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Standing Strong ~ CostCo Cheers Boston Marathon Stand In Actor, Jeff Bauman
May 1, 2014

Standing Strong ~ CostCo Cheers Boston Marathon Stand In Actor, Jeff Bauman (May 1, 2014)

CostCo magazine photo layout and heart warming story here: 2014.pdf

Jeff Bauman CostCo mag cover May 2014 Jeff Bauman CosstCo nag May 2014

America has now been transformed into the Land of Staged, Hoaxed News: 9/11, school shootings, the Aurora Colorado theater shooting, the Sandy Hook hoax, the Boston Maraathon hoax, etc. The list goes on and on. What is the ultimate purpose hehind these staged events? To justify ever more draconian imposition by the (police) state upon personal liberties and privacy in order to devolve America into a communist, totalitarian state? Sure, but how is that being accomplished on the local level?

A good explanation comes from Clint Richardson in a cogent and insightful Youtube video presentation titled, "Common Core, Agenda 21, And Global Privatization," This video will help you better understand why we are repeatedly being bombarded with organized media deception and propaganda to support staged news events. He correctly states that America of the 18th, 19th, and 20th century no longer exists. All the stuff we were taught in school (or learned from the movies) in earlier decades about the nature of our govenment ("by and for the People"), the preservation of freedom, the Constitution, our "rights," etc. is, on a practical level, out the window (although we still have the courts, if peiple would only use them). America is controlled by elite, globalist corporations, and they have taken over all of the government and non government agencies (and officials) who are suppose to protect us from crime, fraud, fakery, and deception. We are collectively and systematically being dumbed down to accept decpetion, lies and fakery as authentic "news." It's a numbers game. Repeat and reinforce Big Whoppers often enough, and the majority of dumbed down sheeple who get their news from mainstream outlets, will come to accept it as true.

I distinguish the Jeff Bauman pictured above as "Donations Jeff" (having raked in over $800k in donations to date), while refering to the guy seen in the wheel chair at the Boston Marathon on April 15 2013, as "Boston Marathon Jeff." For my money, the Boston Marathon Jeff looks much more like Army Lt. Nick Vogt, than does Donations Jeff. You can see eight distinct discrepancies in their respective photographs in an article posted on May 10, 2013.

In these CostCo magazine photos, it looks like Donations Jeff has had some facial hair implants to make his moustache hair growth extend downward below the corners of his mouth to match the Fu Manchu style beard growth pattern of Nick Vogt. Look carefully at photos A and D below and you will notice that Donations Jeff moustache growth shadow now extends below the corners of his mouth. This wasn't the case in photos posted on the internet last year of Donations Jeff in which his moustache shadow growth does not dip below the corners of his mouth.

Donations Jeff photographed in the hospital                                                                                                                                                                                

Bauman in hospital Bauman from donation page photo D1 Bauman from donation page photo D2

Comparing Donations Jeff Bauman of May 2014 with Boston Marathon Jeff Bauman of April 15, 2013.

The obvious difference in Donations Jeff age, facial bone structure, facial fat, nose, eyebags, kinky v. straight hair, missing left pinky finger of Boston Marathon Jeff, and that pointed, indented left ear of Nick Vogt remain continuing obstacles for Fake News Factory minions to surmount.

A) CostCo May 2014 Jeff Bauman                                      B)  Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" April 15, 2013                   C)  Army Lt. Nick Vogt

CostCo Jeff Bauman Boston Marathon Jeff Baumanm1  Nick Vogt 

D) CostCo May 2014 Jeff Bauman                                       E) Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" April 15, 2013          F)  Army Lt. Nick Vogt
CostCo Jeff Bauman May 2014  Boston Jeff Bauman2 Nick Vogt   

G) Lt Nick Vogt at Army medals ceremony                                        H)  Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" on April 15, 2013 while laying on the ground

Lt Nucj Vogt medals ceremony Heff Bauman Boston Marathon Aoril 15 2013

Two critical comments surprisingly found posted to the Jeff Bauman Donations page

Crises actors collecting from unsuspecting donors. This is pure evil. You will get no help from the Justice department because Eric Holder has his part in the fake Boston Bombing. shame on FBI , Homeland Security, FEMA and the City of Boston for duping the public.

posted by Mark Boyer 14 days ago

JEFF BAUMAN IS FAKE HE DID NOT LOOSE HIS LEGS AT THE BOSTON BOMBINGS BUT IN AFGHANISTAN PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! Call your credit card company and chargeback any money donated to this scam!!!



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