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Current News Archives for 2009

From Ken Adachi, Editor Current News Archives from 2009

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Current News 2009

" ...And Let It Begin With Me" (Dec. 22, 2009)

Iodine And The Halogen Revolution (Dec. 22, 2009)

"Good News" (Dec. 21, 2009)

Avoid Bromilated Vegetable Oils in Breads & Baking Products (Dec. 16, 2009)

Bigger Nukes Being Detonated At Greater Depths by ZS Livingstone (Dec. 15, 2009)

Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping (Dec. 15, 2009)

Stopping Climate Gate is Up to YOU (Dec 15 2009)

'Unprecedented' Global Warming Shown To Be a Total Fraud (Dec 15, 2009)

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Interview, Dec. 9, 2009 (Dec. 11, 2009)

US State Dept Says British-Israel Evangelicals Quoting "Anti-Semitic" New Testament (Dec. 10, 2009)

Christmas & Window Dressing (Dec. 8, 2009)

Obama's Childhood Medallion & the Art of Genetic Engineering (Dec. 6, 2009)

Davenport, Iowa Police and City Attorney's Office Conspire to Cover-up Police Brutality (Dec. 4, 2009)

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Interview, Dec. 2, 2009 (Dec. 3, 2009)

Prof. James Duane Explains Why You Should NEVER Talk to Police Without an Attorney (Dec. 1, 2009)

Babies Given 'Heel Pricks' at Hospitals or Clinics Are Being DNA Mapped (Dec. 1, 2009)

British National ID Cards Now Ready for Willing & Naive Serfs; Others to Protest (Nov. 30, 2009)

Eisenhower's 1952 Birth-Certificate Fraud Revealed by Don Nicoloff (Nov 29, 2009) **Big Story**

Military Drills & Equipment Buildup in California (Nov. 28, 2009)

A Brief History of Astral Psychic Parasitism by ZS Livingstone (Nov. 28, 2009)

UK Readers: Buy Nothing Day, Nov. 28, 2009, at Hamilton House, Bristol (Where everything is FREE as we all lean to share)

Black Friday (Nov. 27, 2009)

More from the Mayan Jaguars (Nov. 25, 2009)

Dr Rashid Buttar Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, Nov. 25, 2009 (re. Cheerleader, Desiree Jennings)

Southern California Sylph Clouds Abound with Etheric Images (Nov. 24, 2009)

Return of the Mayan Jaguars ~ A Letter from Honduras (Nov. 24, 2009)

Ken Adachi Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, Nov. 23, 2009

Fort Hoodwinked Psyops to Keep Rolling? (Nov. 22, 2009)

Denmark's Yearly Dolphin Slaughter ~ Barbarous, Conscience-less, Inhuman (Nov. 18, 2009)

Ukraine, WHO and the Geopolitics of Swine Flu Panic by F. William Engdahl (November 17, 2009 )

Don Nicoloff Exposes the Many (CIA) Faces of Major Nidal Malik Hasan (Nov. 17, 2009) ***Explosive Information***

Fort Hood Flag Wavers: 9/11 Scapegoating, Act II by Ken Adachi (Nov. 16, 2009)

Major Hasan Of Fort Hood - A Patsy In A 'Drill' Gone Live? (Nov. 15, 2009)

Ken Adachi Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, Nov. 12, 2009 (Nov. 13, 2009)

Transmuting Flowers by ZS Livingstone (Nov. 13, 2009)

Dark Secrets of the AARP Finally Exposed (Nov 12, 2009)

Heavy Chemtrail Barage on Nov. 10, 2009 over Orange County, California (Nov. 11, 2009)

Putin's Russia- Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt by Henry Makow (Nov. 11, 2009)

Patsies in the News Today: As One Goes Down, Another Bobs Up by Ken Adachi (Nov. 10, 2009)

Pelosi’s Disastrous Health Care Plan (with videos) Nov. 9, 2009

Fort Hood Shootings 'Oddities' by Lori Price (Nov. 9, 2009)

The November 2009 Fort Hood Blood Drive (Nov. 7, 2009)

The Fort Hood Shootings (Nov. 5, 2009)

Letter to the FDA (Nov. 5, 2009)

Ken Adachi Radio Interview on Nov. 3, 2009 with Don Nicoloff (Nov. 4, 2009)

US Census And GPS Mapping ~ Big Brother at Your Door (Nov. 4, 2009)

ACTA -- A Patriot Act For the Internet (forward courtesy of Keith H) Nov 4 2009

Dutch Barter System Challenges Bankers from Henry Makow (Nov. 4, 2009)

Ban Anti-Psychotic Drugs (forward Keith H) Nov. 4, 2009

Mandatory Vaccinations to Be Required Under Socialist Healthcare Bill? (Nov. 3, 2009)

Concerned About Copenhagen Treaty and NWO Takeover (Nov. 3, 2009)

Canada's Bill C-6: Questions For MPs from Chris Gupta (Nov. 1, 2009)

Retired Constitutional Lawyer on Healthcare Bill:"Worse Than Expected" (Oct. 31, 2009)

Homeland InSecurity to Impose Internet Censorship During 'Pandemic'? (Oct. 30, 2009)

The History of the House of Rothschild by Andrew Hitchcock (Oct. 29, 2009)

Watford UK Parents Banned from Public PlayGrounds Until 'Checked' Says Local Mayor (Oct. 28, 2009)

The Continental Congress 2009 (Oct. 26, 2009)

Urban Shield: NWO RoboCops Training to Destroy America (Oct. 24, 2009)

Update on 'Messages from Matthew' (Oct. 24, 2009)

Nazi Pelosi Belittles Reporter Who Questions Constitutional Basis for Mandated Healthcare (Oct. 23, 2009)

Alex Jones' Latest Fear Mongering Epic, Fall of the Republic, is Now on YouTube (Oct. 22, 2009)

"October 25, 2009 - America's Date with Destiny" (Oct. 21, 2009)

Are Video 'Interviews" Being Faked with Computer Software? (Oct. 18, 2009)

The Beatles, Coleman, Adorno, and the Walrus (Oct. 17, 2009)

Derailing the Imposter's Communist Freight Train (Oct. 18,2009)

Confusing Sylphs with Project Blue Beam in Toronto Sky (Oct. 17, 2009)

The Mass Media as Human Pesticide by Henry Makow (Oct. 17, 2009)

Lord Monckton's Warning on Obama Sell-Out of US Sovereignty in Copenhagen in December, 2009 (Oct 15 2009)

James Casbolt, an Update (Oct. 15, 2009)

Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers: I Have Some Concerns by Ken Adachi (Oct 15, 2009)

Following Artificially-Created Quakes in the Pacific, Is It Now California's Turn? (Oct. 14, 2009)

Questioning the Obamas' Reptilian Baggage Photos (Oct. 14, 2009)

The Imposter's Nobel Peace Prize: When War is Peace & Lying is Truth (Oct. 12, 2009)

Fabricating the Pretext for War with Iran (Oct. 12, 2009)

Orgone Generators, Orgone Accumulators, and Karl Welz (Oct. 12, 2009)

The British Agent at Hitler's Ear by Henry Makow (Oct 12, 2009)

Obama's Parentage and Nationality (Oct. 11, 2009)

Why I believe that full UFO "Disclosure" is almost impossible for the U.S. or other governments (Oct. 10, 2009)

"The Origins of the Lucifer Story" (Oct. 9, 2009)

Self Discovery is the Only Discovery (Oct. 8, 2009)

Hollywood's Push to 'Normalize' Sex with Children (Oct 8, 2009)

House of Rep Cuts Their 'Workweek' to 2.5 Days; Salaries Unchanged, Budget Increased (Oct 7, 2009)

America Ruled by Satanists (The Rockefeller Bloodline) by Henry Makow (Oct. 7, 2009)

Vedic Astrologer Update: Sept. Recap & False Flag Dangers for October 2009 (Oct. 6, 2009)

Irish Lisbon Referendum Rigged? (Oct 6, 2009)

Congressional Leaders Fight Against Posting Bills Online (Oct. 6, 2009)

The Murder Of JFK Jr - Ten Years Later (Oct. 5, 2009)

"Everything is OK" ~ Street Satire, A Megaphone, and the Power of Love (Oct 3, 2009)

Is Interstate Barrier Construction Intended to Corral? (Oct. 3, 2009)

Lt. Ehren Watada Discharged (Oct. 2, 2009)

The Myth of Overpopulation as the Illuminati's Excuse for Genocidal Population 'Control' (Oct 2, 2009)

Nathaniel Kapner Warns of Zionist Plan for Gun Confiscation in America (Sep. 30, 2009)


Tsunami Hits American Samoa Following 8.0 Pacific Earthquake, 100 Killed (Sep. 30, 2009)

Hardin, Montana~ A Breaking Story (Sep. 30, 2009)

Were Illuminati Jews Responsible for Holocaust? by Henry Makow (Sep. 30, 2009)

Hotel California: Notes from Ken Adachi (Sep. 28, 2009)

Lamenting the America of Yesterday (Sep. 22, 2009)

E-mail Warns of Possible Chicago Nuke on September 22, 2009 (Sep. 21, 2009)

Dicyanin Googles, Visual Ray, Self Reliance, and "NEW4Y" (Sep. 20, 2009)

Idaho Observer's Don Harkins ~ In Memoriam (Sep. 20, 2009)

Prostate Cancer Survivor: "This comes from the heart" (Sep. 20, 2009)

Avoid the Red Cross (Sep 18, 2009)

Police to get access to classified military intelligence (Sep. 17, 2009)

Vedic Astrologer Sees Possibilities of Obama September Assasination (Sep. 17, 2009)

The Dreyfus Affair Was a Rothchild Psy-op by Henry Makow (Sep 17, 2009)

Transmutation Is Creating Minerals in the Earth's Crust by ZS Livingstone (Sep. 13, 2009)

Long Deceased 'bin Laden' Sends Another Tape (Sep. 13, 2009)

Note to an Unnamed Candidate for the US House of Represenatives by Ken Adachi (Sep 13, 2009)

Noam Chomsky Disciple Chastises Ken Adachi: "You have a long way to go" (Sep. 11, 2009)

Tim Hicks E-mails Being Altered by Dulce Hacker (Sep 11 , 2009)

Strange 'Military Exercises' Over Montreal City Center During Evening of Sept. 9, 2009 (Sep. 10, 2009)

"Subject: Dr. Hulda Clark" (Sep. 8, 2009)

Wage Slaves: Women Ponder Feminist Betrayal by Henry Makow (Sep. 9, 2009)

Colloidal Silver & Swine Flu: Dr. Mercola's Tacit Retreat (& A Short Tutorial) (Sep. 7, 2009)

Brice Taylor Comments on Michael Jackson's Mind Control Victimization (Sep. 7, 2009)

Dr. Hulda Clark Passed Away on Sep. 3, 2009 (Sep. 7, 2009)

Remembering Leslie Brockelbank and the Eugene, Oregon No-GWEN Project (Sep. 7, 2009)

Promoting Homosexuality as 'Normal': Lesbian Rangers on Campus by Henry Makow (Sep 5, 2009)

Dr Mercola on Colloidal Silver & Swine Flu (Sep 4, 2009)

September 9, 2009: An Occult Date That May Live in Infamy (Sep. 3, 2009)

YouTube: H1N1 Killer WHO Flu, Vaccine RFID Implants, Martial Law Rehearsals (Sep 3, 2009)

Citizens for Underground Base Disclosure (Sep. 2, 2009)

Ted Kennedy and the KGB (Aug. 31, 2009)

Doubts Persists About Gospel for Asia, Inc and Its Founder, K.P.Yohannan (Aug. 30, 2009)

Positive Knowing by Fred Gunn (Aug. 30, 2009)

Are These Hexagonal Crystal-like Arifacts Part Morgellon's Etiology? (Aug. 30, 2009)

Solving 9-11, Christopher Bollyn's explosive expose of the ultimate Inisde Job now on-line (Aug 28, 2009)

Dublin Sylphs Reveal Multiple Etheric Faces (Aug. 22, 2009)

White House Stages Montana 'Town Hall Meeting' at Remote Bozeman Airport Hangar (Aug. 22, 2009)

Chemtrails and General Jeremiah (Aug. 22, 2009)

Tim Hicks Timetable Update on Swine Flu Vaccine & U.S.Dollar OAug. 22, 2009)

Lessons In The Hegelian Dialectic By Niki Raapana (Aug 20, 2009)

Boost Mileage with Simple, Homemade Hydrogen Generator (Aug. 21, 2009)

How Not to Write an Essay (Aug. 20, 2009)

The Elite and Imperial Members of the US Legislature & the Hoi Pelloi (Aug. 20, 2009)

Collodial Silver and Nebulizer (Aug. 18, 2009)

Countering EMF Pollution & Defeating the NWO (Aug. 18, 2009)

Gateways to Satanism by ZS Livingstone (Aug. 18, 2009)

Steven Quayle's Message (Aug. 13, 2009)

Pamela Schuffert Seeks Financial Support (Aug. 13, 2009)

The 'Health Care' Bill (all 1017 pages): Amerika's Decent into the Communist Nightmare (Aug. 12, 2009)

Paradigm Observations, Universal Law, & Life as Opportunity by David Brandt (Aug. 12, 2009)

Tim Hicks Update Letter & Notes on Collective Thought to Stymie 'Swine Flu' Agenda (Aug. 10, 2009)

Neutralizing a TASER Gun Assault (Aug. 8, 2009)

Stimulus Money Going to FEMA? (Aug. 8, 2009)

Questions Regarding the Galactic Federation (Aug. 7, 2009)

Army Advertises for FEMA "Internment/Resettlement Specialists" (Aug. 7, 2009)

Chemtrails over Nanaimo, British Columbia (Aug. 4, 2009)

Tim Hicks's Obama Hit Dowse Draws Psychotronic/Black Magic Attacks (Aug. 1, 2009)

"Ban All Colloidal Silver Products, or Regulate Them as Drugs," says Friends of the Earth (Aug. 1, 2009)

***From 26,000 Miles in Space~***
Second Spacecraft Call-In from United Galactic Federation During Nicoloff/Adachi Radio Interview, July 28, 2009

HR 2749 Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009: Totalitarian Control of the Food Supply

Stop HR 2749 Food "Safety" Bill Now with Nationwide Phone Lobby (July 28, 2009)

Family Law: Men Are Kicked in the Teeth by Henry Makow (July 28, 2009)

Good News! New TASER Model Can Electrocute 3 People at Same Time -Without Reloading!

The Illuminati, Satanism, & The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) July 22, 2009

California Tsunami Prediction Telegraphs Engineered 'Catastrophy' (July 21, 2009)

***Breakthrough Appeal May Lead to New Trial & MacDonald's Exoneration***
Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Files Appeal Brief with Fourth Circuit Court (July 20, 2009)

Why The Bankers Love The Left by Henry Makow (July 20, 2009)

Bohemian Grove: Illuminated Politicos Meet for Annual Satanic Rituals (July 20, 2009)

How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Show (July 20, 2009)

Unite Against Hate Law Tyranny! by Rev. Ted Pike (July 20, 2009)

Senate Passes Hate Bill - Yet Democrats Compromise (July 20, 2009)

"Immigrants" and Welfare Costs to US Taxpayers (July 19, 2009)

Barack Obama: Who's Your Daddy? by Don Nicoloff (July 19, 2009)

New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny (July 18, 2009)

4th Grade School Teacher Unloads on the Imposter (July 18, 2009)

Cass Sunstein to Head Obama's CommiCzar of Free Speech Ministry (July 16, 2009)

Don Nicoloff's July 14, 2009 Radio Interview with Kathryn MacDonald, Wife of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald ~ Latest Developments (July 16, 2009)

Sylphs by ZS Livingstone (July 16, 2009)

Is the U.S. the Next Mexico? by Henry Makow (July 16, 2009)

Stand Up and Get in the Game (July 15, 2009)

"Karma and All That" (July 15, 2009)

The Truth About the Flu Shot (July 12, 2009)

Hydrogen Peroxide and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) July 12, 2009

Re. Forced Vaccination vs. Red/Blue List Roundups (July 12, 2009)

Ken Adachi's Two Part Radio Interview on the Dr Jeffrey MacDonald Case (July 11, 2009)

Should We Prepare for the Worst? by Henry Makow (July 11, 2009)

Global Warming Alarmism Enriches Gore, Bankrupts the Rest of Us (July 11, 2009)

Top 30 Countries Visiting E-Y from May to July 2009 (July 11, 2009)

Ken Adachi's Radio Interviews for July 2009 (July 10, 2009)

Jim Folsom (Freq. Device Dist.) July 13 San Diego Sentencing Postponed (July 10, 2009)

Bird Flu (Swine Flu) Hoax Exposed Parts 1 -12 with Dr A. True Ott

Rumours Swell that British Government Staged 7/7/05 Bus/Tube Bombings (July 6, 2009)

Dr. Hulda Clark: The Greatest Cancer Sleuth of Modern Times July 5, 2009)

Former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Reports from Israeli Jail (July 5, 2009)

** Update**
Tim Hick's Update on Staged Obama 'Assassination': Has Hit Date Moved up to July 8th? (July 4, 2009)

**Important Tutorial**
How to Fight Monsters and Win by Jack London (A Guidebook to Defeating Human, Alien, and Demonic Oppressors) July 4, 2009)

Don Nicoloff's Special Radio Talk on the Meaning and Metaphysics of Life ~ July 1, 2009

Tim Hicks Dowse: Obama 'Assassination' to be Staged in late July? (June 28, 2009)

Protests In Iran Capital 'Halted' by ZS Livingstone (June 27, 2009)

Wilber Seismograms Removed From IRIS Seismic Monitor Website by ZS Livingstone (June 19, 2009)

Marvin Smith: "your information was placed in my residential mail box" (June 18, 2009)

British Police TASER-Murder Nothingham Man Curled on Ground "Resisting" Arrest (June 17, 2009)

Sovereignty & The Uniform Commercial Code (June 16, 2009)

Inside the LC, Part 16 by Dave McGowan (June 16, 2009)

Gianni D Hayes: Ph.D, Radio Host, International Speaker, Author, Drug./Alcohol Tester & Spammer (June 16, 2009)

Canadian Jewish Congress Organized Nazi Party by Henry Makow (June 14, 2009)

Chipping U.S. Passports: Big Brother to Follow Wherever You Go (June 12, 2009)

Orgone Protector Pendants Help Young Father (June 10, 2009)

Professional Photographer Questions Obama's Reptilian 'Baggage' Photos (June 7, 2009)

America and the World’s ‘death knell’ – The Green Campaign (June 6, 2009)

Swine Flu: New Pandemic or Just Makin' Bacon? by Dr Tim O'Shea (June 6, 2009)

The Seven Nazi/Fascist 'Food Safety' Bills that Must be Stopped (June 6, 2009)

The 2009 Food ‘Safety’ Bills 'Harmonize' Agribusiness & Corporate Global Governance (June 6 2009)

Inside the LC: Part 15 by Dave McGowan (June 6, 2009)

The Continuing Saga of the Flying Pigs Pandemic Flu by F. William Engdahl (June 5, 2009)

The New Paradigm by Henry Makow (June 4, 2009)

Florida State Study Promotes Gardasil 'Benefits', Despite 32 U.S. Deaths to Date (June 4, 2009)

New Chembuster Owner Thrilled with Spectacular Sylph Show on June 2, 2009 (June 3, 2009)

A Note to the People of Britain (June 3, 2009)

Universal Planet Movers: Ice Ages by ZS Livingstone (June 3, 2009)

Swine Flu 2009 Is Weaponized 1918 'Spanish Flu' by A. True Ott (June 2, 2009)

Dr. Tim O'Shea's Vaccine & Autism Detox Summer Seminars in MN, NY, CA, & WA (June 2, 2009)

The United States Can't Tolerate Unbridled Immigration by Frosty Wooldridge (June 2, 2009)

The United States of Mexico (June 2, 2009)

La Corrida Clown (June 1, 2009)

The Bilderberg Group And What They May Be Planning by Stephen Lendman (June 1, 2009)

Radio Host Michael Savage Sues Napolitano Over "Rightwing Extremists" Targeting (May 30, 2009)

Ken Adachi's May 2009 Radio Interviews with Don Nicoloff (May 30, 2009)

Avian Flu/Swine Flu - Vaccination Fraud Debunked by Dr Len Horowitz (May 30, 2009)

Of Solutions, Optimism, & Positive Thinking (May 28, 2009)

Iran Sends Warships to Gulf of Aden (May 25, 2009)

North Korean Test Bomb or a Setup for War in Asia? by ZS Livingstone (May 25, 2009)

The Origins of World War Two by Jason Collett (May 24, 2009)

Mother-of-eight Colleen Hauser goes on run to stop court forcing son, 13, to have chemotherapy May 23, 2009)

"The Worst is Yet to Come!" (May 23, 2009)

Stan Tenen & the Meru Foundation v. Dan Winter (May 22, 2009)

Nazis and Child Protective Services (CPS) (May 20 2009)

Of the Annunaki, Channeled Reptilians & Distractive Psyops (May 20, 2009)

The FDA & 'Warnings' About 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (May 19, 2009)

The Colloidal Silver versus Ionic Silver 'Controversy' (May 19, 2009)

NWO: Front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny by Henry Makow (May 17, 2009)

How Intelligence Agencies and the NY Police Dept. Run Gang Stalking & Surveillance, Part 2 (May 17, 2009)

Raising Baby in America: What to Do? (May 15, 2009)

U.K. Sylphs, Chemtrails, Swine Flu Propaganda, & The Power of Focused Intent (May 15, 2009)

Animal Advocates Outraged by LA County Tolerance of Unfit Animal Shelter Director (May 15, 2009)

Chemtrail Spraying Abatement Noticed in Some Parts of North America (May 14, 2009)

NWO's Encroachment Growing Serious (May 13, 2009)

Majority of Government Actions Are Unconstitutional (May 13, 2009)

Rep. Alcee Hastings Bill Creates Detention Camps in U.S. for 'Emergencies' (May 13, 2009)

Report From an Orgone Jedi (May 10, 2009)

"Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica", Part 2 (May 9, 2009)

Orgone Protective Pendant Introductory Discount to End May 31, 2009 -Act Now (May 9, 2009)

Digitizing Life, A Theory About the Global Chemtrail Phenomenon (May 7, 2009)

Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America? (May 6, 2009)

" to learn more about the aliens and what they want to do with the humans" (May 6, 2009)

The Truth about Bird Flu, H5N1, Vaccines and AIDS (May 4, 2009)

The Swine behind the “Flu Pandemic'” pass Martial Law in Massachusett Senate (May 4, 2009)

The Day The Earth Stood Still by ZS Livingstone (May 3, 2009)

It's Always 1918 At The CDC (May 3, 2009)

Steven L. Anderson: The Gutsiest Man In America (Updated) April 28, 2009

The " Baxter Flu" Hysteria/Diversion Obscures Many Sins (April 28, 2009)

The Clandestine War Over the Food Safety Modernization Act (HR 875) April 28, 2009

The Mysterious Death of 21 Venezuelan Race Horses in Florida (April 28, 2009)

Colloidal Gold: "You make it sound like Dr. Clark is against it, yet I found this..." (April 27, 2009)

The Swine Flu Con, Take 2 (April 26, 2009)

Barack Obama: The Pictures Speak A Thousand Lies by Don Nicoloff (April 25, 2009)

Top 30 Countires Reading in April 2009 (April 25, 2009)

Dr Len Horowitz's Live H2O Concert Online, June 19-21, 2009 (April 24, 2009)

The Fabricated Bird Flu 'Pandemic', Vitamin C & Free Radicals (April 24, 2009)

The Bird Flu Hoax & The NWO Vaccine to 'Save' You (April 20, 2009)

Are Space-Based Lasers Cutting the Ice Shelves? (April 21, 2009)

HAARP-Generated Earthquakes on the Horizon for Iran and California? (April 20, 2009)

Arizona Border Patrol & DPS Thugs Deliver Checkpoint TASER Sermon to Young Pastor (April 18, 2009)

Susan Boyle Teaches the World a Lesson in Prejudgment (April 18, 2009)

Suppressed Pioneers of New Knowledge by David Brandt (April 16, 2009)

Barack & Michelle Reveal Reptilian "Baggage" at London Airport (April 15, 2009)

Former Italy President: "9-11 Was CIA/Mossad Operation" (April 15, 2009)

"Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica" (Apr. 12, 2009)

G-20 & Rothchild Banksters Installing New World Order (April 8, 2009)

13 More Innocents Die by Hand of Mind Contolled Shooter to Hasten Gun Control Legislation (April 5, 2009)

Do Reptilians have the right to kill us and drink our blood? (Apr. 1, 2009)

Financial 'Terrorism' ~ The Government as Highway Robbery Agents (Apr. 1, 2009)

Expectant Father Wants to Avoid Injections and Medications Associated with Hospital Delivery (Apr. 1, 2009)

Britain: Police Identify 200 Children as 'Potential Terrorists' (Apr. 1, 2009)

Assisting Others to Awaken by David Brandt (Mar. 31, 2009)

Will NWO Traitors Kick off Bird Flu 'Pandemic' Ruse in Ohio? (Mar. 31, 2009)

Norio Hayakawa Report on March 29 Dulce Conference (Mar. 31, 2009)

School Children Complain of Obama Worship During Lessons (Mar. 31, 2009)

"I'm thinking of going back to college".. (Mar. 30, 2009)

The U.S. Navy's Unrelenting War on Marine Mammals (Mar. 29, 2009)

The Federal Reserve "System" & Jewish Bankers (Mar. 28, 2009)

Missouri Highway Patrol Fascists Pull Back (for now) Mar. 29, 2009

H.R. 875: Tempest in a Teapot? (March 28, 2009)

U.K. Report: Chemtrail Resistance Fighter Affirms Effects of Orgone Generators & Sylphs (Mar. 25, 2009)

Britain's Jonathon Porritt Openly Calls for 50% Reduction in British Population (Mar. 25, 2009)

H.R. 45: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (Mar. 24m, 2009)

The Silent Massacre, Part 2 (Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America and Law Enforcement Complicity) by N. Kirkland (Mar. 21, 2009)

"Urgent" (Level 3 Sex Offender on the Prowl) Mar. 21, 2009

Demystifying The Meltdown by Jim Kirwan (Mar. 20, 2009)

Seeds - How to Criminalize Them (re: HR 875 'Food Safety') by Linn Cohen-Cole (Mar. 20, 2009)

Something Wicked this Way Comes (Contrived Bird Flu 'Pandemic') by A. True Ott (Mar. 20, 2009)

Is Organic Farming Killer Rep. Rosa DeLauro Becoming the Most Hated Woman in America? (I Hope So) Mar. 20, 2009

Rife-type device Distributor Convicted For Sale of “Unapproved” Medical Devices (Mar. 20, 2009)

U.S. Complicity in Mexican Drug Violence and Cross-Border Gun Running (Mar. 20, 2009)

24 hours Left to Register Complaint to Stop EPA from Regulating Colloidal Silver (Mar. 19, 2009)

Preparing For Civil Unrest In America By Michel Chossudovsky (Mar. 19, 2009)

The Silent Massacre, Part 1 (Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America and Law Enforcement Complicity) by N. Kirkland (Mar. 19, 2009)

Goodbye Farmers Markets, CSAs, and Roadside Stands by Linn Cohen-Cole (Mar. 19, 2009)

Inside the LC by Dave McGowan Part 14 (Mar. 19, 2009)

The Obamasburg Address by Alan Stang (Mar. 19, 2009)

Norio Hayakawa to Host Dulce Base Conference on March 29, 2009 (Mar. 18, 2009)

Chemtrails-induced "Freak Rainstorm" Kills Man in Northern California (Mar. 17, 2009)

Pelosi's Hate Bill Strategy by Rev. Ted Pike (Mar. 15, 2009) (**Urgent Action Required**)

When Is It Going To Be Enough, America? by Lorie Kramer (Mar. 16, 2009)

Bush to Speak in Calgary March 17, 2009 (Mar. 16, 2009)

(Barry Soetoro) Well is He or Isn't He? (Mar. 16, 2009)

Review of Whitley Strieber's Book, The Grays (Mar. 15, 2009)

Oath Keepers: Police & Miliary Who Will Defy the NWO Takeover of America (Mar. 16, 2009)

"I Am a Christian... What Can I do to Help?" (Mar. 15, 2009)

Questions about Alex Jones and Continental Congress 2009 (Mar. 15, 2009)

Banning Organic Farming & Regulating Home Gardening, HR 875 & S 425 (Mar. 13, 2009)

The Obama Deception in 12 Parts (Mar. 12, 2009)

Jeffrey MacDonald (Mar. 12, 2009)

Is Russia Beta Testing Project Blue Beam? (Mar. 12, 2009)

The American Cancer Society (March 11, 2009)

Increased Chemtrail Spraying & the Satanic "X" from David Brandt (Mar. 11, 2009)

Portable Plastic Wetting Bag for Hand Electrodes by Ken Adachi (March 2009)

Lowe's Building Supply Near Cleveland Sports Signs in Chinese & Russian ~ A Sign of Things to Come? (Mar. 8, 2009)

Dealing with Salmonella Infection While Pregnant (Mar. 8, 2009)

Eight Nukes in Twenty-Three Hours: March-5-6, 2009 by ZS Livingstone (Mar. 8, 2009)

Satanic Pentagram Chemtrail Spotted Over New Jersey (Mar. 8, 2009)

Sylphs & Cloudships by Dieter Braun (Mar. 8, 2009)

There's Nothing We Can Do? by David Icke (Mar. 8, 2009)

There Is Structure Deep In The Earth By ZS Livingstone (March 1, 2009)

The Fraud Of Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama) Feb. 28, 2009

Does the Chinese Military Plan a Nazi-Style 'Lebenstraum' Takeover of America? (Feb. 28,. 2009)

Has Obama Given Eminent Domain Over America to Red China? (Feb. 27, 2009)

The Future of Mental Health (Feb. 26, 2009)

Idaho Legislature Tells Feds to Back Off on Gun Control (Feb. 26, 2009)

"I am at my wit's end about looking for work" (Feb. 26, 2009)

The Dark Force Behind the Global Crisis (Feb. 26, 2009)

Pope Ratzinger Displays the Satanic Hand Sign (Feb. 23, 2009)

Michelle Obama Reveals Her Satanic 'Gang' Affiliation (Feb. 23, 2009)

Don Nicoloff Guest Host Tonight on RBN Radio~ Important Show (Feb. 23, 2009)

Extortion! The Real Reason for War and Depression by Henry Makow (Feb. 22, 2009)

Beck Electrifier versus The "Ultimate Zapper" (Feb. 22, 2009)

Chemtrail Spraying Schedule & Agenda Listed (Feb. 22, 2009)

North American Union & the State Sovereignty Shell Game Uncovered by Stefan Fobes (Feb. 21, 2009)

Hidden Spy Camera and Mic Found Inside Digital TV Conversion Box (Feb 18, 2009)

HuLu, A Quantum Leap in Electronic Mind Control & Manipulation by Dr. A. True Ott (Feb. 17, 2009)

Common Sense II: Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing by James Bartley (Feb. 17, 2009)

Sharp Edged "Z" Chemtrail Spotted over South Wales, UK (Feb. 16, 2009)

Are Cell Phone & Radio Transmissions "Mandated" to Go Digital as Well? (Feb. 16, 2009)

Bush Supporter Finds Fault with Ted Gunderson and Dr Jeffrey MacDonald (Feb. 15, 2009)

Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America? by Pam Schuffert (Feb. 15, 2009)

The Buffalo Aircrash & False Flag Op Planned During Spring Break? (Feb. 14, 2009)

Important News Tonight on Don Nicoloff's Radio Show, 10 PM PST (Feb. 13, 2009)

Was the Buffalo Aircrash a Diversion & a Psyops? (Feb. 13, 2009)

Obama Plans to Expand the "War on Terror' (Change you can believe in?) Feb. 11, 2009

Fort Detrick Trick (Feb. 10, 2009)

Babara Hand Clow (Feb. 10, 2009)

"Did You Know?" ~ A Letter from Shawn (Feb. 9, 2009)

21 States Now Planning or Have Declared State Sovereignty (Feb. 9, 2009)

A Beast Grows in Britain: Travelers Movements Now Recorded (Feb. 8, 2009)

'Global Warming' Greenhouse Theory Disproved 100 Years Ago (Feb. 7, 2009)

Infil-traitor Cheney Warns of Next Mossad/CIA/MI6 'Terrorist' Attack (Feb. 7 2009)

What to Do to STOP the Globalist Takeover of America? (Feb. 6, 2009)

National Media Blackout: Nine States Propose Bills Declaring Sovereignty (Feb. 5, 2009)

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons & Their Nazi Guards (Feb. 5, 2009)

The Illuminati Christian Impersonator by Henry Makow (Feb. 5, 2009

Israeli Infil-traitor Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America (Feb. 5, 2009) video

Death by Gun Control (Feb. 5, 2009)

Martial Law exercises in New Orleans (Feb. 5, 2009)

White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens (Feb. 4, 2009)

Israeli Spokesman Says We Control 'Stupid' Americans (Feb. 4, 2009)

The War on Terror Is a Hoax by Paul Craig Roberts (Feb. 4, 2009)

Washington State Legislators Follow New Hampshire with Own Sovereignty Bill H-1028.1 (Feb. 4, 2009)

New Hampshire Sovereignty: Live Free or Die by Philip N. Ledoux (Feb. 4, 2009)

Breaking the U.N.'s Code X (Codex Alimentarius) By Robert Singer (Feb. 4, 2009)

"Heroes" TV Show: In-Your-Face Psyops? (Feb. 4, 2009)

High Treason, New Tracks, JPL & "Aero Gel" (Feb. 3, 2009)

Questions on the NWO from Vadim in the Ukraine (Feb. 2, 2009)

Alex Baldwin's Hulu Commercial Aired During Superbowl (Feb. 2, 2009)

Australian Internet Censorship, John Searle's Free Energy Machine, & Rudolf Hess (Feb. 2, 2009)

Possible False Flag Nuke at Today's Super Bowl? (Feb. 1, 2009)

Ed Dames, Doomsday, and the Coming "Kill Shot" (Feb. 1, 2009)

The Short, Happy Life of the Shoe That Went Around the World (Jan. 31, 2009)

Allies Contact Sheet = NWO Hit List? (Jan. 31, 2009)

Orgone Accumulators versus Orgone Generators (Jan. 31, 2009)

Egregore (Jan. 29, 2009)

Clearing Gum Infections (Jan. 29, 2009)

More Evidence that Mandatory HD TV Conversion is a Set Up for Mind Control Psychotronics (Jan. 26, 2009)

Reason & Laughter (Jan. 28, 2009)

Representative Government by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone (Jan. 26, 2009)

Connelly's Nephew Confirmed that JFK was Shot by Secret Service Agent Driving the Limo (Jan. 26, 2009)

Inside the LC, Part 13 by Dave McGowan (Jan. 26, 2009)

New Age Deception and Illuminati Symbolism Posted on the E-Y Forum (Jan. 26, 2009)

Sylphs, Etheric Images, & Chemtrails (Jan. 25, 2009)

"A Few Questions for You" (Jan. 25, 2009)

The NWO "Team" Grows Under Infil-traitor Obama (Jan. 25, 2009)

Norio Hayakawa to Host Dulce Conference, March 29, 2009 (Jan. 24, 2009)

Vicki Crawford & the CYS Children Destroyers of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Jan. 23, 2009)

Mystery Prison Buses in the Desert by Ellen Brown (Jan. 23, 2009)

The Ultimate Scheme of Things (Jan, 22, 2009)

Michael Hoffman's "Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts" by Henry Makow, (Jan. 22, 2009)

Dowser Warns of Possible San Fancisco Earthquake on Jan. 22, 2009 (Jan. 21, 2009)

Digital TV & Mandatory RFID Microchipping (Jan. 20, 2009)

Stunning Minnesota Sylph Show (Jan. 19, 2009)

Astounding Sylph Images Video Taped over Spain's Pyrenees Mountains (Jan. 19, 2009)

Chemtrails (& Sylphs) in Las Vegas/Henderson (Jan. 19, 2009)

The "government" is NOT the American people (Jan. 18, 2009)

Show-down at the Kol Shofar Synagogue: An Expose on Jewish Racism By Arthur Topham (Jan. 17, 2009)

"Pandemic Flu" News by Dr. A. True Ott (Jan. 16, 2009)

Release of Bin laden (dead since Dec 2001) "tape" ALWAYS Preceeds False Flag Event (Jan. 16, 2009)

Gaza's Tale: The Testing of a God, the Sacrifice for a Union by Stefan Fobes (Jan. 16, 2009)

Codex Alimentarius: Big Brother's Plan to Control Health Supplements (Jan. 15, 2009)

Assessing the Bush Legacy (Jan. 14, 2009)

Six US Cities Possible Targets of False Flag Ops Before Obama Takes Office (Jan. 13, 2009)

Gaza: Might Does Not Make Wrong Right (Jan. 13, 2009)

Thou Shalt Not Protest to Texas (Bellaire) Police Thugs Lest Ye Get Capped (Jan 12, 2009)

Video Shows San Francisco Subway Cop Killing Unarmed, Defenseless Black Man Pleading to Not Taser Him (Jan. 10. 2009)

Unplugging the New World Order by Henry Makow (Jan. 10, 2009)

Coping with An Alien Presence, Part 1 by Ken Adachi (Jan. 4, 2009)

Time to Tell the Truth About Israel-Without Fear of the Mind Police by David Icke (Jan. 4, 2009)

"I do NOT believe they planned 9/11. No way" (Jan. 4, 2009)

A Course in Miracles: "What's Your Opinion?" (Jan. 2, 2009)

Stew Webb Exposed by Pamela Schuffert (Jan. 1, 2009)

"A couple of questions regarding Anna Hayes and Genesis 2012" (Jan. 1, 2009)

A New Year's Eve Message of Hope (Dec. 31, 2008)

COINTELPRO Deceptions on the Internet-HARTWELL of the CIA by Pam Schuffert (Dec. 31, 2008)

Tom Heneghan & The Temple of Doom (Including On-scene Reports from Sorcha Faal to her Russian Readers) Dec. 30, 2008

Don Nicoloff Talks Tonight with NY Atty Carl Pearson about Solutions to the NWO Enslavement Agenda (Dec. 30, 2008)

Illuminati Reveal Their Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda by Henry Makow (Dec. 28, 2008)

Fear Promotion & the Engineered 'Economic Collapse' (Dec. 28, 2008)

Gang Stalking: My Personal Story, by Stefan Fobes (Dec. 27, 2008)

Bailing Out of the USA (Dec. 26, 2008)

"Actionable Disinformation" Re: Rima Laibow, Albert Stubblebine, & Sounds of Silence (Dec. 24, 2008)

"Just to let you know" (Dec. 19, 2008)

A Note from MIT's Harold S. Kramer (Dec. 19, 2008)

Writer Corroborates OJ Simpson's Frame Up in Original Trial (Dec. 18, 2008)

The California 'Wild Fires' Scam: Deliberate Ineptitude or 'Emergency' Funding Bonanza? (Dec. 17, 2008)

Nutri Energetics Systems: A 'New' Development? (Dec. 17, 2008)

Hemp Oil: Another Suppressed Cancer Cure & Incredible Panacea! (Dec. 16, 2008)**Must see video**

Afghanistan: Chapter III and The Pakistan Deception by Stefan Fobes (Dec. 15, 2008)

The Bush Shoe-Throwing Incident in Iraq: A Brief Moment of Honesty (Dec. 15, 2008)

Boycott & Trashing the Boob Tube: An Idea to take Flight? (Dec. 14, 2008)

The Sound of Silence: The Antithesis of Freedom by A. True Ott, PhD, ND (Dec 12, 2008)

** New** Orgone Protector Pendants**
A New Series of Protective Pendants and a Special Warrior's Talisman for Soldiers in Combat Zones

Reversing Alheimer's with Nutritional Supplements (Dec. 10, 2008)

En Route to Global Occupation by Gary Kah (Dec. 10, 2008) Blocked in Dubai, UAE for "Prohibited Content" (E.g. Unsettling Truths) Dec. 9, 2008

Israeli Nazis Block Relief Ship Trying to Reach Gaza as the "New Warsaw" Seige Deepens (Dec 8, 2008)

Erecting the Ministry of Truth (& destroying Christianity) Brick by Brick (Dec. 8, 2008)

The Election Of The Greatest Con-Man In Recent History (Dec. 8, 2008)

Firefighters for 9-11 "You're Seven Years Too Late" (Dec. 7, 2008)

"Rooster Nest" Strikes back re: "Join me in solving the climate crisis" from Oct. 18 (Dec. 7, 2008)

British Citizens Organize Conference To Resist Big Brother Tyranny (Dec. 7, 2008)

Mumbai Rights Group Peg Al-Qaeda as CIA/MOSSAD Front in June 2007 (Dec. 7, 2008)

The Fraud of 'The Universal Declaration on Human Rights' (Dec. 7, 2008)

New Jersey's Sen. Lautenberg Shields ADL/MOSSAD Spying on Americans (Dec. 7, 2008)

NBC Lies in Obama Birth Certificate Story (Dec. 7,. 2008) ~ video

OJ Simpson "Finally" Sentenced to 18 Years: Just Desserts? (Dec. 5, 2008)

Chemtrail Poisoning: A Decade Long Global Genocide Operation (Dec. 5, 2008)

Colloidal Silver versus Gold in the Body (Dec. 4, 2008)

Dietary Healing ~ Applying the Gerson Diet at Home (Dec. 4, 2008)

The Long Trail of Zionist Sponsored Terrorism Against Civilian 'Enemies' and "Allies" (Dec. 4, 2008)

The Great Depression II: Are We Being Played? (Dec. 3, 2008)

Through The Eyes Of An Ant by Red Elk (Dec. 3, 2008)

Nine Arctic Nukes Exploded in Eighteen Hours by ZS Livingstone (*Update, Dec. 2, 2008)

Charging Water for Health and Healing by Drew (Dec. 1, 2008)

Alternative Medicine (Dec. 1, 2008)

Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo: Idea of a Jewish people invented, Says Historian (Nov. 30, 2008)

Vitamin C & Lysine for Heart Disease (Nov. 29, 2008)

Avoiding a Marriage Licence And Still Be Legally Married (Nov. 28, 2008)

The False Flag 'Attack' in Mumbai (Nov. 28, 2008)

Inside the LC, Part 12 by Dave McGowan (Nov 27, 2008)

Chemtrails and Aliens, What's the Deal? (Nov. 27, 2008)

Bankers Bailout: The Greatest Taxpayer Rip-Off in History (Nov. 26, 2008)

False Flag Jitters: A Convenient Diversion for White House Criminals (Nov. 26, 2008)

Ascension 101: Awakening to a Greater Reality ( Nov. 26, 2008)

California "Wild Fire" Drills (Updated Nov 26, , 2008)

Crisis? What Crisis? by Dave Fryett (Nov. 26, 2008)

Mental Weather Modification (Nov. 25, 2008)

Caving in to Consensus Propaganda in UK's Halls of Academic Freedom (Nov. 25, 2008)

Gypsy Moth Spraying & Increased Chemtrails in Southern California (Nov. 23, 2008)

Interesting Essay on Doomsayers & Ego Control by Neil Kramer (Nov. 23, 2008)

Barack Obama: The Naked Emperor by David Icke (Nov. 23, 2008)

HD TV Ads: Who's Paying? (Nov. 19, 2008)

Nine Arctic Nukes Exploded in Eighteen Hours by ZS Livingstone (Nov. 19, 2008)

True Believers and the Alien Rapture (Nov. 19, 2008)

Sylph Chicken Spotted Over Galveston Farm (Nov. 18, 2008)

California's False Flag Fires (Nov. 18, 2008)

The Six Stages of America's Decline ( Nov. 18, 2008)

NY Times Article Addresses Psychotronic Torture & Harassment (Nov. 18, 2008)

Chinese Victims Of Directed Energy And Neurological Weapons (Nov. 18, 2008)

California "Wild Fire" Drills (Nov. 16, 2008)

British Gals Will Stage Anti-NWO Paris Protest Dec. 6-10, 2008 (Nov. 13, 2008)

Resisting the NWO: What to Do? (Nov. 13, 2008)

"Copyright" and E-mail Letters Sent to The Editor (Nov. 13, 2008)

Inside the Laurel Canyon, Part 11 by Dave McGowan (Nov13, 2008)

An Obama Cabinet: All the King's Men (Nov. 13, 2008)

Blood Electrification & Cured AIDS Testimonials (Nov 12, 2008)

View from the Poop Deck of America's Ship of State (Nov. 5, 2008)

Voting Out The NWO Congressional Rats (Nov. 3, 2008)

How to Rebel & Fight Against the NWO (in two short paragraphs) Nov. 2, 2008

Australian Relays Horror of Psychotronic Torture & Harassment (Nov. 2, 2008)

Oh, But to Act & Think Like a Follower of Christ (Nov. 2, 2008)

New Hampshire Republicans Told to Stand Down for Obama? (Nov. 2, 2008)

The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 3 by Franz Erdl (Nov. 2, 2008) GErman flag

The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 2 by Franz Erdl (Oct. 31, 2008) German flag

The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 1 by Franz Erdl (Oct. 31, 2008) German flag Spanish flag

Pre-election Nuke Scares Exposed by Stefan Fobes (Oct. 31, 2008)

Zeitgeist Addendum ~ Another Slick Psyops (Oct. 30, 2008)

Looking for more information about the Global Conspiracy (includes Zeitgeist Addendum) Oct. 30, 2008

Arianna Huffington & 'Keeping It Family' (Oct. 29, 2008)

Obama Must Stand Up Now or Step Down (Oct. 29, 2008)

Leaving E-Y Forum Due to "Racist" Posts & "GOP Trolls" (Oct. 29, 2008)

The Obama Campaign Logo Unmasked by Stefan Fobes (Oct. 29, 2008)

Obama didn't write 'Dreams from My Father' (Gasp!) Oct. 28, 2008

"Obama Will Be One of The Greatest (and Most Loved) American Presidents" (Oct. 28, 2008)

CAFR 'Off-Budget Incomes DWARF 'Budget Deficits' (Oct. 28, 2008)

Brilliant Overiew from Henry Makow: The NWO Conspiracy Summarized in Two Pages (Oct. 27, 2008)

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