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Don Nicoloff Debuts Spectacular Never-Before-Seen Galactic Photos
The Most Amazing Group of Photos
Ever Presented to the Public

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
April 24, 2008

Don Nicoloff Debuts Spectacular Never-Before-Seen Galactic Photos (April 24, 2008)

Don Nicoloff has posted to his web site today (, 44 of the most amazing photographs ever seen by man. In fact, these photos have never been seen before, except by a mere handful of people, including myself. The photos are of different galaxies and nebulae taken from deep space, including a breathtaking view of our own Milky Way Galaxy. These photos were not obtained from the Hubble Space telescope, NASA, the military, or any comparative civilian agency. I'll leave it to Don Nicoloff to explain the source of these pictures, but I think you can eliminate all of the usual suspects, considering the vantage point from which the photographs were taken. Once the significance of these photographs sink into the collective consciousness of the astro-scientific world, I believe that these pictures will create an international sensation for some time to come. Of course, some skeptics may claim forgery or trick photography, but I can assure you that these photos are genuine and remain untouched in any way.

I'm happy to report that these photos are being published without the knowledge or permission of the government, the military, or its legions of controlling parasites who tend to lose sight of the fact that other forces exist in this universe that do not genuflect before their oppressive, secretive Machiavellian schemes and deceptions. Hallelujah.

Don has titled the essay which introduces these photos as: The Beginning of the End of “the Cover up,” which you can read below, You can view all 44 photographs by clicking the link below, which takes you directly to Don Nicoloff's web page. If you wish to add your own comments on this amazing series of photographs, go directly to Don's page at this link and post your comments in the box at the bottom of the page.

To view the 44 galaxy/nebulae photos, go to this link

After you've had a chance to view the galaxy photos, go to Don's Photo page and click on the other amazing photographs posted there of other planetary moons, authentic Nazi flying saucer, a Galactic Federation spaceship, and much more. Incredible stuff.

We live in an amazing time of human history.

Ken Adachi

The Beginning of the End of “the Coverup”

By Don Nicoloff

April 24, 2008

  A collection of rare photos  has just been added to the “Photos” page of this web site. The release of these rare photos will amaze and astound even the most skeptical of ‘debunkers’, not to mention the ‘mainstream’ scientific community.

With the advent of the Hubble telescope, we have been given a sampling of galactic realms beyond our wildest imaginations. NASA has periodically ‘released’ photos of other galaxies and nebulae, but we are told little or nothing about how these photos were actually taken, or in some cases, acquired.

To presume that we are given the ‘Truth’ about such matters merely perpetuates the myths ‘they’ have been spoon feeding us for decades. One need only look to the heavens and consider the vastness of space -- the trillions of planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and nebulae -- right before our eyes, and we can see the ‘Truth’ without spending a dime.

If we are to remain ignorant of the realities of the Universe, then we will accept the scientific communtiy’s assertions that “we are the only living species anywhere in the Universe, and that we are actively searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.” I suggest we begin by “searching for some terrestrial intelligence, beginning right here on Planet Earth.” In fact, we might begin by changing the acronym, “SETI,” (the “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”) to “STI,” the “Search for Terrestrial Intelligence.” This change would be an appropriate fit for the ‘alphabet agencies’ and their cohorts in the banking, oil, and pharmaceutical cabals.

Our ‘Mission to Mars’ photos tell quite a different story about the “failures” of two Mars rovers and their “software/lense hangups.” Different from what? One can deduce that not only did the rovers not fail to send pictures back to Earth, they sent photos that were not intended for us to see. Some of the Mars photos we did see were doctored, masked, and otherwise obscured from public view. Most were not released to the public at all.

Fortunately, a collage of photos was released by an employee of the European Space Agency and published by another researcher at the Mars Anomaly Research web site. The photos clearly demonstrate ‘masking’ techniques used to hide evidence of ‘life on Mars’, both past and present. One can see factories, buildings, roads, crop lands, water, vegetation, trees, shrubs, skulls, and even living, bipedal ‘humanoids’ in those photos. The analyses of these photos is quite detailed and can be found at:

Artifacts of bygone civilizations are also evident in some photos, including a ‘city’ surrounded by a wall, an ‘ampitheater’ or ‘coliseum’, pyramids, and the “face of Jesus.” Former CBS News science consultant and NASA insider, Richard Hoagland has been analyzing such photos and has made a career out of debunking the ‘Mars Anomalies’ coverup.

For the FIRST TIME, you will now be able to view photos of other galactic wonders. These photos were not provided by NASA, the European Space Agency, nor any other ‘terrestrial’ space agency. Of particular interest will be the photo depicting a galaxy as a ‘blue spiral’. If that photo seems familiar (which it may appear to some), it should -- it is the ‘Milky Way’, our home galaxy, as seen from a distance of ’10 light years’.

Certainly, that photo alone was not taken by the Hubble telescope, nor by any other probe or technology we currently have available. One single photo of our home galaxy should crack the ‘belief matrix’, once and for all. And I can assure you that this single photo, as well as the others in this collection, if seriously contemplated, will expand your consciousness.

Let it suffice to say, “It is time for ‘the coverup’ to end. We have been hoodwinked long enough and have suffered as ‘the ignorant fools’ that ‘they’ would have us be.”

The funny thing is, despite the hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars that have been spent (without our approval or knowledge), I didn’t spend a dime -- no, not even a ‘plug nickel’ or ‘one red cent’ -- in acquiring these photos.

I move we begin our “Search for Terrestrial Intelligence” -- IMMEDIATELY!!!

You can view the 44-photo collection via the link below:

ALL PHOTOS © 2008 by Don Nicoloff / Direct Light Productions

P.S. In the interest of posterity, I left Don't page counter intact at "17" when I copied his article to post here. I'm curious to see where that page hit counter goes to in the weeks and months to come....Ken


Subject: Don Nicoloff Debuts Spectacular Never-Before-Seen Galactic Photos
Date: Fri, April 25, 2008
To: Editor

"In fact, these photos have never been seen before, except by a mere handful of people, including myself."


You cannot be serious. These photos are not new or never seen before. The photo of Cassiopeia, which is actually Cassiopeia A is my desktop wallpaper. This photo has, been on the internet for at least 3-1/2 years along with the Butterfly nebulae and almost everyone has seen the Eagle nebulae. I won't even bother to account for anymore, there is no point. Why don't you investigate some of these things before you post them as being miraculously new? As far as there being intelligent life out there besides human beings just because there are countless galaxies and an endless universe is wishful thinking. We are here because of evolution, but not a long slow process of evolution. If you look through the history of our planet you will see that life only advanced after mass extinctions which lead to new speciation from the mutated leftover cells. The Milky Way picture does absolutely nothing for me considering today's CGI scripts.

Ray Houston


Hello Ray,

I'm willing to listen to anything you have to say, but you need to defend your statements with photographic proof, not words.  Of course, any system which can be photographed from earth or from the Hubble space telescope, are eligible for inclusion, but the angle of the shot, I think you can agree, will be different if you are taking the photo from earth orbit, or taking it from a different location other than earth orbit. Show me your proof, my friend, show me.

As to accusations of photographic fraud, then it's up top you to show me how that's done. You can shoot your mouth off till the cows come home, BUT SHOW ME HOW IT'S DONE, OK BIG MOUTH? Show me, don't blather, Show me.

We are presenting photographs here, and not engaging in a debate concerning the origins of human beings. But you are obviously hung up in a belief system that excludes the reality of extraterrestrial beings and therefore the photos we have shown must be fraudulent --according to you-- because they conflict with your mind set that extraterrestrials can't exist. How convenient. 

"If you look through the history of our planet you will see that life only advanced after mass extinctions which lead to new speciation from the mutated leftover cells."

Wow, what a towering statement of intellect and insight! Holy Cow, you need to be on the radio, Ray. We are awash in a sea of confusion and we need your stunning sense of clarity to steer us through the jagged shoals. I can only dream that the world will hear more of your soaring acumen. Here's hoping! 

"Speciation"? Is that a new noun to be included in the next edition of Webster's dictionary? I can't find it in the current edition. Let me know.

Regards, Ken


Subject: nicoloff's galactic photo link doesn't work
From: Aaron
Date: Fri, April 25, 2008
To:   Editor

Hello Ken,

A pleasure as always, anyways, the link that was posted doesn't work, but simply going to and navigating from there works. I have a question about the posted picture of our Milky Way. It is stated that it was taken about 10 light years away, but the photo shows the entire galaxy of 100,000 light years, indicating a much wider field of view than what a mere 10 light years would yield. Just confused about it, maybe the picture was taken from a distance of say 200,000 light years?

All the best,



Hi Aaron,

I fixed the link, thanks.

I don't know enough about the Milky Way to confirm that it's 100,00 light years wide, but a distance of 10 light years is enormous and you are applying simple, linear logic to objects seen at a distance. For instance, the USA is about 3,000 miles wide, yet you can see the entire USA from a satellite that's orbiting at maybe 25 or 30 miles up. When viewing things at a distance, you get the rule of inverse proportions at work. It's not a linear thing.



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