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Discovery Channel Chemtrail Coverage: Obfuscation & Misinformation

By Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu, D.C.
February 27, 2007

Forward courtesy of Jean and ZS Livingstone


Here is a update on that aricle from Discovery Channel on the chemtrails that I got from this doctor, in a personal email. What has your weather been like? We start out some mornings with blue skys, and within a short time after the flights start overhead, we are socked in. I was trying to film the steady flow of them this morning, and some look like fighter planes, certainly not passenger planes, like the newpapers try to mislead us, to believe. They fly right over our area as they take off from the airport.

Have a great evening, . Jean

Discovery Channel "Best Evidence" Chemtrail Coverage: Revealing or Concealing?

By Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu, D.C.
February 27, 2007

Saturday evening I was able to sit back and watch the Discovery Channel Chemtrail coverage originally presented on Thursday evening, February 22. Previously aware of the upcoming broadcast, I considered the possibility that this presentation may intentionally avoid critical facts of the subject to quench public scrutiny. Sure enough, I wasn't surprised.

The majority of the information for this 'investigation' presented by the 'Not to Discover' channel was just as you would expect from a controlled media production. They presented carefully selected material arranged into a purposely-crafted design. They started with an easily dismantled, implausible and ridiculous hypothesis selected out of a collection of amateur opinions about chemtrails. The investigation then set the stage for discarding the validity of chemtrails from this bogus hypothesis. It was the kind of bad 'science' commonly implemented to dismantle any investigation that begins to get too close to the truth. It's called discrediting.

Immediately the deception began by directing the emphasis of the presentation to a faulty concept of an aluminum component present in commercial jet fuel. This 'scientific investigation' appeared very impressive on the surface. It seemed as if they were actually determined to go all-out to solve this chemtrail 'mystery'. Armed with $1M in research equipment to 'sniff' out the chemical culprits thought to be secretly hidden in commercial jet fuel; predictably, they found nothing. I suspect even the researchers knew they wouldn't find anything in the commercial jet fuel because even I knew they wouldn't.

I found it interesting that the military refused to provide a sample of their jet fuel for testing. The coverage noted that civil contrail plumes were observed to last from seconds to minutes as opposed to military contrail plumes that would persist up to 4 to 8 hours. Do you suspect they may have tested the wrong jet fuel? That was one of many examples suggestive that something is obviously going on.

Patrick Minnis, the senior researcher at the NASA Langley Research Center, provided the typical disparaging analysis that you would expect from insiders involved with a cover-up. For instance, Rosalind Peterson, the founder of www.californiaskywatch, sent her carefully documented findings and descriptions of these chemtrails to Minnis for review. Upon opening and reviewing the extensive collection he stated that "these are some very imaginative names and very, very interesting". Was Minnis simply being polite? Obviously, Peterson's documentation required some original thought to describe these blatantly altered anomalies. But with his initial statement he followed with the comment that "those who believe in chemtrails simply ignore the obvious reasons." May I suggest that "very, very interesting" contrail anomalies do not routinely occur in concise formations on a massive scale for obvious or ordinary reasons?

The announcer eventually went on to emphasize, "Where Minnis sees clouds and contrails, Peterson sees these chemtrails." Then to solidify the uncertainty necessary to obscure the truth, Minnis stated that "it appears no one seems to agree on what these are other than they're not contrails," and followed with "the notion of chemtrails is ludicrous." Well then, what are they? Would Minnis actually provide a thorough and scientific explanation to the question presented?

Unfortunately, the only answer extracted out of Minnis, an authority on the subject, was "there must be an explanation for each of Peterson's photographs." Thank you sir; yes, we already realized that. But again, the question is what exactly are they? Not surprisingly, he didn't bother to indulge us any further on this important topic to set all of us straight. His only comment was that "there could be infinite reasons". Really!

Frankly, I am surprised that Minnis believes all of us have the stomach to swallow this garbage. I'm a highly skilled at my profession and can usually provide on-target possibilities into the cause of complex health disorders. What is his problem in his area of expertise? Could there possibly be a conflict of interest?

But then we get some bits of the truth mixed with a measure of inconsistency. Journalist, William Thomas acknowledges these are not normal contrails and provides good examples of many detrimental health related incidents associated with the presence of chemtrails. However, he mistakenly believes these are being used to slow down global warming when in fact it is probably a major contributing factor to the cause of our 'global warming' altered weather patterns. This altering of the weather plays other valuable roles within the secret agenda that he may or may not
be aware of.

I can certainly verify the detrimental health affects from chemtrails within my own clinical practice. During the spring and summer of 2006 I had seen many patients, especially children, suffering symptoms of irritability, extended periods of unusual uncontrolled behavior, allergies, cough, asthma, and sinus infection. It was then I found many of these symptoms to be a direct result of exposure to the subtle heavy metal poisoning from aggressive chemtrail activity. This ALWAYS occurred when chemtrail aerosoling was at high levels. I would give their children what they required for the toxic elements indicated and then, to the amazement of the parents, the symptoms magically disappeared. Now they have begun to notice when their children spend more time outside in the presence of heavy chemtrail overcast they begin to develop symptoms the same day or the next.

Skeptics and disinformation experts will no doubt reduce this, as well as most information that falls in opposition of accepted views spoon-fed to the masses by the media and government agencies, to the power of suggestion or an active imagination. Unfortunately, most will continue on heavy doses of ignorance to maintain their inability to grasp reality.

Dr. Wayne Evens, an atmospheric scientist, actually hit the nail on the head when he claimed "chemtrails are acting as cirrus cloud formations that radiate more heat energy to the earth rather than reflecting solar energy back into space as do normal clouds." Did any one happen to notice how warm it was last spring when temperatures were only in the 80's, never mind the entire summer? The following disappointment, intended to reinforce 'controversy', was that his land-based spectrometer did not reveal the suspect elements thought to be used.

Of course, the coverage made sure to include comments by Dr. Tom Wigley, a senior scientist for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, one of which stating that, "we're certainly not going to do anything to endanger the climate system." Considering the extreme weather events and climate fluctuations associated with the radical increase of chemtrail activity his words hit as a hard smack in the face of reality.

An important question in my mind throughout the entire coverage was how did they go from demonstrating aircraft used in cloud seeding with fuselage mounted canister-like applicators and cartridges that release chemicals into the atmosphere to the spin on aluminum particles in commercial jet fuel? My guess is to insure you would be convinced chemtrails are purely a contrail con job.

There may or may not be something added to the military's fuel supply. If true that could be a relevant issue. However, there is a massive atmospheric aerosoling occurring separately from the fuel system. Dave Dicky, a professional landscaper investigating these unusual 'contrails', revealed a telling example of this in the coverage. During a visit to a flight control tower at a commercial airport he witnessed two identified KC-135s, noted by their call signs, making their big 'X' chemtrail in the sky. The chemtrails were so immensely large he could not even see the aircraft. These aircraft have the ability to discharge huge quantities of chemical solution over any designated area to create massive designer clouds. I have personally observed how these aircraft can literally turn these chemical aerosols on and off like Morse code. These are not contrails.

Dave Dicky performed another experiment of collecting rain water from his area for testing. Lab reports indicated aluminum levels approximately 20 times higher than normal. Naturally, the source of this aluminum toxicity was not identified.

A key element of proof these are not contrails, curiously omitted from the coverage, was the actual photographs of these plumes developing from multiple areas on the wings of these aircraft, even those with only two engines. Just visit and see some pictures for yourself. Why was such incriminating evidence so conveniently left out?

Not surprisingly, there was very little coverage about the barium. It is certainly the major health and environmental concern that was almost totally sidestepped. What about strontium associated with the barium? Strontium is very difficult to separate from barium. There was no mention of the use of titanium in the atmosphere, as well. There was no mention of how these positively charged ionized barium particles can bond to negatively charged particles of fluoride and chloride in the upper atmosphere; those responsible for destroying the ozone layer. These bonded particles descend to the ground to be inhaled by the public and pollute our environment. These are typical elements easily detected on all patients during the spring and summer months when these chemtrails elements ionize more readily.

If you don't think there is a problem with inhaling these toxic elements into your lungs, think about this. Barium and strontium fall in the same periodic table column as calcium and magnesium. That means these heavy metals can and do substitute for these extremely important macronutrients in your body then quickly move into the skeletal system and soft tissues. These heavy metals will not work effectively in the body but will be substituted in place of them as determined by availability relative to the body's supply of the proper nutrients. If you seem to notice more cardiac arrest, stroke and high blood pressure, and respiratory issues this summer and you think it is only the heat, think again.

Nanoparticles of titanium, used to absorb UV radiation, can damage the nervous system. That is the big reason to even avoid all sunscreen that incorporate titanium, as well. The damaging effects of fluoride and chloride are well documented so I will not mention their destructive health effects.

I thought the timing for this coverage was especially important in order to prepare us for the up and coming spring and summer flood of chemtrails that will work so effectively to dismantle your immune system. But by then the majority of the public will be programmed and desensitized enough into acceptance and the educated others will be labeled conspiracy theorists. Make no mistake; chemtrails are no theory.

Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu, D.C

Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu, D.C.

Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu, D.C. has a private practice located in Wichita, KS called Advanced Alternatives for Health. Dr. L'Hommedieu is an expert in the detection and treatment of toxic metals and chemicals. He specializes in internal disorders with a unique ability for identifying underlying causes to complex and chronic health disorders and their effective treatments. With more than 30 years of study in natural healing and alternative medicine his professional experience draws from an extensive range of alternative healing approaches that help to restore normal balance and function to the individual. 316-652-9191


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