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The Military Draft

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
Feb. 3, 2004

A mandatory draft is coming and it will come soon. Make no mistake about it. If you have a 'specialty' field such as health care worker or even computer skills (such as a degree in computer science), you could be 'drafted' into government service up to the age limit of 44 years old. You will have no choice in the matter as the Presidential Executive Order has already been signed and has become the "law", without the messy annoyance of congressional voting or debate, of course. The new age limit of conscription will also be pushed up to 36 years (update: June 2006. now changed to 42 years ) of age, not 26 years as was the traditional limit. They have now tied in Selective Service Registration with applying for a driver's licence in some 34 states so far.

One of the articles below touches on staying out of the military based on a claim of Conscientious Objector, but you should explore every possible idea to stay out of the Meat Grinder, not just this traditional technique. Once you're in the military, you're in and you can't do a damn thing about. It's a lot harder to get out or avoid being shot once you're standing on foreign soil wearing your battle gear and your spiffy Nazi style steel helmet taking orders from Sargeant Gung Ho. Even if you register as a Conscientious Objector, you've still registered. They have your name and all your other vital info in order to seek you out. You also need to explore your avoidance options BEFORE they pull off another staged 'terrorist' attack and close the borders and airports.

I voluntarily joined the military many years ago and thought it was the right thing to do. I felt good about it and told others that it was a good way to grow up and see the world. At the time, of course, I thought that the government was legit, that the U.S. was the "good guy" of the world, and that we were 'maintaining the peace' and preventing the spread of communism and all of that brainwashing crap that they keep feeding us, generation after generation. Now I know better. The government is in the hands of satanic, globalist traitors who are following a script to destroy America and its people (from within & without), in order to decimate the only country remaining that could (or would) offer any real opposition to the one world government takeover.

You have to be careful when visiting government web sites from your home computer. They undoubtedly keep record of anyone who visits their sites. If you are a person looking to avoid the draft, you are notifying them that you are interested in this topic, along with your computer ID, etc. Even the Conscientious Objector web sites listed below may be covert operations to gather information on draft resisters. One has no way of knowing for sure, so it's better to go to a library or Internet cafe to visit these sites, or use the home computer of a person who is beyond draft age.

In any event, if you want info sent to you via snail mail, use the PO Box of a business person or of an older friend, but don't send anyone your real name and home address. Please remember, if you list your Social Security number or date of birth, along with your name and address on any sort of application, rental lease, driver's licence, school registration, doctor's office, etc., the government can find you in a micro second. All such computers are tied into big government data collecting computers. Use a PO Box and voice mail number for contact on every form you fill out (don't use your real home address to get a PO Box either. If necessary, find someone who already has a PO Box, and add your name to it). If they insist on a home address, pre-arrange to use the address of a friend or the parents of your friend, or better yet, use your imagination.

**Must Read! Excellent compilation of anti-draft information from David Icke:**
Refuse the Draft Campaign! By David Icke

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