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Why I Believe In Santa Claus ... And You Should, Too
Fukushima Meets Pollyanna

[Editor's Note: I heard a voicemail this morning from a man named Eugene who alerted me to this extremely relevant, important and cogent essay from Dick Eastman. Dick has hit one out of the ballpark here with his extraordinary grasp of the realities of our current situation and his recognition that Fukushima was a planned event, an act of sabotage to present a cover story to the world that is intended to mask the surreptitious contamination of the atmosphere with radioactive iodine, via chemtrails,

I don't know Dick Eastman other than from his wiritngs. I never spoke to him and I've never e-mailed him, but his statements about the sabotage of Daiichi reactors in Fukushima prefecture and the chemtrail spraying of radioactive iodine parallels EXACTLY what I, ZS Livingstone, and Don Nicoloff have been claiming in the last three radio interviews we did on March 16, 24, and 31, which were exclusively devoted to the topic of the engineered Japan quake, tsunami and sabotaged reactors. This article needs to be translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. and distributed on Asian web sites and blogs. I hope someone can offer to help transcribe.

Dick's article is the only article I noticed posted to that identifies the Fukushima event as a product of sabotage and the distribution of radioactive iodine via chemtrails as part of that sabotage strategy. Otherwise, the incredible number of doom and gloom diatribes about Japan posted to are playing into the Illuminati's radiation disinformation cover story perfectly and it's disheartening to witness.

What is heartening, however, is the wonderfully enlightened 'solution' which Dick mentions in the second half of the article and was anxious to get down on paper before forgetting. This man is obviously an inspired and Spirit-driven soul. We should pay attention to such people....Ken Adachi ]

By Dick Eastman
\April 10, 2011

Fukushima Meets Pollyanna (Why I Believe In Santa Claus ... And You Should, Too) by Dick Eastman (April 13 2011)

Just woke up with this - got to get it down before it fades away.

We live in a terribly grim place. I write to you, most recently bouncing back and forth among 1) radiation from Japan and its provenance in seismic warfare; 2) social credit rather than gold, being the answer to ending business cycle depressions that stunt the development of humanity and raise up a moneyed power or international organized crime based on usury; 3) the (mostly Zionism Jews) banking oligarchy and corporate world power -- Rothschild, not the United States, is the great super power dominating the world today; 4) clandestine weather modification 5) the history of the secret war of the Rothschild Money Power against all peoples, but especially against Christianity, European particularist society, Islam and Islamic Society -- no time to explain here; etc.

But every now and then step back and look at the biggest and most immediate threat of all -- the subject my very first post to the Usenet newsgroups in 1997 was all about -- the long-term plans of Zhou Enlai and and Trotsky and other Rothschild agents like Bernard Baruch, Warburg, David Rockefeller, Kissinger, Murdoch, Soros, Perle, Wolfowitz with perhaps lower henchmen like Bush, Obama -- let those names merely represent in dot outline the syndicate I am speaking about -- but now to the point:

China (the Triad Princelings who run the "communist machinery" that enslaves the country China and has always been determined to eventually wage a victorious race war and a war of civilizations -- call it oriental despotism against Jeffersonian "particularist" society (functional individualist self-reliant small-family freedom-oriented western civilization) -- that gives a rough idea.

So Zionist Jews for Israel and Rothschild and following the strategy of Trotsky and the communist gang running China like as a corporation run on coerced slave power -- with Vietnam and North Korea as secret allies also in this undeclared stealth war -- are behind the Big Picture attack on Christian and Moslem peoples. (Islam is also a threat to their power.)

Now for a bit of unpleasantness -- China's dictatorship and the Rothschildist Jewry are waging nuclear war against us.

Here is a letter by one of the oldest and truest of the genuine 9-11 investigators, Galen (from a University in Michigan):

"Gary, i don't at all agree with your assessment that the NWO Ship of State is without rudder... it's in the very capable hands of the House of Rothschild, thank you. The Global Pathocrats -- satan-worshiping, necrophiliacs that they are -- are using weaponized weather and even weaponized plate tectonics to cause even further pain and suffering for humanity in the form of long-term radiation poisoning.

"I guess destroying the genome of many important plants and animals through genetic engineering and compromising our health and immune systems through ChemTrails and forced fluoridation and vaccination is not enough for them, we now all need more radiation in our daily lives.

"All one has to do is look at the new naked, X-ray, airport scanners and the rampant use of DU weaponry in Iraq, Afghanistan, and, now, Libya to see the fascination and fixation these monsters have with radiation. These Japanese nuclear plants were sabotaged by the same people who did 9-11, 7-7, Madrid, Bali, the "crotch bomber", the Gulf oil gusher, numerous assassinations, coups, wars, economic collapses, and various other nefarious activities designed to cause death, destruction, and desolation.

The world that they're creating very much seems to be intended for some species other than our own, bizarre as that sounds."

"For truth -- galen"

I believe Galen is right about the radiation war -- however I believe it a subset or several subsets of the human species that is intended to inhabit our habitat after we are gone.

Israel gave or sold the neutron bomb to China after stealing the design from us. The weapon kills population without destroying homes or buildings -- and the radiation is gamma radiation that does its damage all at once and then is gone. But I see another weapon being used -- and I see that it is the very best strategy one could think of for defeating the US, eliminating the undesirable inhabitants and moving in a great Eastward Expansion of East Asian peoples under the Red banner.

Large quantities of radio active iodine can be dropped on a country -- providing very high doses of radiation that will completely vanish in a few months -- having emitted away as Beta and gamma radiation (waves/particles) in a process that will leave a residue of non-radioactive isotopes.

In other words the dirty bomb that China and Israel (and "reds' in Japan -- "rothschild" means "red shield" as well as the traditional color of Rothschild backed revolutionary movements under the "communist" brand -- the dirty bomb they arranged and set off in Japan is going to bring radiation -- but that will only be cover for the stealth bombing of US populations with radio-active iodine -- flown perhaps by robot controlled "chemtrail" planes and landing, perhaps at fully automated air bases where they are reloaded with little risk of contamination to crews and worker (the numbers of which they wish to minimize for security reasons as well).

The US is now used to chemtrails -- some of us say it is poisoning us, some like me, have been saying it is related to weather modification that redirects air systems by laying cloud to reflect back the suns rays to cool the ground and thus raise air pressure in a region that can nudge neighboring air from its otherwise course. etc. BUT NOW THESE PLANES WILL BE DROPPING RADIOACTIVE IODINE which will cause cancer and birth defects and sterility and "Chernobyl AIDS" and a hundred other ailments, including perhaps outright radiation sickness -- that can be blamed on Fukushima. The particles dropped have a half life of only 8 days. They will do their killing and then disappear.

Proof? I have only what you already know about what is happening -- and the added insight that this is the means of attack that would best accomplish their stated and well demonstrated purpose. They have equipped themselves for it and it accomplishes their ends. I do not see them going as far as they have against us and not taking advantage of this very easy way of killing the enemy they long ago undertook to beat. The Japanese and God will be blamed. There will be no more Jeffersonian strongholds in America. Perhaps those cities like Vancouver and San Francisco, L.A., with large Chinese and Jewish populations will be spared. The short half-life of the Iodine makes that possible -- and, who knows, perhaps some even more deadly isotope of some element will be used that has an even shorter half life. It can be a beautiful sunny spring day, the freshest air when you breath it and it can carry death -- the chem spraying" above does not necessarily have to leave cloud creating chemtrails. In which case no one would notice a thing -- because chemtrail planes already are crisscrossing regions of the US skies undetected and un-remarked by authorities -- without the chemtrails themselves we will never know what was dropped on us.

Everything I have learned about how the problem of Fukushima fallout is not being property addressed in the US -- strengthens the hypothesis that the Chinese ruling elites and Israel have prepared the way with infiltration and institutional sabotage for unopposed warfare of this type.

Now let me see if I can recapture the solution I woke up with?

About Santa Claus. There are two ways of controlling the people of a state (among others perhaps). One is "Oriental Despotism" -- the government of the country decides everything and rules by laws and regulations -- by coercion -- by absolute power -- and people learn to live in conformity with the dictates of the state avoiding running up against those aversive constraints that keep them bounded to the state's plan.

The other system -- is ridiculed but it is actually much better. It merely tells people to be good and Santa Claus will bring you lots of good things. Santa knows if you have been naughty or nice and will reward you accordingly. That is the device invented by loving parents who want their children to internalize right and wrong by trying to second-guess Santa Claus -- "what would god santa claus want me to do?" -- and always do the right thing.

Oh the stupidity of those who deny the existence of Santa Claus merely on forensic logic. Santa Claus (I'm using metaphor here) is a child raising technique -- no! I take that back. Rather, Santa Claus is an adult-raising technique -- and the Chinese Philosopher Mo Ti, as well as Abraham, Isaac through to Moses and to he later prophets -- Jesus -- Mohammad gandhi and others have been given great wisdom -- wisdom I will not defile with the Santa Claus metaphor.

Americans are pragmatic and some of us are positivists and behaviorists -- at least by academic tradition, the philosophy of our best scientists and philosophers (more Skinner than Freud, for example) and so we can view Santa Claus as a technique of child rearing that is continued because of the good results it yields -- not gifts ---under the tree and not eternity in heaven (although there are presents under trees on Christmas morning and there is a lot of heavens surrounding the solar system -- not to mention the possibilities of dimensions of which we are not aware -- I am an agnostic on these -- but it doesn't matter -- I know my church is true -- true in a very sound and practical sense -- we love God and man and our reward is in heaven from our heavenly father. Who would deny any man his relationship with God? Who would burn a heretic at the stake? Who would burn a Bible or a copy of the Holy Koran?

Anyway, we are facing extermination or extreme poverty and slavery with very poor health.

For years, I have wanted people to rise up and agree with me on what is happening to the country -- to as a united people of all American races and creeds to rise up and point the finger at Zionists Jews and China's dictatorship -- so that seeing that their plans are discovered by the entire world and that their plans and methods are clearly not what the entire world wants for themselves -- that they could be shamed and pressured by overwhelming popular opinion to back off their conspiracies and their Sun Tsu warfare -- and adopt once more the thinking of Mo Ti -- that all men are brothers and should consider each other family.

I would offer that if China would help us throw off rule by criminal conspirators -- they could indeed have open relations here -- immigrate here in large numbers -- with the Japanese who could also come here if their lands are too badly contaminated with long lasting radioactive matter.

In exchange for not killing us -- we would forget all that has been done in the past by Jews and by communist conspiracy -- simply a war that has come to an end and peace declared and the enemies decide to get along as friends from now on.

China can have 100 percent ownership of all factories in China -- take all shares owned by Americans and British etc. Take it as payment to the Chinese people for the toil they have put in producing the goods that American's paid for their second mortgages etc.

And the Chinese can benefit much more from allowing other races other countries grow in economic productivity and creativity -- as long as the usury mechanism that creates imperialism is gone -- all nations can benefit from creating their own cultures and ways -- their own concepts of the good and beautiful the noble and just -- different ideals -- different values -- and it not be a threat -- because one nation does not have to economically exploit another any more -- because the problem of usury has been found out, because the solution of social credit -- government makes the money and distributes it evenly to everybody has also been found out. Every nation will flower. And the soldiers and bureaucrats and the criminals who do not know how to work, who have no land, who have no skills or work ethic -- will receive social credit and they can being to learn something good for them to do without have to worry about starving while they do so.

I say China does not have to fear Americans, or Thomas Jefferson or Social Credit -- and we do not have to remember what has been done in the past. There is a Christian saying from the bible -- all have sinned and fallen short. But all can be reborn to a life of loving and serving ones neighbor of ones own free will.

To Jews -- I can be offered the same deal -- all that revisionist historians have found out -- can be put aside -- if you will renounce Talmud and write a new document -- based on the good in your traditions -- so you can live in a world as if everyone was Jewish -- where being Jewish means you are benefactors of mankind -- loved and respected for the wisdom you have gained from all of the cultures you have lived in -- but elevated even higher by the learned tricks you have learned to put aside -- as you interpret the scriptures anew.

I am bargaining for the lives of my countrymen, for the continuation of my civilization, for the lifting of the sabotage measures that have been working against us. I think China, that is all Chinese -- and all Vietnamese and all North Koreans will gain over the centuries living in a world with many cultures being tried under many and varied governments -- freed from the usury that leads to imperialism, war and exploitation.

I believe that the Chinese would welcome that evolution of China. I think they have been looking for that kind of peaceful evolution, waiting like a child waits for Santa Claus.

All governments make mistakes and do injustice -- but they can change their ways -- they can do right. Things can be done so that the crime syndicates -- those able people who struggled to the top of a very evil and unjust world -- can trade their absolute power -- trade it for a new system in which our past is forgiven and forgotten and in which a new fellowship with opportunity for all to find ways to give us all health and happiness with a minimum of work -- except the good works we want to give away because we all know that Santa Claus is real -- that he is the wise adult minds that are looking out for all of us.

Another name for this might have been Fukushima meets Pollyanna. But I am sure that somebody reading this will see the truth I am driving for -- the deal we all must make to really benefit mankind.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


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