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ZSL, Ken, Don Nicoloff Roundtable May Continue as Podcasts

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 25, 2011

ZSL, Ken, Don Nicoloff Roundtable May Continue as Podcasts (July 25, 2011)

I was talking with Don Nicoloff on the phone today and we talked about the idea of continuing our weekly recorded conversations with ZS Livingstone and myself as a podcast since Don Nicoloff is no longer affiliated with BBS Radio. The format of the recording will essentially remain the same as heard on the BBS radio archives and run about 1.5 hours. Not being tied to a fixed radio schedule, we could always run out the running time longer than 1.5 hours if the additional time were needed, but we both agreed that 1.5 hours (bearing in mind that there are no commercial, news, or station breaks) would cover about the same volume of material as heard on a 3 hour AM radio talk show, for example.

Don has the equipment and expertise to record a high fidelity program that should make for clean sounding audio. We may try to do a recording later this week. Audio archives are available for free on this web site and at Don Nicoloff's web site (to which I'll be posting links shortly).

Ken Adachi


Subject: podcast
From: Brian H
Date: Mon, July 25, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Glad to hear that you, Don N. and ZSL will continue to broadcast. Those shows are the best thing going on radio, for my money.

I'll be sending you my book very soon now. Hold on to your hat!


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