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To Make a Donation Using PayPal

By Ken Adachi < Editor>
October 26, 2004

To make a donation to the Amanda Donehoo Legal Defense Fund in order to help her and her husband prevent the state of Georgia from continuing to force vaccinations upon her children and try to do something to stop the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and Judge Sharon J. Whitwell from just running shotgun over parents' lives and making a mockery of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, you can use a credit card or existing bank account and open an acount with PayPal. After you establish an account with PayPal, you can then transfer funds into Robert Carillo's PayPal account which now has a new bank account solely dedicated for money received for the Amanda Donehoo Legal Defense Fund. The donations raised from PayPal contributors will be then transferred as a check to attorney James Filenbaum.

Here's how to do it:
Go to this url and sign up for a PayPal account:

1. Fill in your first and last name, address, telephone number (voice mail OK), e mail address, etc.

2. Fill in the security questions

3. Agree to their enrollment conditions

4. ReType the characters shown in the yellow box into the box next to it (called a "security test"

and hit the "sign up" button at the bottom of the screeen.

Once you are veirfied (they will send you an e-mail ) that you have a PayPal account, you can then go to PayPal and after filling in your user name and passwork , you can click to the link to "transfer funds"

Fill in the amount and the e-mail addres of " "" to transfer your donation to the PayPal account of Robert Carillo. From there, it will be sent to attorney James Filenbaum

You can include a note in your donation transfer that the moeny is intended for the Amanda Donehoo Legal Defense Fund

Thanks for helping, Ken Adachi

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