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Subliminal Symbols & Messages Embedded
Within National Geographic Documentary

[Editor's Note: Mind-influencing subliminal messages and symbols are frequently hidden within popular television shows and movies. Subliminal symbols are delivered in such a way as not to be noticed by the conscious mind, but are readily picked up by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind records everything that it is exposed to, regardless of the speed of delivery. Speed is often a factor in non-recognition by the conscious mind. If you read Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for The Memories, you know that Disney is heavily involved in mind control programming (as is NASA). A number of years ago, I saw single frames from the Disney's animation of The Littlest Mermaid which showed a scene in the water where she is nude from the waist down and seen with full pubic hair. If you saw the movie, you would 't pick it up because a single frame of animation goes by in something like 1/18th of a second, however, your subconscious mind would catch it and retain it. I also saw a single frame from The Lion King where the word "SEX" was spelled with twinkling stars in a scene showing a night sky. Paul, the fellow who spotted the subliminals in this National Geographic documentary aired on British TV, illustrates the embedded programming symbols by SLOWING down the video; this is the key to seeing them.

One way to discover subliminals on your own is to use your video camera or camcorder and set it to record at very high speed. You then film something that you suspect may contain subliminals and play the tape back at a much slower speed and study it frame by frame. You might be surprised at what shows up. Drop Paul a line if you find something interesting and he'll put it up...Ken]

From Paul <>
January 31, 2007

Original Title
Sex Subliminals from National Geographic

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