a long, long list of videos; many of which are posted on My "Myspace" site.

I have read most of this "educate-yourself," site, for the last 5 years, including many of the books and essays that have been recomended here. I know all of the people who post here pretty well too ....LOVE em ALL, too !!!

BECAUSE I have allowed Myself to follow God's process of EXTENSIVELY Healing My"emotional body" and balancing this tortured aspect of "Our Mother's Light" with My Heart Spirit and Body....I am   EXTREMELY emotional and have come to really cherish My "subjective parts"....most people aren't used to the "emotional aspects" of Humans being able to write much at all, after all the damage that has been pounded into "Our Mother's Light" here on Earth, FOR ALL OF THIS TIME !!!! My Rage wants to I admitt that, yeah, I am hard to read, probably because, I am so much like "Our Original Mother," whimsical and poetic.

I have read EVERY article posted on Mother/Amitakh's site, at least twice or I would not dare attempt this defense of Her.

This bio that I am giving to You is my main bulk of knowledge, and of course, like everybody else, I have had other experiences of magic and tragedy that I have"lived through" here, in this incarnation, includeing haveing 6 children, 4 are dead, and 2 are living, ( so i know alot about "the astral worlds," or, "The "place," where we all go "between lives"" (not unlike, Matthew's Mother, My dead Children, "channel" to Me, from that "place" in the astral ) and, I have a living Grand Son.

I make, and have made, alot of "orgon" devices, and "gifted" alot of the devil's old haunts and hang outs.

I have a 6th grade "formal education," so Ken, I am trying so hard to meet your standards of "grammer" , how am i doing? :+) I have no idea how to use my "spell checker," or i would. I type with two fingers :+)

As a result of all of these experiences that I have "chosen"(?), to go through here in this life....You gotta imagine....that I might have a "bullshit detector," (Spirit of Truth) as vast as, at least, "the local Universe" ...if You please, :+)

Before I bring the jury in, here, Ken, It is important to Me to see these accounts of these children who were found burried under the house of Benjamin old were they estimated to be???? Please send Me anything You have, K? Thanks.

As for Amitakh's Boy, Thomas Jefferson, owning all those slaves. It very well could be that He "owned" them as a way to protect them...But to tell You the Truth, I am more than just a little bit suspicious about ANYBODY who has EVER risen to ANY KIND of power, here in "the devil's virtual reality," where hypocracy and cruelty is the standard. and so, even when we contemplate the pros and cons of JUDGEMENTS such as "democracy" and any other form of "governing the people" we might also take into consideration that if not for the presents of "the devil" here on Earth....there would be no need for rules and laws such as "governments" of ANY kind.

Ok, now i am ready to present My defense of Mother Amitakh.

First off, Ken, I understand that You are very suspicious of "Channelers." Ken, might I be so bold as to suggest that these "judgements" that You might be holding here, around the issues of "channelers", may not ALWAYS be appropriate, as i am sure by now You have come to realize.

Second off, I wont embarass You with My impulse to extole Your virtues publicly, but please forgive Me for saying, publicly, that YOU are One of My Very Dearest Loves, here in this, and many other life times. ...I am so proud that You would even consider listening to My "opinion."

Dear Ken, I cannot help but have My reservations, and suspicions, as to laying unconditional credance, on the authority of People who have not, as yet, recieved the revelations all about "The plight" of "The Mother of All Creation" in Her, SUBJECTIVE experiences here on Earth, ever since Her first physical experiences among those who fell to "The Land of Pan", (Pangiea and The original "Earth Spirits")....

ALL former Earth Spirits," ESPECALLY those polorized to God/Spirit, (Men) , IMO, have at least a couple of "loose screws," in MANY varying degrees as i see it, pertaining to the issues of acceptance for the "subjective" and all of Her manifestations.

Dear Ken,I am asking You to check Yourself there, for a possible "loose screw" (Im just gonna blurt this out) in the mechanism of Your attitude,and possible imprinted, knee jerk, judgements AGAINST,... *gulp*.... WOMAN, (ouch) who come to You presenting these profound, revelations. I have sometimes FELT a less than..... balanced, from You, there, in Your otherwise, IMPECCABLE, sense of fairness and ethics.


With all that said,

I am going to declare that NOWHERE (save for Your information that You have presented here about the Children burryed Under Old Benjie's house) have i detected even ONE discrepancy, in the revelations presented by, Mother/Amitakh, on the xeeatwelve site.Ya gotta read THE WHOLE site, otherwise One might risk making judgements AGAINST these revelations, "out of context."

MANY times I have wanted to write to Amitakh and just give Her a little Love and Support, but alas, there is no way to contact Her that I have found. Hopefully SOMEONE here has the magic inroad to Her, and maybe even She Herself, will show up here to shine light on all of this confusion.....I, Personally FEEL that even Her so called, "Attas," are a little sketchy, else why were they so easly corrupted as soon as they stepped down into physical incarnation???...and why havent they done MORE to get the devil off this planet a LONG, LONG, time ago???.....There is a MASSIVE"gap," here on Earth....and so far that "gap" has gotton everybody....even Mary and Jesus *tears*

So Maybe, The Little Asian Doll, herself will show up here and give Us all a little, taste of Her, Sweet Rage.....I PRAY for that ..and....Thanks for presenting the opertunity for that to happen.




Subject: Anunaki Reptilian Controllers
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006 8:38 pm


I can not prove or disprove anything, I figure it this way. In the universe there are two main kinds of Inteligence. Organic and Machine. If this is true , and both forms of inteligence after say billions of years interact with each other, it can get pretty wierd just on the face of it! An old black guy once said to me that his grandpa who survived slavery told him thier shamans told that there is nothing new under the sun. Don't be fooled by new and shiney. Everything that can happen , has happened, many times. If That is true, then you can make up any story and it will have resemblence to something somewhere in space and time. So, yeah, we human bunnies are screwwed! The Reptilians ( I've never seen one) and the Anunaki (aint seen one of them either) may very well exist, but who can say what about them? The russian author/scientist Imanuel Veleckofski ( forgive spelling) wrote "Worlds in Collision" and other books dealing with mankind having group amnesia, cultural amnesia. We don't know jack about our history beyond a few measelly thousand years. Someone is modulating us!



A. Subject: Amitakh Stanford
From: Alex
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006 6:14 am
To: Editor


First of all, I agree that there is something strange about Amitakh Stanfords writings. There is several things that have puzzled me as well about them, and made me doubt their correctness.  Despite this, there is something kind of "captivating" about them as well, and I must say I'm a little confused about it, all over. It kind of might go either way, but some of her claims are very "out there." Which also makes me wonder where she gets her information from.

But, I have a couple of comments to make on what you've written as well. I'll try to make this straight to the point and brief. I have to agree with Stanford that the industrial revolution was staged and under full control of the negative elites. I actually don't remember the details of it all right now, but I do remember the fact that this is so itself (the fact that it came out of Britain might be indicative), and that there were substantial proof behind such claims. And it also fits very well with a claim that it was to re-institute the 'enslavement agenda' as you say.

Further, you mention the renaissance. The renaissance was *obviously* of a negative elite making, and was a big part of the plan for a secular, anti-religious world order. It marked the initial beginning of atheistic, materialistic science - and was a period of frenetic secret society activity and, with that, also occultic activity.

George Washington is portrayed with a (freemasonic) statue in Washington D.C., with a bare upper body, and a stance/arm position virtually identical with Baphomet in one of the most well-known renditions of this "deity." The drawing (and figure statuette) with the new moon on one side, Baphomet having female breasts/being of a androgenous, bisexual nature (you should know the picture I'm pointing at by now). This very much indicates something (at least) close to Amitakh's claim being true.

You say Washington lead the revolution of the states against the british, correctly of course. You must be familiar with the fact that the Illuminati likes to be leading both sides in mostly all conflicts they have a hand in. I don't believe this conflict was any different. Besides, it's more or less established by researchers into all this, that the revolution was a "sham" war to make the US appear independent and "free" from the crown, when it never was or ever has been. The crown's secret rule of US of A has been in effect all the way up to this day. This was to make the US attractive for emigrants from Europe and elsewhere as "the beacon of the free world" (and gold and manna) when it indeed never was (or is). Due to all this, I have no doubt that Washington was an agent of the very forces it was *portrayed* that he fought against.

The freedoms granted by the constitution/bill of rights was very much part of the plan, among other things in order to validate what I've outlined above - US as a"land of freedom" - so that it would get a magnetic pull on people who wished to escape the influence of the british and other royals - who at that time held Europe in a stranglehold (and indeed covertly still do, in alliance with the other powerful elites).

I agree that what you say about Franklin is right - and that there's something fishy about claiming he was a so-called "atta of light." You're probably also right about Jefferson, although I have slightly more doubts about him, it could be he just held slaves due to it being standard fare for persons of his position to do so - and that he would in fact be looked down on if not following that "standard" of his day and age. I'm not sure about him, but something makes me wonder if he indeed may have been a good person when it all comes to it. As implied, i'm not entirely sure about him though. It might go either way, but at least he gives off the most positive image of the persons you mention in your article.

With regards,

- Axel

(and keep up the interesting works on educate-yourself. I would indeed like to see the site expand and evolve in the future - I think you should eventually re-do and re-design the entire site. There isn't any plans for that?)

B. Subject: Re: Amitakh Stanford - a notice on the side....
From: Alex
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006 11:05 am
To: Editor


By the way, I'd like to mention a little synchronicity event related to all this, I've been checking out Stanford's material on xee-a-twelve fairly regularly, and I actually started wondering very much how other researchers related to her material. I read her new article about The Virtual Reality of the Sleep World, when I again had this thought about how various people into these subjects, related (or would relate) to her materials. Now this was only a couple of days before your article showed up on educate-yourself. 

I also had a debate on a yahoo-group about the negative elites and how to relate to them, wherein most who replied, said that "fighting" them would be useless, and would be to engage them on their own terms. They said to even fully accept these 'forces' and their existance would be the best way to relate to them - thereby eventually "integrating" them. Now in many ways this was a sort of "new age" group, or at least, its a group related to the Ra materials (channeled) and their "Law of One," which I mostly find very reasonable myself, I must admit. I couldn't help but wonder how they would relate to the Amitakh Stanford articles and writings, though, as it basically turns the premises these Law of One-students work with, upside down - saying reality is created by "darkness" as she calls it. It's a very interesting difference between these two, because both "camps" to put it like that, have viewpoints (about the very core of our reality) which in various ways seem plausible. But they also contradict eachother. To be honest, I'm not totally sure what to make of it all.

It's not unlikely that darkness has created this "illusion of a reality" we live within, but at the same time, I've been a long-time adherent to philosophies who talk about the oneness of all, and say that (essentially) because creator created this All out of *himself* - we are also part of that Oneself, as well, not separate from it. I find both viewpoints to be possibly valid - but they are more or less mutually exclusive - what to make of it all, I don't know (for sure). My reply on your article about A. Stanford was prompted by the forementioned synchronicity though, which I found a little interesting. Wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on the issue.

Thank you for your time,


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