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The Many Lives of Dr. Conspiracy, Dr Chris Kaufmann, & 'Murdered' William David Sanders
January 27. 2015

The Many Lives of Dr. Conspiracy, Dr Chris Kaufmann, & 'Murdered' William David Sanders (Jan. 27, 2015)

[Editor's Note: I received photos from Barry that reveal a remarkable similarity in appearances of not only Dr. Conspiracy, Dr Chris Kaufmann, & the Columbine HS 'Murder' victim, William David Sanders, but also the Connecticut medical examiner of Sandy Hokum notoriety, Dr. Wayne Carver. These guys look so exactly alike, that it's normal to assume they are the same person. However, if you are willing to consider the information presented by Donald Marshall - that human cloning is far more advanced than we know - and is routinely used by the Illuminated Ones, then these guys might be four different individuals, but all having the same DNA due to cloning. Just a thought. ]

See attached photo comparison.

A quick search will confirm: Photo(s) of Columbine HS “dead teacher” ~William David Sanders~ are retouched online. WHY is that?

I don’t have LE experience to match facial ID’s, but other folks do.

Warm regards,

-Barry Soetoro, ESQ



Dr Cpiracy and friends

CRop A Crop B Crop C Crop D

Addendum, Jan. 28, 2015

On 1/27/2015 9:47 PM, Barry wrote:

RE: William David Sanders (DIED 1999, Columbine HS Massacre)

Find this photo online.
Zoom in.

WHY was this portrait retouched? Ears/Nose and so forth were digitally altered.

If they’re not hiding anything, why does this guy’s portrait feature the sloppiest retouching I’ve ever seen?

Also see my prior Photo Comparison: Dead Columbine “teacher” looks like OBOT “Dr Conspiracy,” and also “Dr Chris Kaufmann” of Franklin PA High School “stabbing.”

-Barry Soetoro, ESQ

William D Sanders



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