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Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider

"This is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and a "cure" would put a lot of people out of work."

[Editor's Note: There is not one idea expressed in this "confession" article that I have not written about and have repeated over and over again since I began this web site in 1996. Read the Introduction to this web site; read my Cancer page; or read The Drug Story and you will see the SAME information discussed in this article. How long will it take the people of this country to wake up to the reality of the "cancer industry"? How many more will NEEDLESSLY die because they are brain washed into believing that orthodox cancer treatment is the "best of the best," when the reality is that orthodox cancer treatment (chemo, radiation, or surgery) is the "worst of the worst"? Only a FOOL would submit himself to be so poisoned in the inteest of "curing" himself. Wake up America. Cancer "treatment" is a BUSINESS and business is Good -- as long as you keep buying into the lies and false promises of the cancer industry money changers. They only care about PROFITS; and profits flow from continual "treatments," not from cures. They're in it for the MONEY. Don't give them your money or your life. Learn to cure yourself of cancer with alternative medicine. Read the books of Dr Hulda Clark and take care of yourself...Ken]

by Geraldine Philips (
August 14, 2011

Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider (August 14, 2011)

I work for a "cancer research center" and I call it this only because that is in their actual name.

I have seen and read things that boggle the mind in the so-called treatment of folks over the years. The only explanation that I can offer is that once the "C" word comes into the conversation people become deaf and dumb to anything but what course to take to rid themselves of this horrible plague.

Treatment is akin to using leaches...and worse...but at a far far far greater price. Walk in without insurance coverage and see how much treatment you get.

Cap out your existing coverage in the middle of treatment...and treatment ceases. Immediately. This is and probably always has been about money.

I keep telling people to stop giving money to the "cancer research" because no one is frigging looking for a cure (we have several and they have been carefully hidden away from public view)...this is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and a "cure" would put a lot of people out of work.

NO ONE is seriously looking for a least not "serious academics"...the fringe nut cases are but of course those are the people who went into medicine as a means to help humanity and not become richer than god by next Thursday so that is a completely separate issue.

I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years, most of which has been closely associated with cancer research and treatment...when I was personally diagnosed with breast cancer, about 7 years ago, I was living in Phoenix. So, of course, I was referred to CTC post haste. CTC has the state mandate to treat cancer patients, with or without insurance and to this end gets large sums of money from the state to treat indigents.

That does not happen. Indigents get turfed. Quickly. Also, at one point I became suspicious of some physicians at CTC and did my own research...I found Ph.D researchers doing hands on breast and pelvic exams...researchers with no clinical training or experience. Does that matter? Ask your wife or sister or mother if they mind if a non doctor researcher does that? Probably they will say yes.

There was also a very long list of physicians who were in the country (not as students) who had not passed medical boards as required for all practicing physicians. They had been practicing for years and had no medical license. There were American doctors who had not passed medical boards, i.e. were not licensed physicians who were also practicing at CTC...they were treating patients (NOT as a student with faculty overview, independently), they were dispensing drugs...if they are not licensed physicians they are also not licensed to dispense anything stronger than aspirin)...but they were writing prescriptions and ordering medications including chemotherapy medications for patients unsupervised.

There were even unlicensed physicians who were doing surgery. (not only at CTC either). Unlicensed physicians are also filing insurance claims and if they are not licensed, filing an insurance claim for services rendered is fraud of the highest magnitude. I did my research well and I had lists of names and dates and the newspaper blew me off and would not cover the story. The TV stations did likewise. CTC buys a lot of advertising time and no one was willing to rock the boat on those advertising dollars. What a shock.

Held hostage? YOU BET...and you have no idea the depth to which this extends. Personally, I chose to not have surgery, not have chemotherapy and not have radiation (what and lose my waist length hair? I do not think so!)...I used excellent response and still have all the associated body parts (and the hair).


When you talk about being held hostage by cancer, you need to back up to the original diagnosis. Do you...or most folks...have any means to know or understand a diagnosis that you are given?

NO? What a surprise. are totally at the mercy of the hospital. When a doctor says cancer, you assume that he/she knows what they are talking about...a faulty assumption in some cases...and you assume that they know what is best to treat it...another faulty assumption.

The major industry that hospitals sell is not is education (or lack thereof) and blind faith in something you do not understand. This is true of lots of diagnoses besides cancer, it is just that cancer is the big money maker for most facilities...secondary to obesity which is coming up fast.

Hospitals are scary places for lots of reasons and mistakes are vastly more common than what you read or hear about. Everyone makes mistakes of course...doctors bury theirs...with the full knowledge and corporate cover up of the hospital administration. I can't wait to retire.

Geraldine Philips is the pen name of a worker in the cancer industry. Details have been changed to protect her anonymity.


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