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Illegal Immigration-Reality Behind the Smokescreen of Apologists
February 28, 2007

Note from Ken Adachi-

I  only had the chance to briefly scan the chapters of this twelve part series titled The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration before posting the original url of this article on my Current News web page. Afterwards, I had a chance to read it in more depth and I came upon some recommendations to address the problem of  illegal aliens in America that I do not agree with.

While I'm in favor of erecting a fence across the southern border of the United States, I'm utterly opposed to amy further erosion of liberty and privacy for Americans by the imposition of a national ID system called the Real ID Act. I'm also opposed to any other fascist solution to the Illuminati/Zionist-created illegal immigration issue that negatively impacts upon the lives of American citizens under the pretext of 'solving' the problem of illegal aliens. We can stop illegal aliens from pouring into this country and deport those who are here illegally without resorting to Nazi ID systems or fascism. Other than that reservation, I find the information presented in this article to be useful in understanding the gravity of the problem of illegal aliens.

The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration (in 12 parts)

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