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Don Nicoloff Calls It Quits at BBS Radio

From Ken Adaachi, Editor
July 22, 2011

Don Nicoloff Calls It Quits at BBS Radio (July 22, 2011)

Don Nicoloff called me last night to tell me that he will no longer be hosting his Internet radio show, Evident Footprints, which used to air Monday through Friday 10 - 11:30 PM Pacific time on BBS Radio. He called it quits last night after a heated disagreement with BBS management over technical issues related to the airing of his show.

Connectivity problems, on-time starts, and inadequate engineering expertise were at the heart of Don's dissatisfactions with the handling of his show I'm sorry to see this happen as Don Nicoloff is one of the most intelligent, interesting, and articulate radio host to be found anywhere, whether on regular broadcast radio or internet radio.

I must have done 140 or 150 radio show with him over a span of about four years. Many of our shows can be found on Current News and on the Radio Interviews page. The really nice thing about doing an interview with Don was the lack of commercial breaks (as is the case with all AM radio shows and many internet radio shows, whose hosts, for the most part, fall short of the caliber of Don Nicoloff).

I've also listened to a number of Don's radio interviews with Dr. A True Ott, Michael Anthony, Jim Murray, and Christopher Homes, among others, and have found them all to be highly informative. Don's monologs were a tour de force of insightful and perceptive exposition. His solo shows make for really interesting radio and may prove to be his greatest legacy. I'll probably post many of Don monolog shows at this web site or link to them at Don's web site, . They are very well done.

A Labor of Love

Unlike Left wing, foundation-funded, millionaire gatekeepers like Amy Goodman, or Right wing propagandists like Sean Hannity, Don was not paid one dime by BBS radio (in fact, he paid them for his radio time) and he had no commercial sponsors. The show was done in the interest of serving humanity, a venue of education and advanced perceptions.

If you've gained something of value by listening to Don Nicoloff's radio shows, send him an e-mail ( ) and let him know how you feel. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.

Ken Adachi

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