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Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 5, 2013, Augmented Nov. 22, 2013
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Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

Podcast Addendum Dec. 27, 2015: Audio Podcast Interview with Larry Jamison, Author of 1992 Globe Article Identifying Limo Driver William Greer as JFK's Assassin, Recorded on Dec. 27, 2015 (23MB, 1 hour, 4 min) ( Tiny url for podcast: )

Addendum Nov. 29, 2015: I received a surprise email tonight from Larry Jamison, author of the re-published article I posted on August 8, 2007 about the JFK assassination, identifying the Limo driver, Secret Service agent William Greer, as the shooter who killed the President. I've posted Larry's note at the bottom of this article under Comments, but you can jump to it directly by clicking this link. I hope to talk more with Larry about his early research into the JFK assassination and will make his information available to readers as it develops. I'm sure he has much to offer. ..Ken

Addendum Nov. 25, 2014: I Just came upon this video today which was posted by "Saintly Oswald" on Sept. 19, 2012, a year before I posted this article. The video focuses on Greer and Kellerman's movements just moments prior to Greer shooting JFK in the head at Zapruder frame 313. Both Greer and Kellerman have turned their heads around to the rear. Mrs. Connally is seen looking at Kellerman (the second video concentrates on her) who may be telling her to pull Connally down, but Connally is gawking at JFK like a deer caught in headlights and Greer can't get a clear shot, so Greer shoots Connally in the back to get him out of the way. Mrs. Connally realizes that Greer just shot her husband in the back because she was looking straight at Kellerman when Greer pulled the trigger. She pulls Connally down on to herself, face up. This clears the way so Greer can shoot Kennedy in the head. It's important to note that John Connally was in on the assassination plot from early on. When shot, Connally screams: "My God, they're going to kill us all." He instinctively blurted out "us all" because he only expected JFK to get shot, and not himself. ...Ken

Oct. 29, 2017 Update: On checking this page today, I see the JWO-controlled Youtube has taken down the Youtube videos of "Saintly Oswald," including the two I had embedded below (which were terrific). However, 'Saintly Oswald' had the good sense to relocate his videos to this web iste: where you have a good chance of finding the two vidoes I had posted below, but it may take some considerable searching as he has more than 35 pages of videos listed. If someone finds them, please send me an email...Ken Adachi

The Driver Greer Shot Connally, Too JFK Assassination
(original taken down)
Nellie Looks At Kellerman & Greer as Greer prepares to Shoot JFK
Archived here:

(original taken down):

On August 8, 2007, I re-posted an article written by Larry Jamison, along with video clips of the Zapruder film and my own commentary,

Zapruder Film Shows JFK's Driver Firing Fatal Head Shot (Aug. 8, 2007)

to emphasize the main contention of Jamison's article that Secret Service agent William R. Greer, the driver of JFK's limo, had fired the fatal head shot which caused the right rear of JFK's head to blow out an enormous amount of brain tissue, skull fragments, and blood that would splatter and spray upon 3 of the 4 Dallas motorcycle cops who were escorting immediately behind the limo, as well as upon the front windshield and hood of the black 1955 Cadillac Secret Service Presidential follow-up car that was following a few feet behind the President's limo.

Larry Jamison first came to realize that Greer had shot Kennedy in 1992 after viewing the video made by Lars Hansson * titled "Dallas Revisited." After initially writing a letter to the editor that appeared in the San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune on January 29, 1992, Larry was contacted by the Globe tabloid magazine, which eventually led to a front page story on Greer as the shooter in their March 17, 1992 issue. After the Globe article came out, Larry was contacted by Tyler Newcomb, son of Fred T. Newcomb, who together with Perry Adams, had conducted an extensive investigation on the JFK assassination from 1968 - 1974 and printed 100 copies of a manuscript that they titled "Murder From Within." Most of those 100 copies were sent to key government legislators and investigative agencies that Fred Newcomb had assumed would be eager to read of his investigative discoveries. Needless to say, the government wasn't interested in what Fred and Perry had discovered, nor were any book publishers interested in publishing their manuscript either.

Fortunately, Tyler Newcomb, along with the family of the late Perry Adams, finally published Murder From Within in 2011 with Author House. I just found out the book was available about three weeks ago and received my copy 5 days ago. The information presented in this article will be a reflection of powerful information, hitherto unknown to me, contained in Fred Newcomb's 1974 book, but unavailable to the general public until now.

* [Bill Cooper also wrote about how he was first given a copy of Dallas Revisited by John Lear in December of 1988. Bill began to show the video in all of his lectures. Lars Hansson soon contacted Bill and asked him not to mention that he, Hansson, had originated the film, to which Cooper agreed. About a year later, Lars Hansson, along with Robert Groden and David Lifton, began to ridicule Bill Cooper about Greer being the shooter. Hansson was now doing radio talk shows in which he was denying the very information that he brought out in Dallas Revisited. Read this link - - for more of Cooper's comments about Lars Hansson, Robert Groden, David Lifton, and others who Cooper claimed are JFK assassination gatekeepers]

Reading Murder From Within filled in many gray areas for me in the JFK assassination story. The plot line presented in the Newcomb/Adams book convincingly fits the observable facts, the photos, the witness testimony, and above all, a logical analysis of what occurred that day with the pre-planned cover-up that went into play immediately following the shooting of the President. The book's most profound discovery, described in its title, is that Secret Service Limo driver, William Greer, is the sole assassin responsible for the two bullets that struck Kennedy and the one bullet that hit Connally. This is the Big Secret that the Nazi/CIA/government conspirators, its minions, and gatekeepers want to keep from public awareness, even today, 50 years after the fact. That is why well known JFK conspiracy authors (and gatekeepers) like Robert Groden or Jim Marrs continue to insist that Greer's hands "never left the wheel" and that Bill Cooper "doesn't know what he's talking about" when identifying William Greer as the shooter. While other bullets were fired at the Limo from Dealey Plaza, it was Greer's bullets alone that hit JFK and Connally. Previously, I had thought that Bill Cooper's explanation of Greer using a special electric/gas operated CIA-constructed assassin's gun (which fired an exploding pellet with fish toxin) was correct, but now that I realize that Greer alone was responsible for Kennedy's throat shot and the shot fired into Connally's back, I'm forced to conclude that Greer must have been using a conventional .45 automatic with hollow point ammunition (the gun Greer is seen holding in the Zapruder film does look like a .45 automatic).

James Altgens Photo No. 6 (photo taken between 12:30 and 12:31 PM on Nov. 22, 1963)

(There are four profound elements of the JFK assassination story that are captured at the same moment in time within this single photograph. I will discuss each element separately.)

Dallas bureau AP Press photographer James Altgens took this black and white photo (identified as Altgens No. 6) of the JFK motorcade as it was beginning to come down Elm street, having just passed the front of the Texas School Book Depository about three seconds after the Decoy shot was fired and one or two seconds after Greer shot Kennedy in the throat with a .45 automatic, launching the assassination (see the photo enlargement further below and the role that "Marker man" can play in determining when Greer shot JFK in the throat).

James Altgens photo No. 6
The Decoy Shot
The very first shot fired in Dealey Plaza at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963, coined the "Decoy shot" (p. 48) by Newcomb and Adams in Murder From Within, marks the beginning of the covert operation to murder Kennedy and blame it on Oswald. The true origin of the first gunshot heard in Dealey Plaza was adroitly determined by Newcomb and Adams and they deserve full recognition for that discovery. Knowledge of the Decoy shot is unknown to the general public and unrecognized by scholars and authors on the JFK assassination, but it is one of the more important breakthroughs to date, in my opinion, in accurately comprehending the sequence of events that unfolded in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 (despite tremendous effort on the part of the government to conceal and obscure the facts of what really happened).

The Decoy shot was not fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository as the cover story would have you believe, but rather from a revolver fired into the air from the rear seat of the Secret Service car following immediately behind the blue convertible carrying Vice President Lyndon Johnson when it turned the corner of Houston onto Elm street on that fateful day. (The photo below was artificially colorized from an enlarged crop of the James Altgens No. 6 B/W photo to emphasize LBJ's blue car)

LBJ's blue Lincoln continental and yello Secret service follow car

The Secret Service car following LBJ was a light yellow, 1963 Ford Mercury hardtop 4 door sedan which contained Texas Highway Patrol Joe H. Rich as driver, Johnson aide Clifton Carter in the middle front, Secret Service agent Jerry Kivett in the right front, SA Thomas L. "Lens" Johns in the right rear, and SA Warren W. "Woody" Taylor in the left rear seat.

Both rear doors of the slow moving yellow Mercury hardtop were observed opening about a foot wide as the car went into the 120 degree hairpin left turn from Houston onto Elm Street (if you look carefully, you can see the yellow Mercury's rear left door opening as the car begins to turn onto Elm in the opening sequence of the Zapruder film).

Left photo: Cropped enlargement of the yellow Secret Service car behind LBJ's convertible. The hue of the Mercury's upper door frames have been changed (doctored) from what would have looked white in the unaltered Atlgers No. 6 photo to a dark gray tone to aid in erasing the image of the revolver in Taylor's left hand (which would have been easy to see in relief against the light colored upper door frame).
Right photo:
Close up of left hand of agent Warren W. Taylor holding what seems to be a phantom revolver, but doctored out by photo alteration.

Altgens 6 crop yellow Mercury open doorAltgens gun hand crop

You can see from the above cropped enlargement of the yellow Mercury (it looks white in the Altgens B/W photo) that the rear door on the driver's side is opened about 12 inches wide and the left arm of Secret Service agent Warren W. Taylor is seen resting on the ledge of the door with his left hand outside the car's doorframe and pointing upward with his hand and fingers in a position that looks exactly what your hand and fingers would like like if you were holding a revolver. While the image of the revolver itself seems to have been intentionally obscured within the black vertical shadow cast by the vertical (white) building projection (a square roof drain pipe perhaps?) seen on the Dal-Tex building in the rear and from being seen against the upper frame of the car door by changing the color of the upper door frame from white to dark gray (or from what would have appeared as white in the Altgens photo), visual clues still remain. For one, the weight and mass of the revolver's butt causes the flesh of the palm and the little finger to compress somewhat in the manner seen here, while an open palm would not reveal this compression or tight circular shape. Two, you can still discern a hint of the revolver's trigger guard against Taylor's left index finger (although the darkened area is altered and extended out to the end of the index finger to hide the pronounced line of the trigger guard) and to a lesser extent, a vague impression of the butt of the revolver in his palm.

Cropped Enlargement of Zapruder frame 148 proves front/rear door dividers (and upper door frame) of 1963 Ford Mercury is SAME yellow color as car (and not dark gray as seen in altered Altgens No. 6)

Zapruder still of yellow Mercury turning onto Elm

The purpose of the Decoy shot was to initiate a diversion that would both create the impression that the first shot came from the Texas School Book Depository and simultaneously send a signal to Greer that the assassination should begin. Newcomb points out in his book that the majority of street witnesses, the police, and even participants in the motorcade all said that the first shot sounded like a firecracker or a car back firing. No one standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository had looked up with the Decoy shot, as you would expect if the crack of a rifle shot had emanated from the sixth floor of that building.

The Throat Shot

In the crop seen below from Altgens No. 6, you can see that Kennedy has instinctively raised both fists to his upper chest area after being shot in the throat (note that the rear view mirror, attached to the windshield, is blocking a view of Kennedy's eyes and part of the back of Connally's head). Connally is seen looking to his right (in the process of turning himself around 180 degrees to look squarely at Kennedy) while Dallas Police motorcycle officer J. M. Chaney is looking directly at JFK, now in agony in his last few seconds of life. I believe this view of Kennedy's initial movement in reaction to the throat shot from Greer's gun is not seen on the doctored Zapruder film due to artificially increasing the height of the Stemmons highway sign to hide the view of Greer shooting Kennedy and Kennedy's abrupt reaction to the shot.

In the enlarged photo crop below, you will notice that both Kellerman and Greer's faces have been completely blackened out. The jagged black box extending outward from the side of Greer's face is to hide the .45 automatic he's holding in his left hand against his cheek while looking back at Kennedy. Notice too the wide, oblique black swath covering part of the steering wheel. This is to conceal Greer's left forearm passing across his upper chest in steadying the gun on his right shoulder. Recall that both Kellerman and Greer are riding in an open convertible with the sun shining down on them. They should be as clearly visible as the Secret Service guys in the front seat of the Presidential follow-up car, yet they have been blackened out in order to conceal their activity. I've identified the black man with the short sleeve white shirt observing the motorcade as "Marker man" in this and other photos to help pinpoint the Limo's exact position on Elm street when Greer shot Kennedy in the throat.

Crop of JFK reacting to throat shot from limo driver Willaim Greer
Kellerman's Obscured Face is De-obscured by Ken Adachi Using PhotoShop

Kellerman's Face REvealed from Altgens 6By trying different image adjustment tools using PhotoShop, I was able to bring out some detail in Kellerman's face, although noise artifacts are introduced in the process of removing the obscuring patina. He's clearly looking to the left, as Greer had just shot JFK for the first time only a second or two before James Altgens took this photograph. I had no luck in obtaining any detail whatsoever of Greer's image since so many solid layers of black, white, and gray obscuring splotches were added over his image to completely hide his head, his hands, and the gun, of course. The only thing you can see is the steering wheel.

The next photo by Robert Croft was taken just moments before William Greer fired the first bullet into JFK's throat, just below his Adam's apple, grazing the right side of his windpipe (trachea). The bullet exited out JFK's back at the third thoracic vertebrae area. At the moment captured in this photo, Greer is seen adjusting a control on the dashboard with his right hand. This could be the control that was used to electronically elevate the rear seat by 8 - 10 inches above the floorboard (noticed by Gayle and Bill Newman, and other witnesses close to the limo when JFK was shot. They remarked to newsmen that they thought JFK had "stood up" at the same time they heard the first shot) . Note too the position of "Marker man" in this photo and his location in Altgens No. 6 where we see for the first time, JFK reacting to the throat shot. The end of the salmon-colored Texas School Book Depository building (facing the parking lot) is just about in line with JFK's head in this photo.

JFK Limo ,o,emts before throat shot
Throat Shot Trajectory from Greer's Right Shoulder Matches Parkland Hospital's Autopsy Report and Drawings of Entry/Exit Locations

Throat Shot Trajectory from Gree's Right Shoulder matches Parkland Aupopsy Report


TSBD in 2004Greer shoots Connally in the back after shooting JFK in the throat

The original Zapruder film had a number of frames removed entirely, had many false fill-ins and images added to the film on the weekend of Nov. 23 - 24, 1963, by the classified/CIA section of Kodak's Rochester, NY, Hawkeye plant, and was retouched in many places. We don't see Greer shooting JFK in the throat after the Decoy shot because those frames were either removed and/or obscured by doctoring the Stemmons highway sign to conceal the shot and Kennedy's initial reaction. We only see Kennedy clutching at his throat with both hands after he emerges from behind the Stemmons highway sign. We then see Connally, who surely had foreknowledge of the assassination, begin to panic (fearing that he too might be killed) and soon turned around fully 180 degrees to his right to look directly at Kennedy, mouth agape, and cried "Oh No, No, No!". You can see Jackie Kennedy on the Zapruder film looking directly at Connally at this point while he was yelling. At that moment (about Zapruder frame 285?), Greer shoots Connally in the upper right shoulder (armpit height), to get him out of his way so he could get a clear shot at Kennedy with the head shot. After he was shot, Connally screams "My God, they're going to kill us all!" (a very strong indicator that Connally was in on the JFK assassination). Jackie later remembered that Connally "screamed like a stuck pig" at this moment.

The bullet came out just below Connally's right nipple, turning the front of his shirt red with blood (seen by nearby street witnesses and later commented upon by Dan Rather after a late night weekend viewing on Sunday Nov. 24, 1963 of the unedited Zapruder film, shown by Zapruder himself over the weekend to select groups of individuals). After exiting his chest, the bullet entered Connally's right wrist (his right arm was nested against his chest while facing JFK) with the remaining bullet fragment lodging in his thigh. This trajectory of Connally's bullet path makes much more sense in accounting for his wounds than the ludicrous, contrived single, zig zag, "magic bullet" theory scenario concocted by Illuminated gatekeeper Arlen Specter at the Warren Commission hearings.

The third shot - from Greer's gun - was the fatal head shot that caused a large portion of JFK's brain matter and skull fragments to spray out in a funnel shaped spray pattern to the rear of the limo, heavily spraying 3 of the 4 motorcycle policemen and the Secret Service Presidential follow-up car (and windshield). The "blood burst" seen on the doctored Zapruder film at frame 313 - at the moment that Greer pulls the trigger - was apparently added artificially by re-touching work done to one frame only (one frame accounts for 1/18 of one second; and is too short an interval of time to be an original blood burst event) in order to create the impression that the shot had come from behind and had exited the front of JFK's head. A "flap" of skin and hair, easily seen on many Zapruder copies, was also artificially added by re-touching to the front area of JFK's head to, once again, reinforce the idea that the bullet had come from behind and had exited from the front of JFK's head.

LBJ is seen crouching down as the Decoy shot is fired

Another telltale indicator that LBJ was in on the assassination planning is seen in this enlarged crop from the same no. 6 Altgens photo seen above. As soon as agent Taylor fires the Decoy shot, LBJ begins to crouch down behind his seat while Ladybird and Senator Ralph Yarborough remain seated upright, smiling and blissfully unaware of what is about to unfold. Yarborough would later say that Secret Service agent Rufus Youngblood, sitting in the front passenger seat of LBJ's car, only jumped into the back seat to "protect" LBJ with his body after the shooting was over. Youngblood and LBJ would later report just the opposite, citing Youngblood's "quick" and "courageous" response to the shooting in "protecting" the soon-to-be President LBJ.

LBJ crouching down with Decoy shot signal

Outside Shots

There was at least one rifle shot that came from the grassy knoll area as too many witnesses had attested to seeing smoke and hearing it, but the two bullets that hit Kennedy, and the one bullet that hit Connally all came from Greer's gun as stated in Newcomb's book. The man in a blue police uniform identified from Mary Moorman's photo as "Badge man" was seen firing his rifle both by a witness who was sitting on the bridge above the Underpass and could see him from the rear, and another witness in military uniform named Gordon Arnold who was standing very close to Badge man near the picket fence atop the grassy knoll when he fired the rifle shot that Armold felt whiz past his left ear.

I believe that the bullet which created the hole in the limo's windshield (seen in Altgens photo no. 7) came from outside and into the interior of the limo, and not the other way around as some have suggested. You can see the inward spray of glass in Zapruder frame 330.

Smell of Gunpowder

Another strong point made in the book is the large number of people who reported smelling gunpowder in the wake of the limo following the three shots that hit Kennedy and Connally. It would not be possible to smell gunpowder coming from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Gunpowder is only smelled when you are physically close to the gun being fired. Since the wind was blowing from the front towards the rear of the limo, the smell of gunpowder was blowing backwards from the limo towards the people standing along Elm Street and in the motorcade, and naturally many people reported smelling it.

The Four Motorcycle Cops Behind the Limo

I'm confident that all four Dallas Motorcycle cops riding escort behind the President's limo could see Greer shooting the President and Connally. There's no way that they couldn't see it. I'm sure they were concerned about jeopardizing their own life and livelihood had they attempted to take action at the time of the assassination or had they spoken up afterwards. It's understandable. Since the oil money boys and power players in Dallas disliked Kennedy so intensely, it seems reasonable to assume that many Dallas cops would have less than a glowing opinion of the northern liberal President and not put their life in jeopardy to defend a man who was already dead.

Jackie Kennedy

I'm sure Jackie Kennedy also realized that Greer was doing the shooting by the time he fired the fatal head shot. Perhaps she was instinctively trying to preserve her own life by crawling out the back of the limo, but the idea that her main objective was to retrive a part of the President's brain that had blown onto the trunk, is equally plausible, and that may have been her primary reason. Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent assigned to protecting Mrs Kennedy, also reported that Greer was holding his gun and looking at Hill while he climbed into the limo and pushed Jackie back into the rear seat. Hill knew at that point, I'm sure, what was really taking place, but couldn't do anything about it, so he had to play along. Jackie told the Warren Commission that she "couldn't remember" crawling out of the limo because she didn't want to answer questions in that area. She was concerned for her children's future safety and that of herself, since she and her kids were going to be 'protected' by the Secret Service for the rest of their lives.

The Final Irony: Lee Harvey Oswald is clearly seen standing next to the inner left portico column of the Texas School Book Depository witnessing the assassination by Greer

Lee Harvey Oswald at entrance landing of Texas School Book Depository on Nov. 22, 1963

Murder From Within

The book is loaded with many other stunning revelations that I don't have time to review here. I highly recommend this book and hope the Newcombs and Adams families sell a few million copies and become the financial beneficiaries of the tremendous efforts to arrive at the truth shown by the late Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams.

Murder From Within is an incredibly well researched book, covering years of painstaking leg work and investigative sleuthing by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams. You can obtain the book from Amazon

Ken Adachi


On 11/29/2015, Larry Jamison wrote:
Re: Nix Film

Hello Ken

First, I want to thank you for re-publishing my web page from WEB TV "Did the Limousine Driver Shoot JFK?" I can say that I totally agree with you about my time line made from the Torbitt document is probably incorrect because now that I have read "Murder from Within" by Newcomb and Adams, it appears that Greer fired all the shots that Nov 22 including the one that hit Gov. Connolly in the back.

Some time after my web page was published, a man by the name of Brian Heath sent me a video that included work on the Nix film and he did basic photo shop work on what looked like the gun in Greer's hand. It is easier to see the gun really was there.

Thanks, Larry Jamison


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