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Dome of the Rock Video Clip Showing UFO Event

[Editor's Note: Update, Feb. 10. 2011. The implications of this story are rapidly widening and will soon gather greater momentum in both mainstream and alternative media outlets. This event is likely to receive enormous media exposure in the coming days and weeks. The story explained below is now being manipulated by unseen intelligence operatives (likely Mossad agents) by altering the text in e-mails sent to and from Dr. A True Ott concerning a detailed account of the Jan. 28 event which Dr. True Ott received from General Jeremiah on either Jan, 29 or Jan. 30, 2011. The information presented to Dr,. Ott by General Jeremiah in his original e-mail to sent to Dr. Ott, parallels EXACTLY the info presented below by Don Nicoloff during our Feb. 2, 2011 radio show with ZS Livingstone. Listen to the audio link found below to hear the entire show and Don's explanation of the Jan. 28 event.

The altered text e-mail, originally sent by General Jeremiah to True Ott, was unwittingly posted by True Ott to his web site a few days ago. General Jeremiah read the altered text and contacted Dr Ott, asking him about the altered text. It was only then that True Ott became aware of the alteration and took steps to explain the snafu to his readers. Dr Ott then began to re-trace his steps to try to determine when and how the General Jeremiah text was altered (I'll provide details as they become known). I'll be posting the original text from General Jeremiah, as well as the altered text so you will know exactly how the text was changed in a separate article or I will add it to this article, or both.

The ludicrous attempt to label the Jan. 28 event as a "hoax" by low level disinformation operative posting to Youtube has now fallen to the wayside. An article printed in Hebrew in a mainstream Israeli newspaper (I'll post it) on Feb. 1, 2011 gives full credence to the event and goes into a speculative explanation that the Jan. 28 event, along with another UFO sighting event over the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem around mid December 2010, may both be part of a larger ET disclosure agenda predicted by a former NORAD chief, the late Stanley Fulham (Canadian) in his last communique sent on Dec. 3, 2010. I'll be posting this additional info as well

I have complete faith in the honesty of Don Nicoloff and General Jeremiah. I don't have any first hand visual confirmation of any of the things that Don has seen or talked about about concerning General Jeremiah, but there is no reason to doubt Don's word. We've been talking nearly everyday for the past 4 years. If I had any inkling that Don or the General were not legit, then I would not be posting this information. It's too bad that a majority of people, including people who run big name conspiracy/alternative web sites, simply dismiss this information out of hand, rather then reserve judgment and keep an open mind. It's especially infuriating when known provocateurs and unknown disinformation agents are given greater credence and believability than established researcher/writers such as myself or Don Nicoloff in assessing the validity of this event or other startling information relayed by General Jeremiah to Don Nicoloff. .Ken Adachi]

From Ken Adachi, Editor
Feberuary 2, 2011

Dome of the Rock Video Clip Showing UFO Event (Feb. 2, 2011)

This is the short video clip revealing the visit and events that took place over the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount mosque in Jerusalem on January 28, 2011.

Feb. 3, 2011: I and ZS Livingstone were part of Don Nicoloff's Evident Footprints internet radio show last night on BBS Radio. Don happened to come across this video clip a couple of days ago and told me that he recognized that the UFO seen over the Temple Mount mosque was the type of craft used by General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation (UGF), Galaxy of Hendon. Don talked with General Jeremiah on the phone about the incident and the general confirmed that he was in the ship and that he and his co-pilot had undertaken a mission to disable and destroy a nuclear device which had been secreted in the basement of the mosque by fanatical moslem individuals about 15 years ago (according to Don) and not Israeli agents, as one might suspect. Don wanted to explain to his radio audience what happened at the Temple Mount mosque and General Jeremiah told him that it was OK if he wanted to go public with the story.

According to Don, the motivation of the fanatical moslem group who had planted the suitcase nuclear bomb (which Don suspects might be Russian in origin) was a Doomsday revenge weapon in the event that Israel would take over the mosque and set the stage for the rebuilding of Solomon's temple, a long time 'prophecy' of the Zionist-concocted Armageddon scenario.

The details of the Temple Mount event are explained by Don Nicoloff during our Feb. 2, 2011 radio show which you can access from this link:

Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone, & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Feb. 2, 2011

During the second half of the above radio show, Don Nicoloff refers to his Feb. 1, 2011 radio show in which he highlights interviews with two former KGB agents. That show can be heard at this link:

Don Nicoloff: Former KGB Officers Detail Agenda to Install a Communist Police State in America (Feb. 2, 2011)

Don also discussed another dangerous false flag scenario that was neutralized in January of 2011. Don said that he received a psychic impression that suitcase nukes were going to be detonated in various America cities. He dowsed a map of America and he identified 33 cities that had been planted with suitcase nukes, all intended to be detonated simultaneously. Don discussed his concerns with General Jeremiah and the general confirmed that his group had seized 23 of suitcase nukes in January 2011 and re-located them to an uninhabited world. The general also said that 100 plus Mossad operatives, responsible for importing and guarding the nukes, were also re-located, in a manner of speaking, to another world (giving a whole new meaning to the phrase: "from dust we came, to dust we shall return").

I realize that new readers to this web site are unaware of the history of Don Nicoloff and General Jeremiah of the United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon and that the topics under discussion are far from ordinary and many will find this information hard to believe. I understand that perfectly and no one is under any obligation to believe anything being presented. I've posted a couple of Don's radio shows in the past which included a call-in from General Jeremiah himself where he explains the work he's doing for the United Galactic Federation and the background of that group. You are welcome to listen to those shows and arrive at your own conclusions.

May 29, 2009 Radio show

July 28, 2009 Radio Show

I have no desire to engage in deception. I'm sure Don Nicoloff is also interested in being honest and not to deceive anyone about anything. Unlike Don, I've never met the general in peson, nor have I seen his ships, but I did speak to him once over Don's radio show on July 28. 2009. I am open to what the general has to say and I can decide for myself whether his info seems legit or not. You can do the same thing. It's always a mistake to prejudge and give way to knee jerk skepticism without fully examining the information being presented and see if it corroborates with other avenues of perception.

Readers should also note that General Jeremiah prefers to accomplish his work without publicity or fanfare. The event on Jan. 28 was caputed by locals with cell phone cameras who recorded the event and posted it to YouTube. In this instance, since the video was already made public, the general was willing to explain the circumstances of the visit (to disarm the nuke) so the public would know what happened and understand the grave danger that was neutralized in that part of the world on January 28.

It also serves as public notice to the psychopaths working for the Dark Side that the jig is now up and it's no longer a safe bet to continue to play nuclear bomb handler and terrorist, since they might be the one who gets vaporized, and not the innocent victims of their ghastly scheming.

I bet you the scum bags never considered that possibility, now did they?

Ken Adachi

Update, Feb. 5, 2011

Don Nicoloff just sent me another video of the Dome of the Rock event recorded by another individual. Don tells me there are total of four separate video clips to date, but so far, I'm only aware of the three shown below ( not including the debunking videos which are attempting to paint this event as a "hoax". I will deal with those videos in a separate article). I've placed the latest video clip at the bottom. ..Ken

A) Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount video

One of two men who uses the name of "eligael" were standing on the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalem about 1 AM on Jan. 28, 2011 when they captured this video clip.


B) Another video clip of the same event, but from a different location, showing the spacecraft in greater detail and at closer range.



D) Described as the 'fourth' (and best) video clip sent to me by Don Nicoloff on Feb. 5, 2011

Update Feb 11, 2011. This video has now been taken down from YouTube. I guess it showed the event TOO clearly and someone was pressured to take it down. I think Don Nicoloff captured the video and I'll get a copy from him and post it here...Ken



Debunking these videos as a "hoax"

Feb. 5, 2011. There is a strong effort underway on the internet to convince people that the above videos were hoaxed. Today I found that the debunker, who uses the name "HOAXKiller1 ", registered 142,000 views of his debunking video while the original video itself only registered 33,000 views. That tells me that there's a very big push by unseen hands to get this debunking video promoted on blogs and UFO/conspiracy type web sites. Someone is very anxious to see this story go away. I wonder who?

I will present a separate article which will deal with the hoax promoter's claims and Don Nicoloff will reveal some very interesting information about the hoax promoter's background: what he does, what he's been caught doing, and more important, who he works for.

Ken Adachi



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