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Earth Day, April 22, 2011

By Ken Adachi, Editor
April 22, 2011

Earth Day, April 22, 2011

Forget the political games and motivations surrounding the naming of April 22 as Earth Day. What's more important is the recognition that the Earth is a living and conscious Being who, like a mother, is providing the substance and sustenance upon which all living things depend upon for life.

We should have a special day devoted to honoring our Mother Earth and thank her for the gift of life she bestows upon all of us by providing the soil, the energy systems, the plants and animals which grow within her matrix and allow all life to flourish.

The sun is also a living and conscious Being who works in tandem with Mother Earth to provides the very life force that permeates the ether and is captured by plants and consumed by us. Some call it chi, or prana, or orgone energy. Without the sun providing this life-giving elixir, there would be no life. The sun is like a dutiful father, providing and caring for his charges.

You should express your gratitude to Mother Earth and Father Sun whenever you sit down to eat, for without their willful participation in your existence, there would be no food and no life. Without the assistance of these two conscious beings, you would not enjoy even one second of earthly life.

The military/industrial/bankster psychopaths who build the nuclear bombs and the underground cites; who construct the earthquake machines and the killer tornado and killer hurricane machines; who detonate the nukes which cause the big tsunamis; who build the space platforms which beam the earth's sensitive faults zones so as to trigger a quake; and arrange to push the buttons which kill and maim innocent people in the Middle East, Asia, and other Third World countries, have inflicted much damage upon our Mother in the past 70 or 80 years.

She has every right to be angry and to bury the ungrateful lice who take her bounty for granted and have no consciousness about the damage and destruction which their deranged minds have wrought. She has 'cleaned house' in the past and is fully capable of cleaning house again, but I think she has withheld her wrath because the innocent people of this planet are as much victims of the Illuminated psychopaths as is she; and she knows this.

There have been many attempts in the past decade to cause horrific earthquakes and tsunamis that have been either neutralized entirely or greatly reduced in intensity thanks to Mother Earth holding together to protect the innocent, who would otherwise perish due to the wanton will of the parasites.

We can help our mother withstand these abuses by acknowledging her motherhood and giving thanks for her generosity. We should follow the example of native people who give something back to Mother Earth whenever they take something from Mother Earth. Rolling Thunder used to leave a few coins in the ground whenever he took a bucket of berries from a wild bush or asked permission from the bees if he wanted to take a small portion of their honey (he never got stung). I break up dried bread and leave it for the birds. I talk to our plants when I water them to let them know that I care about their welfare and remind them that we are all one big happy family; all living things sharing our lives together on Mother Earth.

The day is approaching in which the Ignorant Destroyers will no longer walk upon this planet. They will continue their education on another planet, more accomodating of their foolish machinations. In the meantime, we can ease the transition-for them and us- by being conscious of the mindless assaults upon our mother and to express our prayers and focused intentions to abort and thwart the destructive path of those who know not what they do.

Thank you Mother Earth. I guess today is a sort of Mother's Day homage to you.

Ken Adachi


(From Lilly Oschescu <>)
Happy Earth Day! Friday APRIL 22... This year we'll celebrate our Mother 3 days starting April 22 until 24.

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