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Ken Adachi Threatened with Crypto Photo

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
October 6, 2008

Ken Adachi Threatened with Crypto Photo (Oct. 6, 2008)

Threat Photo inserted into my hard driveI returned to my computer screen this morning after getting some food in the kitchen to find that my PhotoShop program was remotely opened and a photo of a white man being assaulted and subdued by what appears to be flak-suited "security" or police thugs. I never saw the photo in my life and I certainly didn't download it. Somehow, our NSA or CIA or military or MI6 friends are able to insert the photo into my "cn" folder (Current News) on my hard drive and then remotely opened up PhotoShop for me so I could get the message.

It's not the first time that I had a photo inserted into my hard drive. I discovered one about 6 years ago of what looked like a very old version of a small nuclear bomb. I just came across it by accident with a photo program that displays all the photos in your hard drive. I removed it of course, but it told me that I was annoying them enough to set me up for some sort of bogus prosecution under the Patriot Act.

As to why I've suddenly became a target of crypto threats after posting anti-NWO material for over ten years, I have to assume that it's the James Casbolt book chapters and his interviews that I'm re-posting at this web site that has so riled our covert government friends. Just in case something happens on my end, you can always access all of James' material from his own web site, . Originally, I thought James' web site would be taken down quickly and sabotaged continuously, but he apparently has enough friendly alien help that he's not so easily taken out.

While we're on the subject of cyber threats and the manufacturing of phony "evidence", I recently heard a radio interview that Don Nicoloff did with a former peace officer (I'll find the show and insert a link here) who reminded the listening audience that the government possesses computer technology that allows a person's voice to be duplicated exactly and that person could be "recorded" saying anything that the black op manipulators want him to say and that in turn could be entered as "evidence" into a court proceeding and subsequently cause that person to be convicted of a "crime" that he never even though about, let alone actually committed. This is the same technology that they used for those phony "cell phone calls" from those brave passengers on Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Remember? The plane that "crashed" in Pennsylvania before all of those courageous passenger warriors could subdue those nasty Arab hijackers who were holding them at bay with a one inch long box cutter knife?

Any psychics, or remote viewers, or dowsers out there who want to look at this and tell me who's behind it are welcome to write: me at <pitari(at)> (remove the "(at)" and replace with the symbol, and no spaces).

Also, if any computer security experts out there could tell me how to prevent similar access and surreptitious insertions of photos or other data into my hard drive, I would be most grateful for that information as well.

Thanks, Ken Adachi

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