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Don Nicoloff to Host New Internet Radio Show

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
November 26, 2007

Don Nicoloff to Host New Internet Radio Show (Nov. 26, 2007)

I began to talk with Don Nicoloff over the phone somewhere around late May of this year. I was greatly impressed by the article he published in the Idaho Observer in late April 2007 on the Otto Skorzeny photo from the late 1930's showing a young German-born George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. sitting among a group of people that included some of the top Nazis of the Hitler era. But that was just the beginning.

Once I began talking with Don over the phone, another world opened up. Don is one of the most interesting people I've ever encountered. There's no such thing as having a short conversation with him. The first time we talked on the phone, we didn't hang up until four hours later. The second time was almost as bad. We both say that we have to keep it short in the beginning, but it never works out that way. The conversation always grows into a deep rooted vine that continually sprouts new tendrils as the minutes tick away. Once he pulls up Google Earth and starts sending me still frames of what he's looking at, I jump into Photoshop and start pulling out detail from those photos that will blow people's mind when they see the photos and the accompanying article. Don says we make a good team. Perhaps we do. He certainly stimulates my investigative zeal. He comes up with stuff that just blows me out of the park.

He's part psychic, part intuitive sleuth, multi-language linguist, incredible musician, extraordinary internet researcher, and excellent talk show host. It seems there isn't anything that Don NIcoloff can't do and do it well. Which is why you want to tune into his internet radio broadcast at 10PM Pacific time tonight (12 midnight Eastern Standard Time) and discover for yourself what I found out a few months ago.

Don began to pull in big ratings with the former internet radio site that he was affiliated with, but the management at that site didn't pick up the ball and allowed too many frustrations to pile up, so Don decided to fish in another stream. You can click the link posted below to listen to the live broadcast of Don's show and visit Don's web site to read his articles. You'll want to bookmark his radio show and his web site because I can guarantee that you will see amazing things posted there. I've already had a taste of what's coming down the pike and trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Ken Adachi

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From: Don Nicoloff <>
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007 3:59 PM

Hello Everyone,

It's been a month or so since I've been broadcasting my radio show, "Evident Footprints." There were a few problems with the 'old' network, and as Divine Providence would have it, I've found a new home for my show.

Beginning tonight, Monday (Tuesday), November 26 (27), at 10 p.m., PST, I will be again broadcasting -- on the world's #1 Internet radio station, BBS

To listen in live, go to:

[From Ken Adachi: Go to this link and then click the icon for the player you are using on your computer where it says "Listen Live" : ]

I will be airing 1-hour shows from Mon. - Fri., and show archives will be available for listening or download. You can also call in to the show and send me e-mail or chat during the show.

You can also go to: be linked directly to the web site and my home page (which is currently under construction).

I also have my own web site which features my articles, news, music, videos, podcasts, and my show sponsors.

To visit my web site, go to:

I look forward to many great shows, great guests, and great listeners! Please call in if you have any comments or questions.

Don Nicoloff

Talk show host
Executive Producer

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