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Handcuffed 20 Yr. Old Florida Woman's Life Reduced to Vegetable Thanks to TASER Happy, Overweight, Lazy Copopath~Cleared of All Wrongdoing

From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 13, 2012

Handcuffed 20 Yr. Old Florida Woman's Life Reduced to Vegetable Thanks to TASER Happy, Overweight, Lazy Copopath (Mar. 13, 2012)

On September 19, 2011, 20 year old Danielle Maudsley was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) for being involved in two misdemeanor traffic incidents and reportedly driving without a license. Police said she had cocaine and oxycodone in her system when she ran out the back door of a Florida Highway Patrol substation with 267 pound FHP Officer Daniel Cole in slow trotting pursuit. When 100 pound Danielle was about three feet distance from Officer Cole, Cole shot her in the back with 50,000 volt TASER darts which caused her to spin around and fall on her back, hitting her head hard on the pavement when she landed.

Thanks to Cole's decisions, Danielle Maudsley's life was ended for her within two minutes of hitting the pavement. .

While she will continue to breath, she is brain dead and will no longer know the everyday events which you and I experience and take for granted as the very essence of what it means to "enjoy" life and to be alive. Her body may continue to live, but her life is gone forever.

Within a few days of the Sept. 19, 2011 TASER incident, Officer Daniel Cole was cleared of all "wrongdoing":

"The Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted an independent review of the incident," FHP spokesperson Sgt. Steve Gaskins said. "Their investigation found that the trooper's actions were legal and within the scope of his duties."

When you see the video clips below, ask yourself if there is any legitimate and reasonable justification for this psychopathic, inhumane, conscienceless, overweight, flat-footed slob of a cop, to have ended this girl's life with a TASER weapon, when any adult male cop in reasonable physical condition, could have EASILY overtaken her and simply grabbed her to stop her from fleeing?

You can see from the dashboard video that the girl is not capable of running that fast, but Cole isn't even RUNNING; he's TROTTING, and doing it in a very flat-footed manner. It's obvious to anyone with eyes that Cole is too OVERWEIGHT and too OUT OF SHAPE to actually run after her, so he finds it much more convenient to simply shoot her in the back with the TASER darts, rather than exert himself anymore than he already had. Since he's a psycho-sociopath, he has absolutely no concern whatsoever about the pain and suffering he will inflict upon this young 20 year old waif of a woman, because he just doesn't want to exert himself anymore than he has to during his shift. Accommodating his LAZINESS and lack of physical conditioning is FAR more important to him than is this girl's life or well being.

The first video clip only shows a portion of the first two minutes in which Officer Fleet Foot is berating the girl (who is withering in pain) after shooting her with these astute questions: "What were you thinking? What are you, stupid?

The full length video version of the first two minutes is seen in the second (B) video clip below. In the third (C) video, Officer Jack LaLanne is seen attempting to explain away his inhumane and barbaric assault upon this young girl with the most insipid and contrived "explanations" possible.

A) Press TV report of the TASER shooting with insightful commentary from Tighe Barry


B) Danielle Maudsley tazing video UPDATED with photos of aftermath


C) Explaining away the inexcusable

Question: "Had you considered that she may fall on the hard asphalt and hurt herself?"

FHP Officer Daniel Cole: "No"

Question: " Did you think she was capable of out running you?"

FHP Officer Daniel Cole: "Yes, she was already out running me"



There are many hundreds of people in the United States that have been killed because of the use of TASER weapons, usually surrounding very minor and insignificant incidents involving the police. This weapon needs to be BANNED, across the country, permanently and forever. It won't happen unless ordinary citizens get involved and MAKE it happen. The police will apparently never acquire a heart or a sense of humanity or decency in the foreseeable future; the politician will never acquire moral fortitude, or courage (or a brain); so only YOU, the average Joe Blow citizen can stop this unnecessary and stupid carnage.

Ken Adachi


Police with TASERS: Sanctioned Torture & Summary Execution In America (June 27, 2005)

Amnesty International: Aftershocks of 'Non-lethal' TASER Guns (Jan. 6, 2009)

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Amnesty International Urges Stricter Limits on Police Taser Use as U.S. Death Toll Reaches 500.

[Note from Ken Adachi: I suspect that the death toll from the use of TASER guns in the USA is much higher than 500. Based on the number of TASER deaths that I discovered by searching the internet in 2005, the death toll is likely well over 1,000 and possibly closer to 2,000. The only way to determine a more accurate figure is to search the internet for newspaper accounts of TASER deaths. This needs to be done state by state, month by month and year by year. It's tedious work, but if anyone is willing to take the time to do this research, it will bear much fruit, I'm certain. You cannot rely on police reporting to accurately determine how many people are killed with TASER guns. The FBI in recent decades were known for under-reporting, and in some cases, NOT repotting certain crime statistics, such as those of "missing" kids. Can we expect greater honesty on the part of police departments when it comes to TASER deaths?].

February 15, 2012

Contact: Suzanne Trimel, strimel@aiusa.org, 212-633-4150

(New York) -- Two days after the death of a Georgia man who was shocked with a police Taser -- raising the known death toll from tasers to 500 in the United States -- Amnesty International today repeated its call for tighter limits on police use of the weapons.

According to data collected by Amnesty International, at least 500 people in the United States have died since 2001 after being shocked with Tasers either during their arrest or while in jail. Amnesty International recorded the largest number of deaths following the use of Tasers in California (92), followed by Florida (65), and Texas (37). The Oklahoma City Police Department led all law enforcement agencies in deaths (7) following by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Harris County Sheriff’s (Tx), Phoenix, Az and San Jose, Ca., all with six deaths.

On Monday, Johnnie Kamahi Warren was the latest to die after a police officer in Dothan, Al. deployed a Taser on him at least twice. The 43-year-old, who was unarmed and allegedly intoxicated, reportedly stopped breathing shortly after being shocked and was pronounced dead in a hospital less than two hours later.

"Of the hundreds who have died following police use of Tasers in the United States, dozens and possibly scores of deaths can be traced to unnecessary force being used," said Susan Lee, Americas program director at Amnesty International. "This is unacceptable, and stricter guidelines for their use are now imperative."

Strict national guidelines on police use of Tasers and similar stun weapons – also known as Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs) – would effectively replace thousands of individual policies now followed by state and local agencies.

Police forces across the United States currently permit a wide use of the weapons, often in situations that do not warrant such a high level of force.

Law enforcement agencies defend the use of Tasers, saying they save lives and can be used to subdue dangerous or uncooperative suspects. But Amnesty International believes the weapons should only be used as an alternative in situations where police would otherwise consider using firearms.

In a 2008 report, USA: Stun weapons in law enforcement, Amnesty International examined data on hundreds of deaths following Taser use, including autopsy reports in 98 cases and studies on the safety of such devices.

Among the cases reviewed, 90 percent of those who died were unarmed. Many of the victims were subjected to multiple shocks.

Most of the deaths have been attributed to other causes. However, medical examiners have listed Tasers as a cause or contributing factor in more than 60 deaths, and in a number of other cases the exact cause of death is unknown.

Some studies and medical experts have found that the risk of adverse effects from Taser shocks is higher in people who suffer from a heart condition or whose systems are compromised due to drug intoxication or after a struggle.

"Even if deaths directly from Taser shocks are relatively rare, adverse effects can happen very quickly, without warning, and be impossible to reverse," said Lee. "Given this risk, such weapons should always be used with great caution, in situations where lesser alternatives are unavailable."

There are continuing reports of police officers using multiple or prolonged shocks, despite warnings that such usage may increase the risk of adverse effects on the heart or respiratory system.

Deaths in the past year include Allen Kephart, 43, who died in May after he was stopped by police for an alleged traffic violation in San Bernardino County, Ca. He died after three officers shocked him up to 16 times. The officers were later cleared of wrongdoing.

Last November, Roger Anthony fell off his bicycle and died after a police officer in North Carolina shot him with a stun gun. The officer reportedly shocked Anthony – who had a disability and hearing problems – because he did not respond to an order to pull over.

Neither man was armed when police shocked them.

"What is most disturbing about the police use of Tasers is that the majority of those who later died were not a serious threat when they were shocked by police," said Lee.


Subject: Crying for Danielle; praying for justice.
From: BP
Date: Thu, March 15, 2012
To: Ken ADachi

Oh, Ken;

Thank you for bringing this to my attention...How awful. I looked at the cop's picture; definitely brain-fogged, bless him...but 50,000 volts...totally unnecessary...in some of the new books I am reading, it is said that there are no victims, that folks make these choices...IF Danielle made this choice, it may be to bring this particular topic to the Light. I believe Danielle can recover...the whole "vegetative state" can be changed, and the docs need to stop bone-pointing, as does Ken, her lawyer. While the cop demonstrated spectacularly sloppy, and mindless(!) control of a fugitive, yhere is evidence that both he and Danielle can "Come back to Life".

My references for the above stunners of statements come from authors Gill Edwards, Robert Scaer, M.D., Peter Levine, and Stephanie Mines. I'd be happy to send you the books.

Regards, keep it up; truth will always out...thanks for continuing to tell it.



Hello Lady P,

Sure, I'd be interested in reading the books. Thanks

As far as this girl recovering, the likelihood or probability is low, very low. If they say she's brain dead, that means zero cortical functions. Usually those folks don't come back, but a miracle recovery is always possible.

As far as the cop goes, he's typical of the inappropriate and morally/emotionally/psychologically unqualified individuals that have now thoroughly infiltrated the ranks of police departments across America. He was chosen for the job precisely because he's a psycho-sociopath who has no qualms at all when it comes to hurting people, even tiny women or children. He's a thug with a badge. ln fact, he thinks that it's "his job" to act like a thug because that's how he was TRAINED to behave. They WANT Robocops, who will do whatever vicious, inhumane, despicable act of torture they were taught during "training"amd not think twice about it.

The NWO planners see to it that police chiefs are chosen who will play ball with them. That's how you wind up with people like William J. Bratton or Charles Beck here in Los Angeles. They are always on the Six O'Clock News or being interviewed on NPR radio, etc. They both epitomize the thoroughly owned NWO police chief sell-out who will follow any dictate that his NWO superiors tell him to follow. You have plenty of them in England as well.

Police chiefs who don't cooperate are given heart attacks or they become victims of psychotronic assault or they are set up to be framed in some way so they will bow out and a NWO "man" takes his place. The NWO Chief then gets in bed with all of the federally funded training "programs" because there are big federal dollars at the end of that federal training rainbow and all the sell-out whores in the police department training pipeline enjoy special bonuses, perks, overtime galore, etc. For them, it's a Money Maker. For us, it's a police state takeover of what was once a Land of Freedom and judicious treatment by police.

People like Daniel Cole should not be cops. He clearly lacks the emotional maturity, morality,and intellectually capacity to judiciously and carefully and properly handle the power that he has been given over the pubic's welfare and security. Cops are suppose to SERVE and PROTECT the public; not maim, brutalize, torture, or kill defenseless citizens.

Regards, Ken


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